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Thesauri and Vocabulary Control - Thesaurus Software

Software for building and editing thesauri
By Leonard D. Will
Updated by the TaxoBank editorial staff
This is a list of software for the development and editing of information retrieval thesauri. These are primarily thesauri which are used to standardize the terms used when indexing and searching for items in a database. An introduction to the principles of thesaurus use is given elsewhere on this site. Thesauri may also be used to expand a search statement to include alternative terms for a single concept when searching unindexed text. The basic requirements for an information retrieval thesaurus are specified in the British and International standards and in the United States national standards, though many of the "thesauri" which are published and in use today do not, unfortunately, comply with these. I have written a separate note about a type of system called a "functions thesaurus".
Software packages included in this list will be assumed to support the basic pairs of relationships:
·         USE / USE FOR
and to maintain consistency by ensuring that when one of these relationships is created or deleted between two terms the reciprocal relationship is also created or deleted. They should also be able to display the thesaurus in an alphabetical or hierarchical sequence, and preferably both. Other significant features will be noted in the entry for each package. "Thesauri" which are created automatically, e.g. by the statistical grouping or clustering of terms found in documents, without human intellectual analysis, are outside the scope of this document.
Taxonomies and ontologies
There is an increasing tendency for people to to talk about "taxonomies," but this term is not well defined and is often used imprecisely to mean a thesaurus, a classification scheme, or some mixture of these, often rather loosely-structured with little regard for rules or consistency. On the other hand, there is also a movement to develop "ontologies," with strict rules and complex syntax to enable machine reasoning in the development of the semantic web. This list does not deal with software designed for either of these types of system; some of the packages listed do use these terms, but they have been included here on the criterion of whether they can to some extent be used for the management of a traditional information retrieval thesaurus.* [See the Editorial Note below]
Stand-alone software or modules of database packages
Some thesaurus management software may be acquired and used independently of any other software, while some is available only as a module of a complete information storage and retrieval system. There are advantages in buying a complete system, because the thesaurus can then be closely integrated with the cataloging and searching operations, making it possible to add new or "candidate" terms to the thesaurus as they are found to be needed. This allows a searcher to browse the thesaurus while selecting terms to paste into a search statement. On the other hand, some thesaurus development work may be done independently, for example by a group or organization working to develop a single, common, thesaurus for use with existing different information retrieval systems. In such a circumstance, a standalone thesaurus management package may be more appropriate.
* Editorial Note: Leonard Will's original list consisted of primarily stand-alone thesaurus software. Additional indexing, taxonomy, controlled vocabulary, thesaurus, classification, ontology software and services are listed after Leonard Will's original listing below. This subsequent, broader list is arranged and presented alphabetically. Additions, corrections or comments may be sent to the TaxoBank editorial staff.
Status of this list
This list is under continuous revision. The date of the latest amendment is given at the end of each entry. Some items have been left in the list even though only very little is known about them, as they may be referred to in the literature. We shall try to track down more details of these, and would welcome additions and corrections from suppliers, users or anyone who knows about these, or any other, packages.
Sources of information
We have drawn factual information from a variety of sources, and we cannot therefore document the source of each element of data or guarantee or take responsibility for its accuracy. Price information is intended only to indicate the approximate cost, and current prices should be obtained directly from the suppliers; when prices have been shown, the abbreviations GBP and USD have been used for pounds sterling and US dollars respectively, to avoid misinterpretation on systems which display symbols in different ways. Some information has been quoted from suppliers' literature or Web sites, and has not been verified independently. The following useful resources have been drawn on, and their contribution is acknowledged; the main sources of information for each product are given in its entry, using the abbreviations shown here:
·         A list of software packages for thesaurus construction, giving brief information and contact details, prepared by Jessica Milstead and available on the American Society of Indexers (ASI) site
·         A list of information about controlled vocabularies, including thesaurus management software, compiled by Michael Middleton
·         The Terminology Banksite of the Museum Documentation Association (MDA)
·         Lists provided by the library of Aslib: the Association for Information Management (Aslib)
·         Thesaurus Management Software / Anne Betz, Fachhochschule Köln. - Last updated January 2003
·         Information on thesaurus software sent to the LIBREF-L mailing list (LIBREF), including a survey sent on 8th August 1994 by Glenn Ferdman of the American Health Information Management Association
·         Messages from the INDEX-L listserv archives (INDEX-L)
·         Other printed and electronic publications listed in the associated bibliography
·         Web pages, printed leaflets, demonstration software, and e-mail and paper correspondence with system suppliers and users
·         Online search results and

Contact information has been given where available for each supplier's head office and/or the office from which they serve customers in the UK. Suppliers' WWW sites often give details of other offices and agents.


    Index of thesaurus software
    Abbreviations used In this table:
    The thesaurus editor is a module of a database package
    A standalone thesaurus editing package
    A multi-user package, designed for cooperative use by teams of thesaurus developers
    I have not been able to contact the supplier to obtain details
    The program is no longer available
    The package is included in the comparison table giving more details of its specification.
    a.k.a.® Information Governance software (SA) / © 2012 The Synercon Group MetaTagger Studio (MU) / Interwoven  TCS-8 (SA) ** / Liu-Palmer 
    Adlib (DB) / Databasix  MIDOSThesaurus (SA) / Progris  TemaTres (SA) ** / R020 Bibliotecología y Ciencias de la Información 
    Amicus Thesaurus (SA) / LBA Consulting Partners Limited  MTM (DB) / Institute for Computer and Information Engineering  TERM MANAGER (SA) / Cardbox Software 
    BASISplus now replaced by Livelink [now OpenText] Collections Server Webtop Thesaurus Manager / Open Text Corporation  MultiTes (SA) ** / Multisystems  Term tree (SA) / Tony Gill 
    BEAT (SA) ** / Josep Sau  Multilingual Thesaurus (MLT) (SA) / OPI - Information Processing Centre  Term Tree 2000 (SA) / A.C.S. - Active Classification Solutions 
    BRS/SEARCH now replaced by Livelink Collections Server [now OpenText Collections Server] Webtop Thesaurus Manager / Open Text Corporation  Oracle Text (DB) / Oracle  TheMa (DB) / TRIGA IT-Systeme + Grafik GmbH 
    Classification Editor (SA) / Tikit  OSTI Thesaurus software package (SA) / Energy Science and TechnologySoftwareCenter   Thesaurus Builder (SA) / Trias Politica
    Cognatrix (SA) / LGO Systems  SchemaServer (SA) / Schema Logic  Thesaurus Master (SA / MU) / Data Harmony 
    domainREUSER (SA) / The Reuse Company  SIS-TMS / ICS-FORTH  TheW and THSRS (SA) / Timothy Craven 
    HierEd2 now called Classification Editor   STAR (DB) / Cuadra Associates  THSAR (SA) / MaxThink 
    IC INDEX (SA) / AGI-Information Management Consultants  STRIDE (SA) ** / Questans  Tinterm (NA) / EOSi 
    Information Navigator (NC) / EOSi  SuperThes (SA) / Federal Environment Agency, Austria tmCAKE now called domainREUSER  
    IOTA (NC) / Anderson Rowley (ARIS)  Synaptica (MU) / Factiva  Trias Politica Thesaurus Builder (SA) / Trias Politica 
    Lexico (SA) / Project Management Enterprises  Synema (SA) / Syndetics Research  WebChoir (MU) / WebChoir Inc. 
    LinKFactory (MU) / Language & Computing nv  TAT (Thesaurus Administration Tool) (SA) ** / European Parliament  Wordmap (MU) / Wordmap Ltd. 
    Livelink Collections Server Webtop Thesaurus Manager (DB) / Open Text Corporation  Taxonomy Editor has been renamed Classification Editor (SA) / Tikit   



    Name a.k.a.® Information Governance software
    Supplier name and address Synercon Europe, Suite 15310 Lower Ground Floor, 145-157 St. John Street, London, EC1V 4PW, UK
    Web site
    E-mail; (North America)
    Telephone +44 20 3289 7370 UK; +44 75 77594551 UK; +61 2 9698 8888 AU; +1 (202) 684-6677 North America  
    a.k.a.® software is a suite of tools for developing and managing enterprise information governance framework . a.k.a.® manages metadata, taxonomies (thesauri, controlled vocabularies), disposition schedules, inventories, data maps and other information governance structures which are published in a wide range of formats to enable delivery into eCM systems and to the web.
    Synercon North America specializes in the provision of tools and services for best practice records and information management (RIM). The ISO 15489 Standard for Records Management provides the conceptual framework for sustainable records and information management. 

    a.k.a. Software provides:
    ·                     development of taxonomies and records retention schedules based on ISO 15489 standards
    ·                     Functional taxonomies for records management
    ·                     Metadata modeling for records management
    ·                     Policies and procedures based on ISO 15489 standards
    ·                     Training programs to deliver ISO 15489 compliance
    Sources of information Website, 2013-9-19.


    Name Adlib
    Computer and operating system **Windows. The ADLIB Internet Server module runs on a Windows Server. If you want to take advantage of ASP and XML technology, you should run Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), a component of Windows, on a Windows 2000 or 2003 Server.
    Supplier name and address
    Adlib Information Systems
    Street address: Safariweg 18-22, 3605 MA Maarssen, The Netherlands
    Postal address: Postbus 1436, 3600 BK Maarssen, The Netherlands
    Axiell Denmark,  Stamholmen 157, 4. sal 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark
    Axiell Finland, Jaakonkatu 2 01620 Vantaa, Finland
    Street address: Fältspatvägen 4, 224 78 Lund, Sweden
    Postal address: Axiell Sverige, Box 24014, 224 21 Lund, Sweden
    Adlib Information Systems Ltd., 11 Pine Court, Kembrey Park, Swindon SN2 8AD, United Kingdom
    Adlib Information Systems GmbH, Hegelallee 41 14467 Potsdam, Germany

    Adlib Information Systems Pty. Ltd. P.O.Box 149 Glen Iris VIC 3146, Australia

    Web site
    E-mail; (Denmark); (Finland); (Sweden); (Germany); (Australia)
    Telephone +45 33 38 25 25 (Denmark); +46 (0)46 270 04 00 (Finland); +46 (0)46 270 04 00 (Sweden); +44 845 658 9484 (UK); +49 (0)331-62644929 (Germany); +613 9885 4183 (Australia); +(+31) (0)346-5 86 800 (Netherlands) 
    Fax +(+31) (0)346-5 61 655 (Netherlands); +44 845 658 9487 (UK)
    Adlib is a database system including full thesaurus features, with applications for museums, libraries, archives and records management.
    Adlib assists with all the phases of the project implementation process:
    ·                     Software Support Contract (help desk free of charge during office hours; all software installations are supported for three months warranty period free of charge before the support contract commences.)
    ·                     Data Conversion (transferring data from your old system)
    ·                     Installation (service carried out either by remote connection or on-site visit)
    ·                     Application Development, (when specific  modifications or customization is necessary)
    You may make modifications in Adlib applications yourself (training is available for this, and strongly recommended), or have us make them for you.

    Adlib Hosting (you are spared the trouble and expense of creating and maintaining a suitable hardware infrastructure on which to run your software. Not only that, but we’ll also take care of all the routine system administration for you; such as managing user accounts, installing updates, making backups and so on, leaving you free to concentrate on your real work and spend less time worrying about IT. We can also offer web hosting as a separate service.)

    Sources of information Suppliers' literature; suppliers' Web pages, accessed 2013-09-13.


    Name Amicus Thesaurus
    Computer and operating system Windows 95 to XP; 32 megabytes of RAM; 30 megabytes of free disk space; 800 x 600 resolution monitor or better
    Supplier name and address LBA Consulting Partners Limited, 100 Gloucester Street, Suite 501, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2P 0A4 
    Web site  (inaccessible)
    Telephone +1 (613) 231 5130
    Fax +1 (613) 231 6051
    Amicus ® Thesaurus © is copyrighted (1999-2007) by Peter S. van der Jagt of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, who reserves exclusive rights to the software.

    As well as standard functionality the software provides for:

    ·                     analytical notes translations of terms
    ·                     cross-reference to other indexing system
    ·                     translated thesauri - automatic
    ·                     permuted index - automatic
    ·                     Web publishing - automatic
    ·                     Web links to other language - automatic
    ·                     print publishing
    ·                     work sharing 
    Price The suppliers' web site says "The Thesaurus system is available for download and installation at no charge." 
    Sources of information Suppliers' Web page, dated "updated 25 April 2007", accessed 2010-05-08, website no longer accessible (2013-10-20)


    Name BEAT Thesaurus Software  
    Computer and operating system Runs on DOS PC, or in DOS box under Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.
    Supplier name and address Josep Sau, Centre d'Informatica de la Universitat de Barcelona, is the author of the program.
    Web site As this is no longer available for download from elsewhere on the Internet, I have put a copy on the Willpower Information site, with the permission of Josep Sau. It may be downloaded from here as a compressed .zip file (315129 bytes) containing the Catalan, Spanish and English versions of the program. [2000-05-22]
    Allows many forms of printed output (alphabetical, hierarchical, permuted, rotated etc.). Versions available in English, Catalan and Spanish. The program can be used with any European language compatible with ASCII CP 850 (the same character repertoire as ISO 8859/Latin 1). It was developed by Josep Sau as a private, non-commercial project; he will provide support "with good will, with no profit, but at [his] convenience".

    This MS-DOS program runs noticeably faster than most of the Windows packages. It has a good graphical interface, though use of the mouse is not supported. Very full logging and statistics.

    Price Distributed as shareware, which may be freely used and copied by individuals. Not to be sold or used commercially without permission of Josep Sau.
    Sources of information AusSI; examined sample of version "3.1.2.p, 1997/06/28, CP 850"; e-mail from author, February 1997. - "B.E.A.T. : a reliable environment for thesaurus administration : software review" / Helmut Klaus. - Australian Society of Indexers Newsletter vol.22(1998), no.10: p.91, 94-96


    Name Classification Editor
    Computer and operating system SQLServer 7 or above on server (will not be required for stand-alone version due for release soon). Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000, ME
    Supplier name and address Tikit Ltd, Africa House, 64-78 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6AH
    Web site
    (replaced with Livelink Collections Server Webtop Thesaurus Manager)
    Telephone +44 (0)20 7400 3737 London +44 207 400 3737
    Notes Classification Editor is currently a client-server application, which runs on SQLServer 7 or above and Windows (95 onwards) clients. A stand-alone version should be available soon. A Toolkit can be purchased which gives a Company license to integrate the functionality and services of Classification Editor into other software services.
    Links of any type can be defined in the editor, and user-defined properties can be associated with each term. The application handles polyhierarchical structures and allows the moving of complete hierarchical sub-sections at the click of a mouse.
    Standard alphabetical and hierarchical outputs can be used to transfer data from one package to the other. XML import and export capabilities allow a wide range of input and output formats to be created using standard freely available scripting technologies such as XSLT style-sheets, Perl, Python etc.

    - Tikit Web site and notes from suppliers, edited.

    Price The price is said to be "firm-dependent."
    Sources of information Tikit Web site accessed 2006-08-29; e-mails from supplier 2001-10-16, 2004-11-22 and 2006-08-29; The particular software referenced above is no longer available (2013-10-21); check the website for most recent offerings


    Name Cognatrix
    Computer and operating system Apple Mackintosh OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and later.
    Supplier name and address LGO Systems Pty Ltd., PO Box 661, Jamison ACT, Australia 2614
    Web site
    Telephone +61 2 6253 1015; mobile: +61 411 477 705
    Fax +61 2 6253 4500
    Cognatrix is fully self-contained and does not depend upon any database packages or third-party applications. You rearrange the items in the tree via drag and drop. There is no limit on the depth of the taxonomic hierarchy. Wherever possible, Cognatrix tries to avoid opening windows and dialogs. For example, you edit item names in the Type/Name column and user-defined fields in the editing area of the main document window. Tree and list view are locked together. Any items selected in tree view are automatically selected when you switch to list view, and vice versa.

    Any number of user-defined notes and attributes may be created. Data is held in XML files using the Apple Property List DTD and may be exported as tab-separated text or XML conformant with either the Cognatrix or Zthes 0.5 DTDs. A free helper application, CognatrixImporter, is used to import thesaurus data in some XML and other proprietary formats.

    Price US$499.00 (single user); US$149.00 (education version, limited to 500 terms)
    Sources of information E-mail from supplier, 2005-04-06; suppliers' web site, accessed 2013-09-19.


    Name domainREUSER (previously called tmCAKE)
    Computer and operating system Windows 2000 or Windows XP
    Supplier name and address The Reuse Company. Calle Margarita Salas, 16 Margarita Salas St. 2nd Floor LEGATEC Technology Park 28919 Leganés - Madrid, Spain - EUROPEAN UNION
    Web site
    E-mail -
    Telephone (+34) 91 217 25 96 (Scandinavia - Tel. (+34) 91 217 25 96)
    Fax (+34) 91 146 00 30
    Multilingual thesaurus management according to ISO2788 and Z 39.19
    ·         Main features
    o    Descriptors management: as well as scope notes, historical notes, classification codes, state and related non-descriptors
    o    Reciprocal relationships creation in an automatic way
    o    Change management
    o    Textual source management for every descriptor
    o    Relationships management: those defined by the standard as well as any kind of relationship created by the user
    o    Multiple and synchronized view: hierarchical, alphabetic and KWIC
    o    Poly-hierarchies
    o    Advanced search engine
    o    Thesaurus statistics
    o    Idiomatic equivalence among several languages
    o    Smart removal options
    o    Multiple status for every term: accepted, candidate or invalid
    o    Suggestions management
    o    Support of full expand and full collapse of thesaurus
    o    Easy drag and drop creation of hierarchies
    o    Stop-list definition
    ·         Import and export in various formats
    ·         Reporting: the whole thesaurus or a single family
    o    Alphabetical report
    o    Alphabetical report hyperlinked (a html file is generated)
    o    Hierarchical report
    o    Hierarchical report with index (a Word file, sMS Word is needed)
    o    KWIC report
    o    KWOC report
    o    Statistics
    ·         Graphical visualization
    o    The neighborhood of a term
    o    Overall graphical visualization
    o    Navigable visualization
    Spanish and English versions available.
    MS Access or Microsoft SQLServer can be used to host the database.
    Within the Requirements Quality Process, the Suite suggests some new roles, such as the System Knowledge Base Architect, or the System Knowledge Repository Manager, introduces a set of tools to support these roles, and defines a PDCA cycle  (plan–do–check–act) to provide methodological support to the process.
    The semantic capabilities of The Reuse Company’s tools are based on Ontologies, where our customers represent their domain knowledge. Ontologies are maintained using a specialized PDCA cycle specially created for minimizing the cost and effort. The Requirements Quality Suite includes the following tools:
    RAT (Requirements Authoring Tool)
    ·         Write your requirements easily by using an assistant
    ·         Correctness analysis on the fly
    ·         Consistency analysis on the fly
    RQA (Requirements Quality Analyzer)
    ·         Check the correctness of your requirement specification
    ·         Correctness, Completeness and Consistency analysis
    ·         Configure RQA according to your own quality policies
    kM (knowledgeMANAGER)
    ·         Manage the knowledge models that better represent your project
    ·         Create the boilerplate that will lead the authoring of requirements

    The kM is not only on vocabulary/glossary/taxonomy/thesaurus, but mainly in: Semantic indexing, Semantic retrieval, Definition of grammars for authoring.

    Price 300.00 € a single user licence. 500 € including on-line web access. Indexing capabilities are also available at a higher price 7,000€. A free demo version is available at the website.
    Sources of information E-mail from supplier, 2005-01-03; suppliers' Web site and e-mail, 2013-09-13. SKYPE available.


    Name IC INDEX
    Computer and operating system Client: MS Windows NT, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows XP, MAC OS and all others supported by current IBM Lotus Notes Clients.
    Server: MS Windows NT, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows 2003, Linux, Solaris, AIX, OS/390, AS/400 - same as IBM Lotus Domino.
    Supplier name and address AGI-Information Management Consultants Mandelring 238 b, D-67433 Neustadt / Weinstrasse, Germany
    Web site More than 400.000 linked terms in five languages are now online integrated with a visualisation approach in the science portal - choose the menu item "Dictionaries" and search for a term. The thesaurus software is described in more detail in German here.
    A paper which describes the thesaurus, with screen images, is Building a multilingual company thesaurus : distributed development based on IC INDEX - the Deutsche Post World Net project / Manfred Hauer. - Online Information : Proceedings, 2001. p.41-48.
    E-mail Dipl.-Inf.wiss. Manfred Hauer M.A. (
    Telephone +49 (0) 6321 / 9635-10
    Fax +49 (0) 6321 / 9635-29
    Functions include:
    ·         user interface based on Lotus Domino 6.x and Web browser
    ·         terminology development and maintenance on standalone computers or as client server application in a network
    ·         web browser is used for search and navigation, suggesting new terms or discussing current terms
    ·         visualization, which can be embedded in other applications - see
    ·         publishing the term base as html files or server based via Lotus Domino web server
    ·         distributed environment with different access levels (server based only)
    ·         language, topic, facet and text fields of variable length, usable for multimedia data
    ·         homonyms like "bank (finance)", "bank (snow, wall)", "bank (furniture)", "bank (technique)"
    ·         multilingual terminology
    ·         up to 26 different thesaurus relations as default, can be reduced by Admin or expanded to any number of relationships
    ·         automatic reciprocal relations including validation according to definable rules
    ·         addition or change of relation types
    ·         complete integration of thesaurus and classification concepts
    ·         sorting of lists in several ways
    ·         hierarchical lists of classifications
    ·         hyperlinks between all elements of the network (term - term, term - class)
    ·         full text searching
    ·         export files for MS Word, HTML, XML and some retrieval systems
    ·         export to CAI format - for automatic indexing of documents by CAI-Engine
    ·         Import from IC CATE - statistical ranked candidates for improving a thesaurus
    ·         printing forms
    ·         suggestion of new terms or discussion of active terms by end users via Lotus Notes or Web interface
    Optional features
    Integrated machine translation optional with powerful translation workflow, default German, English, French (with more languages available).
    ·         integration in Information Center, indexing subform
    ·         automatic generation of new candidates for term base [Not clear what this means]

    - Suppliers' Web site, edited.

    Price 2005 prices: Single User, single thesaurus, any number of terms and relationships: 8.500 EURO plus VAT. Server based multiuser-version for any number of thesauri and users: 16.500 EURO plus VAT. In addition, Lotus Notes Client software is needed for all versions and Lotus Domino-Server for the multi-user version.
    Sources of information Update by supplier 2005-03-02; suppliers web site accessed 2013-09-19.


    Name IOTA
    Computer and operating system PC with MS-DOS
    Supplier name and address Anderson Rowley Information Systems (ARIS), c/o James D. Anderson, P.O.B. 38, New Brunswick, NJ 08903-038, U.S.A.
    Web site Pending
    Telephone +1 (718) 884 9538
    Notes IOTA 2.0 version (March, 1994). Developed as a teaching and research tool by Jim Anderson and Fred Rowley at Rutgers University. Generates a basic ANSI-NISO compliant single facet thesaurus with BT, NT, RT, EQV (USE & UF) and SN fields. Provides displays in ASCII, including an alphabetical thesaurus display and a hierarchical map. Features a thesaurus record editor, a textual database manager, display generators, and a natural language acquisition utility for developing information retrieval thesauri from databases and full-text. A demonstration thesaurus showing typical online and print displays is included. IOTA may only be used non-commercially.
    Price No charge. The suppliers are working to provide a free web download of the programs in 1997.
    Sources of information AusSI; E-mail from Jim Anderson and Fred Rowley


    Name Lexico
    Computer and operating system
    ·         Windows 95 or NT workstation: Pentium 166, 32Mb; NT LAN server: Pentium 166, 64Mb; Sun Solaris: Netra or equivalent, 32Mb; SGI Irix: Indy or equivalent, 64Mb; IBM AIX: RS-6000, 64Mb. Also available for Linux and other Unix systems.
    ·         System is Java-based; interface is a standard Web browser such as Netscape 4.04.
    ·         PostScript printer recommended. ASCII output is also available, but this may have to be formatted for printing by using external word processing software before.
    Supplier name and address Project Management Enterprises, Inc. (PMEI), 7900 Wisconsin Avenue (Suite 201), Bethesda, Maryland 20814, U.S.A.
    Web site
    Telephone +1 (301) 652 5306
    Fax +1 (301) 652 4571
    ·         Thesaurus can be accessed and/or manipulated over the Internet. Descriptive note fields permit tracking of various details such as rationale for term selection, instructions for cataloging and retrieval, historical information, etc.
    ·         Candidate terms and relationships may be added but remain distinct until approved.
    ·         It is possible to create a "micro-thesaurus" by choosing one or more terms and expanding the hierarchies linked to those terms only.
    ·         The previous version of this package, "LEXICO/2", was used by the Library of Congress to manage vocabularies and thesauri for:
    ·                     Thesaurus for Graphic Materials
    ·                     Global Legal Information Network Thesaurus
    ·                     Legislative Indexing Vocabulary
    ·                     Symbols of American Libraries Listing 
    Price Not known.
    Sources of information AmSI; suppliers' WWW site; information from suppliers, April 1998. Web address checked 2013-10-21.


    Name LinKFactory
    Computer and operating system Windows NT, UNIX. Requires relational database.
    Supplier name and address Language & Computing nv, Hazenakkerstraat 20a, B9520 - Zonnegem, Belgium
    Web site (inaccessible since April 22, 2013)
    Telephone +32 53 62 95 45 (multiple lines)
    Notes LinKFactory is a formal ontology-based multilingual terminology management system designed to be used by teams, and supports distributed editing. The system allows term definitions to be given in a formal way according to the family of reasoning systems known as "description logics". The system implements a multi-editing methodology based on user-experience level and peer-review within terminology teams. Subsumption based reasoning allows terms to be searched for on the basis of their semantics, and not only on the occurrence of (sub)strings.
    Price The pricing structure of the LinKFactory is based on an annual license fee including the right to use the software and upgrades. Price indication US$150,000.
    Sources of information Information from suppliers, 2002-05-22; Web site accessed 2003-01-20; (inaccessible since April 22, 2013) 2013-10-21.


    Name Livelink Collections Server [now OpenText Collections Server] Webtop Thesaurus Manager
    Computer and operating system Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Windows, Linux. Requires Livelink Collections Server 9.0 or higher. [Requires OpenText Collections Server]
    Supplier name and address
    Open Text Corporation, Webster House, 22 Wycombe End, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom HP9 1NB Phone: +44 1494 679700 Fax: +44 1494 679707
    (In the Americas) 2100 Tri-State International Parkway, Lincolnshire, IL, USA 60069

    Phone: 847-267-9330 Fax: 847-267-9332

    Web site see
    Telephone +44 1494 679700
    Fax +44 1494 679707
    Livelink Collections Server (formerly BASIS®) [now OpenText Collections Server] Webtop Thesaurus Manager (Webtop TM) is a flexible application interface to browse and maintain terms and relations managed in a Livelink Collections Server Thesaurus database. Webtop TM is available as a module of Webtop Suite and can be added to an existing Webtop configuration or can be purchased separately. [Although not stated explicitly in the data sheet, this product also seems to have superseded the thesaurus functions of BRS/SEARCH, which is now called "Livelink [OpenText] Discovery Server".]
    The thesaurus supports 13 ANSI standard relation types including: cross-references, broader and narrower terms, related terms, abbreviations, scope notes and history notes. Webtop TM is a Web-based interface for terminology specialists to add, update, and delete thesaurus terms and relations. Built using Java and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Webtop TM provides standard Web-based access to Thesauri extending the application development possibilities. - Data sheet.
    Livelink is Now Part of the OpenText ECM Suite. See
    OpenText ECM:
    Content Management Manage and archive corporate content in a consistent and compliant manner with fully integrated records, metadata, archiving, and storage management services
    Archiving Meet compliance requirements, reduce storage and eDiscovery risks and costs, and maintain seamless access to content for business users
    Records Management Control risks and costs by managing the retention and disposition of content according to internal policies and external regulations
    Email Management Reduce costs and mitigate the risks of compliance and litigation concerning email content
    Legacy Decommissioning Unify information silos and consolidate content throughout the entire information ecosystem, including leading-edge ERP, CRM, and ECM systems as well as legacy applications.

    Content-centric Applications Provide the right task and resource support in your enterprise value chain while leveraging your secure ECM repository and other foundational infrastructure investments.

    Sources of information Suppliers' Web site 2004-12-28 and 2006-08-28; product data sheet (no longer accessible on Web site - the current data sheet makes only brief mention of thesaurus functions). Updated 2013-09-19


    Name MetaTagger Studio (now part of HP Autonomy)
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address  
    Web site  
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2004-09-23; Updated 2013-09-23.


    Name MIDOSThesaurus
    Computer and operating system Windows 95-2000, ("32 bit version" but not otherwise specified)
    Supplier name and address PROGRIS, Projektgruppe Informationssysteme, Dietmar Strauch, Auguste-Viktoria-Str. 64, 14199 Berlin
    Web site
    E-mail or
    Telephone 030 / 825 50 49
    Documentation is in German. Appears to provide full thesaurus functionality, with all the standard relationships. Handles a multilingual thesaurus with up to nine languages in addition to the primary language. Five user-defined note fields. Allows terms to be allocated by classes, unclassified terms automatically inheriting the class of their broader terms. Supports polyhierarchy. Output in alphabetical, hierarchical and HTML versions.

    Live demonstration version of thesaurus output is available on the suppliers' Web site, from where a demonstration version and a full manual can be downloaded.

    Single-user program with thesaurus viewer for four users: 1700 EUR.
    The demo versions are like the full versions, but deliver in researching only a limited number of hits.

    MIDOS-Thesaurus can be used as a module together with the MIDOS database software, but also as a standalone product.Demo version for download available at:

    Sources of information Thesauri entwickeln und anwenden mit MIDOSThesaurus = MIDOSThesaurus, a software for thesaurus construction: maintenance and use / Johanna Klos, Paul Kunkel, Thomas Stys. - nfd Information: Wissenschaft und Praxis; vol.54 no.5, Jul-Aug 2003, p.273-280; suppliers' Web page, accessed 2005-05-19 and again on 2013-09-23.


    Name MTM
    Computer and operating system PC or mainframe; requires Unesco's CDS/ISIS retrieval system. A DOS application, not Windows.
    Supplier name and address Institute for Computer and Information Engineering, 02-622 Warsaw, ul. Malczewskiego 38 M4, Poland.
    Web site Choose the link "Products" from the menu, then the link "Establishing and handling multilingual thesauri"
    E-mail (Prof. Dr. H. Rybinsk, Director)
    Telephone (+4822) 6516226
    Notes MTM is the software for multilingual thesauri building and maintenance. It has been designed as a configurable system assisting a user in creating concepts, linking them by means of a set of predefined relations, and controlling the validity of the thesaurus structure. The system has been developed on top of Micro CDS/ISIS, as a collection of programs written in ISIS/PASCAL. The current version, MTM-4, has been developed in cooperation with INFOTERM and TERMNET (Austria).
    The main features of the software:
    ·         thesaurus maintenance and support system;
    ·         KWOC and full tree representation and navigation tools available on-line;
    ·         KWIC, KWOC and full tree printouts (in an alphabetic and systematic order);
    ·         defining and customization of up to 100 conceptual relationship types;
    ·         management of facets, codes (top classification), sources, regional variants, historical notes, etc.;
    ·         support of the various types of authority files;
    ·         computer assisted merging;
    ·         thesauri comparison by means of windows;
    ·         support of the various alphabets;
    ·         support of linguistic and orthographic variants;
    ·         sorting facilities consistent with national standards;
    ·         variable length data handling;
    ·         flexibility in defining input and output forms;
    ·         versatility in terms of relative ease of configuring the software for the various sets of languages;
    ·         flexibility in defining data structures needed for a given application;
    ·         a possibility to exchange data with other organizations and systems through exporting and importing terms and relations.
    From the terminal user standpoint MTM fulfills the following criteria:
    ·         user-friendliness when entering, updating, deleting, checking data;
    ·         intelligent prompting of the end user whenever in doubt;
    ·         powerful validation facilities covering proper structuring of a thesaurus (e.g. maintenance of relationship isomorphism between languages);
    ·         features for documenting ("keeping track") the history of the thesaurus evolution;
    ·         availability of data protection facilities;
    ·         availability of self-training and demonstration facilities;
    ·         provision of a thesaurus publishing facilities at the professional level;
    ·         modularity and openness to the further development.
    Price Free of charge on request.
    Sources of information Suppliers' Web site, accessed 2006-08-26; e-mail from Henryk Rybinski, 2006-09-04; Web site 2013-09-23.


    Name MultiTes
    Computer and operating system PC; Standalone; Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
    Supplier name and address Multisystems, P.O. Box 560929, Miami, FL 33256
    Web site
    Telephone +1 305.298.8907
    Fax +1 305.397.1753
    Supports an unlimited number of thesauri (both monolingual and multilingual). Automatic validation of conflicting relationships. Up to 100 million terms per thesaurus and an unlimited number of hierarchies. Support for ANSI/NISO relationships plus user defined relationships and comment fields. Import module allows you to import any electronic thesaurus without re-keying. Reports include: Alphabetical, Hierarchical (two-way, showing each term in its hierarchical context), TopTerm, Classified, Rotated (KWOC), and Microthesauri. Demonstration package and tutorial can be downloaded from Web site.
    ·         Report generator allows you to select the relationships and the terms you want to print depending on various conditions (e.g. TopTerms only, approved terms only, orphans, or those terms that have a given relationship).
    ·         HTML and XML file generator (included in the standard version at no additional charge): Creates all the .html files necessary to put your thesaurus on your Intranet or your Web Site on the Internet.
    Our software products include:
    ·                     •MultiTes Pro (Thesaurus Authoring, workstation/desktop based)
    ·                     •MultiTes WDK (Thesaurus Publishing on the Internet/Intranet, no SQL server required)
    ·                     •MultiTes EDK (Thesaurus Publishing on your corporate SQL-based servers or Internet application)

    Online thesauri available at

    MultiTes Pro
    Single user $295 (annual maintenance* $165); 5 user $1,295 (annual maintenance* $645); 10 user $2,495 (annual maintenance* $,1245); Site $4,850 (annual maintenance* $3,600)
    MultiTes WDK
    Web Deployment Kit per server $2,950 (annual maintenance* $1,450)
    MultiTes EDK (Enterprise Deployment)
    (MSSQL, Oracle & MySQL) per site $3,950 (annual maintenance* $1,950)
    Cloud-based Solutions:
    Online publishing - per thesaurus $3,950 **
    Online authoring - per thesaurus 20 accounts $4,950 **
    * Annual Maintenance includes one year access to download maintenance releases and telephone support

    ** Additional fees may apply for adaptations and/or extra features. 

    Sources of information Suppliers' www site; sample copy of program examined 2005; e-mails from supplier, 1997-2005. web site 2013-10-21


    Name Multilingual Thesaurus (MLT)
    Computer and operating system VMS, UNIX, Windows NT, NetWare, Windows 95/2000
    Supplier name and address Exell - Systemy Zarzadzania Informacja Sp. Z O.O., 01-249 Warszawa ul. Gizów 6, Poland
    Web site
    Telephone (22) 862-71-88, 631 15 09
    Fax (22) 497 06 29
    The Multilingual Thesaurus Development System consists of three independent subsystems not relying one on another. Each subsystem is dedicated for different applications, for users of completely different profiles, utilizing the same data structures:
    ·         Thesaurus Edition Subsystem (MTL)
    ·         Thesaurus Keyword Querying Subsystem allowing for employment in any software working on Windows platform.
    ·         Thesaurus Keyword Interchange Subsystem supporting keyword interchange among independent centers (Keyword Interchange Center).
    Main Advantages:
    ·         Creation and edition of many thesauri concurrently.
    ·         Thesaurus structure creation: relation definition, notes definition, etc.
    ·         Multilingual thesaurus import and its conversion to local format preserving original thesaurus structure.
    ·         Imported descriptors selection and its linking to local descriptors.
    ·         Equivalent descriptor usage for bibliographic entry querying in every linguistic version.
    ·         Multilevel bibliographic entry querying with descriptors.
    ·         Descriptors complementation (in separate field) with explanations concerning its meaning and/or usage scope (i.e. "scope notes"), separately for every linguistic version.
    ·         Ability to interconnect the thesaurus to any system, environment, application.
    ·         Possibility of distributed thesaurus creation, and following consolidation of parts of multilingual thesaurus developed in many centers.

    [These notes are from the CORDIS Web site, presumably provided by the supplier.]

    Price Was at an experimental development stage (laboratory prototype) in 2003 and development partners were being sought.
    Sources of information CORDIS Web site (inaccessible). Accessed 2006-08-28 website, 2013-09-23


    Name Oracle Text
    Computer and operating system Windows NT/2000, Unix/Linux etc.
    Supplier name and address Oracle Corporation, 500 Oracle Parkway, Redwood Shores, CA 94065, USA;
    Oracle Parkway,Thames Vally Park, Reading, Berkshire RG6 1RA
    Web site
    E-mail USA:; UK:
    Telephone +1-800-ORACLE-1; toll-free number for callers in the USA and Canada; +1.650.506.7000;
    UK Sales office: (08705) 332200; for other numbers see Web site above.
    Fax +1.650.506.7200
    The Oracle text retrieval software seems to have been named TermServer3; ConText and InterMedia as it has been developed. It now appears to be bundled with version 9i of the Oracle database under the name "Oracle Text". This software includes a thesaurus management package. There is a lot of information on Oracle's Web sites, but it is difficult to determine which items are current and to obtain a comprehensive list of the thesaurus features. The most useful page is; the Technical white paper (.pdf format) listed there gives some information and illustrates the graphical interface to the thesaurus management system. Registration (free) is necessary to view these pages.
    This is a module within a major database software system, not a standalone thesaurus development package. It would allow thesaurus functions to be integrated into any information retrieval system that was being developed using Oracle. From the white paper referenced above: “Oracle Text provides specialized text indexes for traditional full text retrieval applications such as - website searching, e-business catalogs, document classification and routing applications, text warehousing, document libraries and archives.
    Oracle Text can filter and extract content from different document formats. It supports a large number of document formats including popular ones like the Microsoft Office file formats, the Adobe PDF family of formats, HTML and XML. Oracle Text offers the best multilingual set of features in the market - supporting search across documents in western languages (English, French, Spanish, German, etc.), Japanese, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.”

    Extract from suppliers' Web site, edited.

    Price Bundled with Oracle database software
    Sources of information Oracle Web sites, August 2001; white paper 2013-09-23


    Name OSTI Thesaurus software package
    Computer and operating system Written in FORTRAN for DEC VAX running the VMS operating system, version 5.3 or later. The system utilizes the VMS Runtime Library SMG utility modules to provide its screen formatted user interface, and the data file structure is dependent upon the use of the DEC Records Management System (RMS) indexed file structure, so it could not easily be transferred to another computer system.
    Supplier name and address Energy Science and Technology Software Center, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Office of Scientific and Technical Information, P.O. Box 62, Oak Ridge, TN 37831, U.S.A.
    Web site  
    E-mail ESTSC in general:
    John Paulk, the Computer Specialist who wrote the program:
    For price quote, abstract and license form:
    Telephone +1 (615) 576 2606; John Paulk: +1 (423) 576 1143
    Fax +1 (423) 576 2865
    Notes A stand-alone system which includes object modules which can be called by other applications to provide validation access to the Thesaurus data set. Enforces reciprocal relationships, though this has been modified for some specific applications. Maintains the date entered and date of last change. Allows for scope notes, definitions, and status codes.
    Sources of information AusSI; E-mail from John Paulk, 10th Jan. 1997 (no e-mail response 2013-9-23) 


    Name SchemaServer
    Computer and operating system Hardware not specified, but intended for servers serving a large network. SchemaServer is based on JAVA and .Net standards utilizing a standard RDBMS, such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 and supports IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Macromedia JRUN, and JBoss application servers.
    Supplier name and address SchemaLogic Inc., 16300 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052-4482, U.S.A.
    Web site
    Telephone +1 (425) 885 9695
    Fax +1 (425) 883 0117
    Trial software is available for download. SchemaServer is part of the SchemaLogic Integrator, which is described as "an architecture that supports the robust enterprise scale implementation of metadata and reference data propagation and integration to enterprise applications such as content management, digital asset, commerce, search, portals, transform hubs and other metadata configurable applications. ... SchemaServer's vocabulary management engine is based on the ANSI z39.19 standards and fully supports the requirements as described." - [Suppliers' Web pages and literature]
    SchemaServer, is a flexible object modeling, collaboration and governance engine that supports simple list structures, complex multi-faceted taxonomies or ontologies, and enterprise-wide metadata structures that describe corporate information assets. This is where semantic and business model standards are gathered, refined, reconciled, and distributed to subscribing systems.
    MetaPoint Desktop integrates with Microsoft Office applications to tag and classify documents automatically when they are created. MetaPoint also suggests to the user where documents should be stored on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and facilitates document filing, retrieval, and document retention management. Enterprises use MetaPoint Server to model and manage corporate vocabularies and SharePoint metadata structures and synchronize the metadata model to SharePoint sites and MetaPoint Desktops across the enterprise.
    SchemaServer aligns taxonomies, vocabularies and metadata structures across multi-department Content Management Systems, Search Technologies, and other business applications in the enterprise, providing productized integrations with leading products such as Microsoft SharePoint 2007, EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Server, and FAST ESP to propagate and manage metadata, highlight compliance issues, and improve context in search results.

    Extract from suppliers' Web site, edited

    Sources of information E-mail from supplier, 2005-05-19; suppliers' Web site accessed 2005-05-20; 2013-09-23.


    Name SIS (Semantic Index System) -Thesaurus Management System (DBMS module)
    Computer and operating system
    The SIS currently runs under UNIX System V, SUNOS, HP-UX 8.05, IBM AIX, SINIX

    D 5.41, and requires X11 Rel.4,5 and OSF Motif 1.1,1.2. A version running under Windows, Windows NT is under development.

    Supplier name and address Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) Institute of Computer Science, N. Plastira 100, Vassilika Vouton, GR-700 13 Heraklion, Crete, Greece
    Web site
    E-mail; Martin Doerr
    Telephone +30 (81) 391600, 391625
    Fax +30 (81) 391601, 391609
    TMS is a thesaurus management system which complies with the international standards ISO-2788 and ISO-5964. It provides run-time extensible schema, inter-thesaurus relationships in order to interlink multiple thesauri, versioning and release mechanism per thesaurus which allows cooperative thesaurus development, graph-based views, client/server architecture and API access.

    Main features of the SIS result in a powerful combination of presentational flexibility, access efficiency and ease of adaptation: Uniform treatment of data and schema, powerful knowledge representation, customizable generic user interface, multimedia data, standard features and database co-operation.

    Sources of information E-mail from suppliers, 1999-08-23; website 2013-09-23
    Name STAR/Thesaurus
    Computer and operating system Unix and Windows NT/2000
    Supplier name and address Cuadra Associates, Inc. 3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 210 Los Angeles, CA 90034
    Web site
    Telephone 1-800-366-1390; (310)591-2490
    Fax (310) 591-2488
    All STAR applications provide for controlled vocabularies for subject headings, personal and corporate names, places, products, classes – any field where input can be selected from a finite list.
    Customers can control the content of their vocabulary authority databases and create new authorities using the built-in tools – for standalone use or use with STAR applications, such as those in Knowledge Management and Library Automation product families. Both flat authority files and ANSI standard thesauri are supported.
    STAR/Thesaurus follows the ANSI/NISO Z39.19-1993 Standard. It supports the use of imported thesauri and taxonomies, as well as the creation of new hieracrchical vocabularies. Extract from suppliers' Web site, edited.
    Price Complete STAR package, including thesaurus, costs over 1000 GBP or USD per simultaneous user.
    Sources of information AmSI; e-mail and printed literature from suppliers; suppliers' www site - accessed 2006-08-28; 2013-09-23.
    Name STRIDE
    Computer and operating system Unix (AIX, SCO, Control Data, Siemens Nixdorf, Data General, HP, Solaris, Olivetti, Sequent and Linux); Windows (3.1, 95 and NT)
    Supplier name and address Questans Ltd., 27 Blandy Road, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 1QB, U.K.
    Web site
    Telephone Homepage currently under development
    Fax Homepage currently under development
    STRIDE is one of the most powerful and versatile thesaurus management systems available. It builds and maintains standard vocabularies for use in information indexing and retrieval. It is simple to use and gives rapid response even when accessing very large thesauri.
    ·         STRIDE supports all the thesaurus relationships and display formats defined in the standards ISO 2788 and ANSI Z39.19 and enables you to define your own special relationships as well.
    ·         By setting up suitable relationships you can implement full multi-lingual thesauri, as specified in ISO 5964.
    ·         STRIDE gives you full control over how much information STRIDE displays, using a simple but flexible display language. In addition to the standard displays, STRIDE provides symbolic and graphical tree representations of term relationships. You have full choice of font and color for your display and all displays can be printed. .
    ·         You can easily create or remove one-to-many links using dialogs and buttons. STRIDE automatically creates the reciprocal links and maintains an integrity check on all your linking.
    ·         STRIDE has hypertext facilities which enable you to move to related contexts while scanning a thesaurus.
    ·         STRIDE is convenient for the single PC user but it also has all the features required for a major multi-user system. It allows both interactive and batch editing and provides facilities for automatic logging of transactions. Thesaurus modifications take immediate effect, ensuring instant currency of the updated thesaurus for all users.

    Extract from suppliers' Web site, edited

    Sources of information Website on 2013-09-23.
    Name SuperThes
    Computer and operating system All modern 32-Bit Microsoft operating systems
    Supplier name and address Ing. R. Legat, Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt), Spittelauer Lände 5, A-1090 Wien, Austria.
    Web site
    Telephone +43 1 31304 5364
    Fax +43-1-31304 5301
    SuperThes replaces the previous software called THESMain. It may be used in conjunction with the standalone thesaurus display package THESShow and a Web display module THESWeb is being designed.
    SuperThes is used for visualization and maintenance of thesaurus data according to DIN 1462 /ISO 2788 and DIN /ISO 5964 The application has been developed in Delphi, a Pascal dialect by Borland/Inprise. The programming language offers true object-oriented programming support as well as the stability common to Pascal programs. SuperThes runs as a client/server application. All persistent data will be kept within the relational database system Interbase.
    SuperThes has an English user interface. Unicode is used so that all languages, character sets and glyphs installed on the system may be used (Greek, Russian, Chinese and Hebrew do not present problems). Input method editors, which are common to Asian languages, are possible. Different fonts are also available.
    Besides the main Thesaurus structure, a SuperThes Thesaurus may contain other user definable tables, which may be used to describe the main Thesaurus in a more detailed way or to keep attached data in them.
    Convenient data exchange with standard office applications using state-of-the-art technologies like drag and drop, a powerful report generator and bulk data extraction using either standard file formats or XML

    More information at and

    Price Enquire from supplier for licencing terms.
    Sources of information E-mail from Rudolf Legat 2004-01-19; Web sites, accessed 2004-02-14, 2006-08-28, 2013-09-23. 
    Name (Factiva) Synaptica knowledge management system
    Computer and operating system
    Synapticas server-side requirements are:
    ·         Windows 2000/2003 Server operating system
    ·         Internet Information Server (IIS) Web server
    ·         Microsoft SQL Server 2000+ DBMS
    ·         Oracle 9i+ DBMS running on Windows or UNIX

    The client-side requirements are any PC or Mac with Microsoft IE or Netscape 6.0 or higher.

    Supplier name and address Factiva, Finsbury House, Lowman Way, Tiverton Business Park, Tiverton, EX16 6SR (UK; several other addresses in the USA and elsewhere are listed on the company's Web site)
    [Dow Jones Reuters Business Interactive LLC (dba as Factiva)]
    Web site  (archived here)
    E-mail None given on the suppliers' web site.
    Telephone +1 800 369 0166 (USA); +44 20 7542 3344 (UK)
    Fax +1 (303) 841 2294
    "Synaptica supports the creation of electronic thesauri in compliance with ANSI/NISO Standard Z39.19-1993. Features include:
    ·         Dynamically enforced thesaurus rules-base
    ·         Simple search (descriptors or keywords)
    ·         Power search (over a dozen filters)
    ·         Popup windows displaying term details
    ·         Expandable hierarchies and relationships
    ·         Multiple categories for a single term
    ·         Logical delete and restore of terms
    ·         User ID and date-time stamping
    ·         Approval and candidate term statuses
    ·         Concept clusters of multiple terms
    ·         Customized term templates and descriptor fields
    ·         Customized relationship types and behavior
    ·         Customized data entry rules
    ·         Online reports using report wizards
    ·         Online CSV format output files
    ·         Segregated data by vocabulary files and categories
    ·         User permissions with 10 levels of privilege
    ·         (Poly-)hierarchical, synonymous and associative relationships
    ·         Equivalency and indexing relationships

    Synaptica is a client-server web application that can be installed locally on a client's intranet or extranet server. Alternatively, Synapse Corporation can host client systems on our servers located in the Denver Technological Center in Colorado USA, which means the client needs no special equipment. Either way, systems use password-protected accounts, so users can access all of Synaptica's features from anywhere in the world using standard personal computers and web-browsers (Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher versions). - Extract from suppliers' Web site, edited.

    Price Price varies depending on the number of users, number of thesauri and other factors. Contact suppliers for details.
    Sources of information E-mail from supplier; suppliers' WWW site, 2001-10-14; 2006-08-28. Updated 2013-10-21.
    Name Synaptica
    Computer and operating system
    Synaptica's server-side requirements are:
    ·                     Windows 2003 or 2008 Server operating system
    ·                     Internet Information Server (IIS) Web server (Windows 2008 can be 32-bit or 64-bit)
    ·                     Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database can be installed on the same machine as the web site 
    ·                     Oracle 9i+ DBMS running on Windows or UNIX
    Separate Web Application Service and Database Server
    ·                     Web Application Server - Requires the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 running Microsoft Internet Information Server (Windows 2008 can be 32-bit or 64-bit).
    ·                     Database Server – This can be selected by the customer as long as one of the supported databases is installed (listed under software requirements below). In the case of Oracle databases, this may be a UNIX machine. Firewall/security policies must allow communication between the web server and the database server.

    The client-side requirements are any PC or Mac with Microsoft IE or Netscape 6.0 or higher.

    Supplier name and address
    Synaptica, LLC,11384 Pine Valley Drive,Franktown, CO 80116, United States
    Web site
    Telephone +1-303-298-1947
    Synaptica innovation in taxonomy management and ontology software delivers key differentiators that enable clients to:
    ·                     reduce noisy search results caused by ambiguous language
    ·                     increase relevance by providing a synonym-rich indexing vocabulary
    ·                     support information discovery with browsable hierarchies and association links
    ·                     enable parametric searching and facetted navigation
    ·                     visualize taxonomies in a variety of textual and graphical formats
    Robust and scalable applications that are based upon numerous open standards that make enterprise integration fast and reliable. Different visualization tools are offered in order to navigate and edit taxonomies. Customizable and flexible with dynamically generated “audience-centric” views.
    Synaptica SharePoint 2010 tools are included with enterprise licenses, and integration services are available. SharePoint integration enables taxonomies being managed within Synaptica to be applied as meta-tags to content being stored in SharePoint document libraries, as well as allowing for those same taxonomies to be used for search.
    Synaptica Human Indexing Management System (IMS) is currently shipping its V7.3 version, packed with major tools and features. Synaptica IMS is a complementary suite of tools designed to support the human indexing of content using taxonomies stored in Synaptica.
    Synaptica Enterprise Taxonomy Management Software is our behind-the-firewall solution for larger organizations. Enterprise systems are available with either perpetual or subscription licenses. They are designed to support multiple editors with role-based permissions as well as compartmentalization and collaboration workspaces. They also provide access to a suite of integration tools, including database APIs and Web Services.
    Synaptica Express is our cloud-computing solution for individuals or small-business users. Express systems are hosted on secure servers and available as a subscription service. They are designed for a single authorized user account, providing a streamlined, basic system that allows users to be up and running with minimal training. With Express users can access the most powerful taxonomy management tools without expense of the IT infrastructure.
    Synaptica Ontology Publication Suite is an editorial tool designed for use by professional taxonomists. In 2011 we introduced a complementary suite of front-end publication tools that make it easy for any taxonomy or ontology to be presented to end-users. The Ontology Publishing Suite gives administrators precise control over which parts of a master ontology are exposed to end-users, as well as how they are laid out on-screen.
    Ontologies have many benefits over more traditional record-based presentation formats. Salient among these is the idea that 'records dead-end but graphs go on forever', recently blogged at
    You could publish taxonomies or ontologies to the open worldwide web, or you could publish them behind the firewall for restricted access by your organization's management or other internal business users.
    You can get first-hand experience of Synaptica's Ontology Publishing Platform by visiting All of the GUI presented at this site is dynamically generated by the Synaptica Ontology Publishing Suite.

    Extract from suppliers' Web site, edited.

    Price Price varies depending on the number of users, number of thesauri and other factors. Enterprise systems start at $25,000 and can be scaled up from single to unlimited taxonomy systems as needed. Express systems start at $1,200 per year and can be scaled up from single to multiple taxonomy systems as needed. Contact suppliers for details.
    Sources of information E-mail from supplier; suppliers' www site, down loadable flier, 2001-10-14; 2006-08-28, 2013-10-1
    Name Synema
    Computer and operating system Apple Macintosh
    Supplier name and address Syndetics Research, Herderstraat 1, 3740 Bilzen, Belgium
    Web site None
    E-mail (obsolete e-mail)
    Telephone +32 89 418 444
    Fax +32 89 418 455
    Notes Designed to provide customized solutions to organizations with very complex thesaurus requirements. Groups of thesaurus terms may have several different sets of links, allowing several independent but overlapping logical thesauri to be defined within the same physical file. Link types are user-definable, within the four standard classes; each term can have up to 32 attributes. Polyhierarchical; customizable sorting order; diacriticals supported; unlimited number of links and levels. (Used by Elsevier Science to maintain the EMTREE thesaurus.)
    Price Single user: 3750 GBP, 5650 USD; multi user: 6500 GBP, 9800 USD.
    Evaluation package including full manual, 80 GBP.
    Sources of information Message from Steve Pollitt to lis-iis, 20th December 1995; e-mail from supplier, 21st February 1997. There is no easily accessed e-mail or contact info at this time. 2013-9-23
    Name TAT (Thesaurus Administration Tool)
    Computer and operating system PC with MS-Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Manual states that the program has not been tested under Windows 95, but it appears to work satisfactorily with it. Display resolution of at least 800x600 is needed. Recommended configuration is Pentium 60 MHz with 16 Mb memory and 25 Mb of free disc space Windows 3.0 and 3.11
    Supplier name and address Alcidio Pereira, Division Bases Documentaires, Applications Informatiques et Tables Analytiques des Débats, Direction Générale des Etudes, European Parliament, Bld. Schuman 3/70, L-2929, Luxembourg
    Web site
    E-mail Alcidio Pereira (; Josef Schwarz (
    Telephone +352 or +420 257 171 111
    Fax +352 43.93.17 or +420 257 534 469
    TAT has been developed for the Czech Republic Parliament Reference Library by DCIT s.r.o. Company, as support software for the EUROVOC Project. TAT is a single-user product, with one program copy running and available to one user, only. The underlying software is Microsoft Access, and a run-time version is supplied with the software. The source code for the application is included, so a user with MS Access could amend and develop the package; though some of the table headings and programmers' comments are in Czech, this is not visible to the user.

    The alphabetical printout is a list of terms without relationships. The hierarchical printout shows up to nine levels of narrower term under each top term; attached to this is a list of the terms in the same order, not showing hierarchy, but showing UF, RT, scope notes, etc. In printouts, terms are truncated to fit within the available column width. A tri-lingual thesaurus is provided for, with printout of the languages shown in three parallel columns.

    Price Free of charge. The program and manuals can be downloaded from the Web site shown above.
    Sources of information Sample copy of program examined 18th January 1997; web site 2013-10-14
    Name TemaTres
    Computer and operating system Linux or Windows. Requires a HTTP Web server with PHP and MySQL database.
    Supplier name and address R020 Bibliotecología y Ciencias de la Información. [A group dedicated to information and communication technologies within the Argentine Ministry of Education.]
    Web site
    E-mail Diego Ferreyra (
    A web application for managing documentation languages - especially good at hierarchical thesauri and cataloging vocabularies but also useful for navigation structures.
    Features (version 0.9) include standard thesaurus relations between terms (USE/UF, BT/NT, RT/RT). No limits on number of terms, levels of hierarchy, alternative labels. Systematic or alphabetical navigation. Multilingual interface, in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
    Output in SKOS-Core, Dublin Core and ZThes formats.
    ·         SPARQL endpoint (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language)
    ·         Meta-terms: define facets, collections or arrays of terms
    ·         Support for multilingual thesaurus
    ·         Expose vocabularies with powerful web services
    ·         Search terms suggestion (did you mean...?)
    ·         Display terms in multiple deep levels in the same screen
    ·         Search expansion
    ·         Vocabulary harmonization features: equivalent, no equivalent and partial terms with other vocabularies
    ·         Relationship between terms (BT/NT, USE/UF, RT)
    ·         No limits to number of terms, alternative labels, levels of hierarchy, etc
    ·         Systematic or alphabetic navigation
    ·         Search
    ·         Complete export in XML format (Zthes, TopicMaps, MADS, Dublin Core,VDEX, BS 8723, SiteMap, SQL)
    ·         Complete export in RDF format (Skos-Core)
    ·         Complete export in txt
    ·         Scope notes, Historical and Bibliographical notes
    ·         User management
    ·         Terms and user supervision
    ·         Duplicates terms control
    ·         Free terms control
    ·         Quality assurance functions (Duplicates and free terms, ilegal relations)
    ·         Multilingual interface
    ·         Easy Install
    ·         Utility to import thesauri from tabulated textfiles
    ·         Unique code for each term
    ·         "Edit in place" features for terms and codes.
    ·         Terminology mapping
    ·         multilingual terminology mapping
    ·         Term reports for editors
    ·         Workflow: candidate, accepted and rejected terms
    ·         Allow to create user-defined relationships
    ·         Relationships between terms and web entities
    ·         Allow to define published and hidden labels
    ·         Export to WXP (WordPress XML)
    ·         Import and export data in Skos-core

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price May be downloaded from Web site free of charge under the GPL open source license.
    Sources of information Suppliers' Web site; on-line demonstration version on Web site. - Accessed 2006-01-31
    Name Term Manager
    Computer and operating system
    Cardbox 3.1 - Microsoft Windows 2000 or later (including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7...). Memory 32MB RAM. Disk space 12MB for the program files.

    Cardbox Server - Microsoft Windows 2000 or later (including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server, Windows 7...). Linux (Intel x86 architecture). Memory 32MB RAM. Disk space 5MB for the program files.

    Supplier name and address Cardbox Software Limited, P.O. Box 91, Tunbridge Wells TN2 9GP England
    Web site
    Telephone +44 171 470 7145
    Fax +44 171 470 7146 
    Opens a separate window for each main term, showing the term, with any class no., scope note and linked terms it may have. New links are made by dragging and dropping terms between windows. Terms have to be created first and then linked as a separate operation: it is not possible to add a new term, or to link existing terms, by typing them directly into, e.g., NT or RT fields in a existing term window.

    - Edited from the website

    Price Demonstration version available on www at no charge. Price for Windows version not yet fixed.
    Sources of information AmSI; suppliers' www site; demonstration version beta 1.02, 1966. Updated 2013-10-21.
    Name Term Tree
    Computer and operating system Windows, but limited functionality under Windows XP
    Supplier name and address 16 Bareena Place, Marsfield NSW 2122, Australia
    Web site
    Telephone (02) 9869 1792 +61 2 9869 1792
    Fax (02) 9868 5900 +61 2 9868 5900
    A.C.S. Active Classification Solutions is a trading name of the registered company This to That Pty Ltd.
    Term Tree, originally released January 1999, is now a maintenance only product and no longer available for download. 121 is now the product being actively developed and we suggest you evaluate 121 in preference to Term Tree.
    Written by Tony Gill. A simple free software utility for Microsoft Windows that allows term lists and basic thesauri to be displayed in a hierarchical tree. It does not provide for editing such lists, but they can be created in a word processes as simple text files with a level number at the start of each line. Individual terms or entire hierarchical paths can be easily copied to the Windows Clipboard, so that they can be pasted into other applications - for example, a collections management database. The software is supplied with a small number of example term lists and a comprehensive Help system that provides extensive information about terminology control in museums, in addition to instructions for using the software.

    Unfortunately under Windows XP the "copy to clipboard" function does not work unless the clipboard is empty. This seriously reduces the usefulness of this program.

    Price A free evaluation copy is available.
    Sources of information E-mails from Tony Gill 2003-12-19 and 2006-08-31; sample copy of version 1.73, dated July 1995. Updated 2013-10-21.
    Name Term Tree 2000
    Computer and operating system Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000
    Supplier name and address
    This to That Pty Ltd.  1 Gordon Ave Summerland Point NSW 2259, Australia – trading as...

    A.C.S. Active Classification Solutions, 16 Bareena Place, Marsfield NSW 2122, Australia

    Web site
    Telephone (02) 4917 6243 +61 2 4917 6243 Mobile 0413 563 750
    “Term Tree, originally released January 1999, is now a maintenance only product and no longer available for download. 121 is now the product being actively developed and we suggest you evaluate 121 in preference to Term Tree.”
    Term Tree 2000 is a Windows based thesaurus management package. The Editor component is available only in standalone form to ensure control of thesaurus database changes.
    Term Tree 2000 was originally designed and developed as a replacement for a 16 bit product called Hierarch. Term Tree 2000 can import existing Hierarch and MultiTes databases and import/export a defined tag format. It can export to comma or tag delimited, XML, Metabrowser meta data files and includes a feature enabling the production of static navigable web pages. The thesaurus may be exported to a Windows folder structure for use as an indexing/filing system and this includes a deployment capability producing an executable copy of this structure for distribution as required. Optional modules are available to import/export TRIM (also has live connect feature), Objective, RecFind, Hummingbird/PCDocs and Seraph record management. The suppliers can provide services to import aka, CAIRS, InMagic and other thesauri.
    Term Tree 2000 uses a Windows Explorer style layout which, combined with drag and drop and multiple term selection lists, makes it easy to create and manage complex hierarchically arranged lists of information. Term Tree 2000 verifies the validity of links as the thesaurus is created and automatically constructs all required reverse relationship links.
    Reports are available for:
    ·         Concatenations from top terms down
    ·         Term hierarchies starting from top terms
    ·         Term relationships
    ·         KWIC and KWOC
    ·         Categories and Classifications
    Reports may use the internal report engine or be sent to MS Word. The Term Relationship reports uses a template reporting process to permit the use of Word styles and advanced features to customize the reports.

    Access 97/2000, SQL Server 7 or Oracle 8, 9 (will also work with 10 when released) can be used as the host database. Access does not need to be installed for Term Tree 2000 to operate.

    Price Single user Editor, standalone license, $A800.00 (about 340 GBP or 590 USD) ($A880.00 including tax for purchasers in Australia). Special deals for thesaurus developers requiring a full featured viewer product to include with their thesauri. E-mail to discuss requirements. A free demonstration kit, with sample databases, is available from the suppliers. This contains a fully operational standalone version of Term Tree 2000 with limits on number of logons and number of terms.
    Sources of information Supplier e-mails; sample copy downloaded and examined, 2005. Updated 2013.
    Name TheMa
    Computer and operating system Server: at least Intel Pentium processor with 1 GHz and 1 GB main storage (preferably 2 computers, one for the data base and one for the J2EE-App.-Server.) Oracle data base, version 10g or later. Java 1.4.x or later. J2EE - Application server.
    Supplier name and address TRIGA IT-Systeme + Grafik GmbH, Siethwender Chaussee 4, 25335 Raa-Besenbek, Germany
    Web site
    Telephone (04121) 228 40
    Fax (04121) 228 38
    Notes An interface for Oracle thesaurus functions. Bilingual (German and English) with full support for UTF-8 character set. Supports standard thesaurus relationships as well as distinguishing generic, partitive and instantial relationships and synonym rings. Import and export in Oracle and XML formats. Available in standard, professional or customized versions.
    Price Not known.
    Sources of information Supplier e-mail, 2007-08-17; suppliers' Web site accessed 2007-08-17. Updated contact information 2013-10-21.
    Name Thesaurus Builder™ (TB)
    Computer and operating system Windows 2000/Windows XP and a minimum of 128 Mb of RAM
    Supplier name and address Sumatrakade 883, 1019RA, Amsterdam The Netherlands
    Web site
    E-mail Sales support:
    Technical support:
    Telephone +31-20-419-5235
    User friendly interface
    Unlimited number of thesauri
    Support for ISO 5964
    Full multilingual thesauri support
    ·       Up to 148 languages per thesaurus (Asian Languages, Support right to left languages, Optionally auto switching between languages, Selecting Viewable languages)
    ·       Security functions for thesaurus databases
    ·       Support for one image for each term
    ·       Support for user defined text format (Thesaurus Any Format)
    ·       Unlimited number of hierarchies per thesaurus
    ·       Support up to 200 hierarchical levels
    ·       Unlimited number of relationships for each term
    ·       Support for user defined relationships
    ·       Most common ontological relationships
    ·      Associative
    ·      Hierarchical
    ·       Automatic generation of reciprocal relationships (including opposites)
    ·       Adding all non-existed related terms (and opposites) to the thesaurus at once
    ·       Support for all standard and some additional fields
    ·       Quality Assurance (QA) Report (in background)
    ·       ASP and ASP.NET Web Site generator for Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 server families
    ·       Search in multiple thesauri all at once
    ·       Special user interface for university of Basel thesaurus format
    ·       Auto concept number assignment 
    ·       Merging thesauri
    ·       Very fast conversion between translations
    ·       Powerful search and replace functions
    ·       Support for polyhierarchical thesauri (multiple BTs)
    ·       New TDE Features
    ·       Support terms multi selection
    ·       Copy & paste as child terms
    ·       Copy & paste as related terms
    ·       Copy & paste as opposites
    ·       Copy & paste as synonyms
    ·       Manual concept number changing for selected terms
    ·       Selecting viewable languages
    ·       Importing and exporting to Collexis™ .PSF format
    ·       Very fast report generation
    ·       Colored RTF reports:
    ·       Stylish XML reports
    ·       Raw data export as XML
    ·       Export OWL 2 Web Ontology Language (RDF/XML) format of thesaurus
    ·       Bookmark terms 
    ·       Supports restriction on Alphabetical Display and Rotational Index by subject category and dates
    ·       Auto save
    ·       Thesaurus statistics
    ·       Import translations from delimited text file
    ·       Online help
    Other Editions:
    Light Edition: The below features are not included:
    ·       Internet functions
    ·       Security options
    ·       Merging databases functions
    Student Edition: Exactly the same as the Light edition, but the maximum number of preferred terms is limited to 2500 terms per thesaurus.
    Express Edition (free): Exactly the same as the student edition, but the maximum number of preferred terms is limited to 300 terms per thesaurus.
    Golden Eye Edition (freeware): This edition is specially provided to view the Thesaurus Builder databases which are produced by other users. All the editing functions are removed from it, and the only available report is limited to RTF exports.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site

    ·                     Professional: Full function. €3500.00
    ·                     Light Edition: These features are not included: Internet Functions, Security Options, Merging databases functions. €2000.00 (Unlimited number of users per location - Educational discount is available)
    ·                     Student Edition: Exactly the same as the light version, but the maximum number of preferred terms is limited to 2500 terms per thesaurus. €195.00 (Unlimited number of users per location)
    ·                     Golden Eye Edition: This edition is specially provided to view the Thesaurus Builder databases which are produced by other users. All the editing functions are removed from it, and the only available report is limited to RTF exports. Freeware 
    Sources of information E-mail from suppliers 2004-12-15, 2005-03-08 and 2005-09-06; Web site accessed 2010-05-05; 2013-09-30
    Name Thesaurus Master
    Computer and operating system Written in Java to be platform-independent, the software functions with Windows95/98/2000 and NT platforms, UNIX, Linux, Solaris, and DOS.
    Supplier name and address Data Harmony, Inc., P.O. Box 8640, Albuquerque, NM 87198, USA
    Web site
    E-mail Alice Redmond-Neal (
    Telephone +1 (505) 998 0800
    Fax +1 (505) 256-1080
    Data Harmony Thesaurus MasterTM facilitates development and maintenance of subject-based thesauri, with the full range of thesaural relationships, and it permits importation of external taxonomies. Reciprocal relationships are validated and entered automatically. TM adheres to thesaurus construction standards (ISO 2788, ISO 5964, and NISO Z39.19) and can be set to allow polyhierarchies (Multiple Broader Terms). Terms can be designated as "accepted" or "candidate." Full search capabilities are included, searching every field of a term record or only those specified. Complete term record information is displayed simultaneously with any one of several display choices, which include hierarchy, alpha list of full term records, permuted versions, candidate terms, deleted terms, and others. Thesauri can printed as any of the display views, and can be saved as XML files or other formats. Teamed with Machine Aided IndexerTM (M.A.I.) Thesaurus Master leads to the automatic suggestion of appropriate thesaurus terms for indexing electronic documents, drawing on a rule base that grows to reflect the editor's knowledge and understanding of the subject area. Thesaurus Master and Machine Aided Indexer can also operate independently of each other, and can be integrated into other database management systems through Java APIs.

    Data Harmony also offers Knowledge Domains, pre-constructed thesauri and associated rule bases for a variety of different fields, such as science/technology/medicine, education, news, environment, and many more. Pricing is proportionate to the size of the domain.

    Single user licenses: Thesaurus Master: $3,000; Machine Aided Indexer: $5,500; TM + M.A.I. (MAIstro): $7,500
    For large-scale operations involving multiple editors, enterprise-wide server licenses, renewable annually, are also available: Thesaurus Master: $25,000; Machine Aided Indexer: $45,000; TM + M.A.I.(MAIstro): $60,000; XML Intranet System (XIS, an integrated bibliographic data management system): $45,000; TM + M.A.I + XIS: $95,000
    Annual Term: Thesaurus Master - $11,917; ($1,092 hosted); Machine Aided Indexer - $21,450 ($1,966 hosted); MAIstro - $28,600 ($2,622 hosted); XIS - $21,450 ($1,966 hosted)

    Cloud Access: Thesaurus Master - $1,202/mo; M.A.I. - $2,163/mo.; MAIstro - $2,884

    Sources of information Suppliers' Web site, 2001-10-14; e-mail from supplier 2002-05-14, 2013-09-30
    Name TheW and THSRS
    Computer and operating system Windows 3.x, 95/98 TheW32: 32-bit MS Windows systems; TheW: MS Windows; THSRS: MS DOS
    Supplier name and address Prof. Tim Craven, Faculty of Information & Media Studies, The University of Western Ontario, London, ON, N6A 5B7, CANADA
    Web site
    Telephone +1 (519) 679-2111 ext. 8497
    Fax +1 (519) 661 3506
    Notes These packages and several other items of free software appear to have been created during Prof. Craven's teaching and research work. Although not polished commercial products, they are quite easy to install and use for the creation of small thesauri. Some limitations, such as showing terms in upper case only, are offset by formatting and structural options not found elsewhere. TheW, in particular, is able to accept user-defined relationships and to generate graphical displays of tree structures.
    Price Free for download from www site above
    Sources of information Supplier's www site [accessed 2005-03-18] and downloaded copies of the software, 1997-02-03; e-mail 1998-06-08. Updated 2013-10-21.
    Name THSAR (no longer available)
    Computer and operating system MS DOS
    Supplier name and address Neil Larson, MaxThink, Maxthink, 413 Ocean View, Kensington, CA 94707, USA
    Web site; a brief description of THSAR was at <> but this link is now invalid.
    Telephone 1-510-540-5508
    Fax +1 (510) 548 4686; +1 866 201 3947 (toll free from the USA)
    Notes This appears to be a simple DOS system for building thesauri, primarily for use with the author's HyGEN software, which creates hypertext links within and between DOS files of many kinds. Neil Larson says "It handles 32,000 terms. Each term can include SN, BT, NT, RT, USE and USED FOR relationships. I also include utilities to convert the created files to HyGEN's glossary format for linking a faceted thesaurus into more powerful and user friendly systems."
    Price 89 USD
    Sources of information E-mail from supplier; supplier's www site; downloaded demo copy of HyGEN software, 18th February 1997. E-mail from Neil Larson, 2013-09-29
    Name Tinterm (no longer available)
    Computer and operating system MS DOS version 6.00 or higher
    Supplier name and address EOS International Headquarters, 2292 Faraday Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92008-7208
    Web site
    Telephone +(800) 876-5484 or +(760) 431-8400
    Fax +(760) 431-8448
    Notes This was a standalone product in the supplier's T Series range, which also included "Tinlib : the Information Navigator". Tinterm is no longer available from or supported by EOS International.
    Price Available upon request.
    Sources of information Telephone call and printed information from supplier, 1997-01-08; e-mails 1997-04-18, 2005-04-04, and 2013-09-29
    Name WebChoir Suite (TermChoir, ViewChoir, LinkChoir and SeekChoir)
    Computer and operating system UNIX and NT operating systems; all Web servers, including Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server and IIS; all clients including PC and Macintosh; supports multiple DBMS platforms
    Supplier name and address WebChoir, Inc., Headquarters and R & D Offices, 11301 Olympic Blvd., Suite 586, Los Angeles, CA 90064
    Web site
    Telephone +1 (310) 966 1558
    Fax +1 (310) 966 1558
    WebChoir, Inc. is an outgrowth from the Liu-Palmer collaboration, creators of the original Thesaurus Construction System.
    TermChoir is a hierarchical information organizing and searching tool that enables information professionals to create and search varieties of hierarchical subject categories, controlled vocabularies, and taxonomies based on either pre-defined standards or a user-defined structure. A modified and less expensive client/server version, TCS-10, also is available (an upgrade from the original Thesaurus Construction System). Find a free download of TCS-10 at
    TermChoir features include:
    ·         A fully integrated Web-based architecture that allows information and reference resources created by TermChoir to be available to information providers and seekers no matter where they may be or what computer they may be using.
    ·         Unique indexing enables you to index and search external databases using thesaurus or subject terms created in or imported into TermChoir.
    ·         Editing capabilities enable you to create relationships and links across hierarchies, to move a branch across hierarchies, to create poly-hierarchies, and to specify special sorting orders among siblings.
    ·         Data may be imported and exported in a variety of formats such as ASCII, XML, and MARC. The script batch input allows experienced users to build a thesaurus quickly anywhere at any time even when and where there is no Internet connection.
    ·         Standard reports are provided and in customized reports you can specify the data elements to be included, the ordering of the data elements, and the font and styles of the different data elements.
    ·         Web Thesaurus Navigator enables you to create from the thesaurus a Website with alphabetical listing, hierarchical listing, and expandable hierarchical listing.
    ·         Data validation guarantees data integrity. No conflicts or wrong data can be entered in the database.
    ·         A flexible log viewer makes it easy to keep track of all the transactions.
    ·         Multi-lingual support makes it possible to create thesauri in any language, while translation support enables searches entered in one language to be automatically switched to search collections in another language.
    ·         User based permission and privileges allow you to control what information and features are accessible to what groups across the organization.
    ·         An open platform allows you to use a variety of operating systems, including UNIX and NT, any Web server, including Apache, Netscape Enterprise server and IIS, and any client, including PC and Macintosh.
    ·         Flexible data connection capability enables you to create a thesaurus or taxonomy in most popular enterprise-level databases, including Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.
    ViewChoir, a read-only version of TermChoir, facilitates the electronic publishing of thesauri for remote access.
    LinkChoir enables thesaurus producers to consolidate thesauri and indexing vocabularies with a diverse range of client information sources. LinkChoir is used to link assigned thesaurus descriptors in records to the descriptors' thesaurus entries and relationships (synonyms, used for-UFs, broader terms-BTs, related terms-RTs, etc.) in the thesauri used in indexing, allowing indexers and searchers to browse and expand concepts. They can "click" back and forth between descriptors' thesaurus entries and those descriptors assigned to records. LinkChoir allows indexers to describe information sources using terminology organized in TermChoir, but also provides them with a utility to update the descriptors that they have used previously.

    SeekChoir is a retrieval system that enables users to browse thesaurus descriptors and their references (broader terms, related terms, synonyms, etc.), allowing the searcher many ways to investigate and employ related and synonymous topics and concepts while searching. SeekChoir also allows seekers to search databases indexed by thesauri constructed in TermChoir or some other thesaurus builder application. SeekChoir supports vocabulary-enhanced keyword searches within database records. If LinkChoir has been employed to index database records, SeekChoir also supports a controlled vocabulary search of those records indexed with terms from the associated thesaurus. The user can link from a term embedded within a record back to its corresponding thesaurus descriptor and its references to further elaborate a search.

    Price See the suppliers' Web site at There is a wide range of products and prices from a personal thesaurus management system called "vocPuppy" costing US$49 to US$44,999 per server for "ConceptChoir".
    Sources of information Information from vendors, 2002-02-12; Web site accessed 2003-01-17 and 2006-08-29.
    Name Wordmap
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Wordmap Incorporated, P.O. Box 292, Carlisle, MA 01741
    Web site
    Telephone 1-888-303-4884
    Wordmap Incorporated is a product development company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Earley & Associates, Inc.
    The Wordmap Taxonomy Management System is an industrial strength software product that allows multiple users to manipulate multiple taxonomies of any size quickly and efficiently. Using Wordmap, a taxonomy editor can be dramatically more efficient than in a generic environment.
    ·                     Compile, maintain and manage taxonomies in a visual environment using drag and drop techniques
    ·                     Make major architectural changes easily
    ·                     Add rich data to the taxonomy - synonyms, associated terminology and a wide variety of user definable attributes
    ·                     Deal easily with multilingual datasets
    ·                     Create ad hoc links between related subject areas
    ·                     Output the taxonomy to other applications, such as knowledge or content management systems - display it to end users in a navigation interface which can used to search an Intranet or the Internet"
    -                      [Suppliers' Web site]
    Wordmap SharePoint Taxonomy Connector
    Integrate Wordmap taxonomies directly with Microsoft® SharePoint to classify documents as well as support SharePoint browsing and search capabilities.
    Wordmap Endeca Taxonomy Connector
    The Endeca® Information Access Platform thrives on robust, well-constructed and well-maintained taxonomies. Use Wordmap to do your taxonomy management and allow our Endeca Taxonomy Connector to push the taxonomy to Endeca as the foundation of the guided navigation experience. The Wordmap Endeca Taxonomy Connector also allows you to leverage taxonomy in Endeca’s powerful auto-classification engine for improved content indexing.
    Wordmap Taxonomy Management System ("Wordmap") is used by information professionals to develop the category and term sets that bring consistency, precision and control to enterprise information management. The data and functions of Wordmap are available via imported and exported XML, a documented Java API and taxonomy connectors. Wordmap can thus provide enterprise-class integration capabilities.
    Major Wordmap advantages include:
    ·                     Editors can freely define and develop metadata values
    ·                     Relationship typing and custom metadata attributes are supported
    ·                     Multiple taxonomies with cross-mappings
    ·                     Security model, allowing user and group privileges over elements and branches
    ·                     Complete localization support, with UTF-8 and ISO locales

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Sources of information Suppliers' Web site and e-mailed information from supplier, 2002-07-27, 2013-10-1

    Additional indexing, taxonomy, controlled vocabulary, thesaurus, classification, mapping and ontology software and services not referenced in Leonard Will's original listing follows below. Additions, corrections or comments may be made to Eric Ziecker at (

    Name Apache Lucene
    Computer and operating system
    For individual project requirements go to

    Apache Lucene runs of Java 6 or greater. When using Java 7, be sure to install at least Update 1! With all Java versions it is strongly recommended to not use experimental -XX JVM options. It is also recommended to always use the latest update version of your Java VM, because bugs may affect Lucene. An overview of known JVM bugs can be found on

    Supplier name and address The Apache Software Foundation, 1901 Munsey Drive, Forest Hill, MD 21050-2747 U.S.A.
    Web site
    Fax +1-919-573-9199
    Apache Lucene Core
    Apache LuceneTM is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java. It is a technology suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search, especially cross-platform.
    LuceneTM Features
    Lucene offers powerful features through a simple API:
    Scalable, High-Performance Indexing
    ·       over 150GB/hour on modern hardware
    ·       small RAM requirements -- only 1MB heap
    ·       incremental indexing as fast as batch indexing
    ·       index size roughly 20-30% the size of text indexed
    Powerful, Accurate and Efficient Search Algorithms
    ·       ranked searching -- best results returned first
    ·       many powerful query types: phrase queries, wildcard queries, proximity queries, range queries and more
    ·       fielded searching (e.g. title, author, contents)
    ·       sorting by any field
    ·       multiple-index searching with merged results
    ·       allows simultaneous update and searching
    ·       flexible faceting, highlighting, joins and result grouping
    ·       fast, memory-efficient and typo-tolerant suggesters
    ·       pluggable ranking models, including the Vector Space Model and Okapi BM25
    ·       configurable storage engine (codecs)
    Cross-Platform Solution
    ·       Available as Open Source software under the Apache License which lets you use Lucene in both commercial and Open Source programs
    ·       100%-pure Java
    ·       Implementations in other programming languages available that are index-compatible
    The Apache Software Foundation
    The Apache Software Foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects. The Apache projects are defined by collaborative consensus based processes, an open, pragmatic software license and a desire to create high quality software that leads the way in its field. Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Apache PyLucene, Apache Open Relevance Project and their respective logos are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation. All other marks mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
    The Apache LuceneTM project develops open-source search software, including:
    ·       Lucene Core, our flagship sub-project, provides Java-based indexing and search technology, as well as spellchecking, hit highlighting and advanced analysis/tokenization capabilities.
    ·       SolrTM is a high performance search server built using Lucene Core, with XML/HTTP and JSON/Python/Ruby APIs, hit highlighting, faceted search, caching, replication, and a web admin interface.
    ·       Open Relevance Project is a subproject with the aim of collecting and distributing free materials for relevance testing and performance.
    ·       PyLucene is a Python port of the Core project.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Apache Lucene is an open source project available for free download.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-9
    Name Attivio (Active Intelligence Engine) AIE
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address
    Attivio Headquarters 275 Grove Street, Newton, MA 02466

    Offices outside the USA are located in the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, United Arab Emerites

    Web site
    Telephone +1 (857) 226-5040
    Fax +1-857-226-5072
    In addition to Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) powerful built-in functionality, which includes rule-based categorization, many of our customers have added the extra power of Attivio's Classification Engine to bring business efficiency and performance to higher levels.
    Attivio's Classification Engine automatically organizes documents in a set of categories or topics of your choice. Automated classification reduces costs and risks associated with compiling information for compliance, legal discovery or operational purposes, and bi-directional workflows boost business process automation.
    Key Attivio AIE information enrichment capabilities include:
    Linguistics built into AIE, available in 22 languages, provide sophisticated text analytics and high-speed keyword searching across all textual information. Linguistics include tokenization, stemming, lemmatization, part of speech tagging, de-compounding and many other features.
    Text Extraction using advanced text and document format extraction (600+ file types).
    Entity Extraction and Normalization. AIE analyzes incoming text-based content for entities (people, places, etc.) that should be indexed and/or extracted as additional metadata. Entity extraction can be dictionary-, pattern- or statistically-based. AIE also normalizes extracted entities to ensure data quality and consistent identification despite variances in how entities appear within source text.
    Key Phrase Extraction identifies unique and interesting key phrases in text, as well as entities and key concepts. Because this technology is built on a language model, no “re-training” is required to detect new topics and concepts.
    Optional sentiment analysis of content, both at a document level and entity level, transforms social media, e-mail, chat logs, call notes, etc. into quanti-fiable indicators of positive or negative feelings that can be used for trend analysis, charts, etc.
    Optional content classification automatically assigns a select category, or hierarchy of categories, per incoming document.
    Optional behavioral analytics add the ability to automatically recommend highly relevant content based on metadata, analysis of historical user or entity behavior, and actions taken by others.
    Optional ontology support adds the ability to automatically ingest your ontology and use its classes, attributes, terms, etc. when ingesting and indexing information. Supports such ontology formats as OWL, RDFS, Smartlogic, zThes and more.
    Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) is the first unified information access technology specifically designed to be embedded in business applications. With innovative features such as indexing and retrieving all types of data, content and media, simple integration, true incremental scalability, and flexible workflow, Embedded AIE differentiates your product and enhances your users' experience and productivity.
    With Embedded AIE your product can take advantage of unified information access (UIA), which extends the utility of legacy search engines by aggregating access to both structured data and unstructured content and media in one universal index.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site and various datasheets.

    Price Request a quote.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-12 
    Name (Axceler) Metalogix
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Metalogix (formerly Axceler) Axceler Corporate Headquarters, 600 Unicorn Park Drive, Woburn, MA 01801
    Metalogix Headquarters, 5335 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Suite 510, Washington, D.C.,20015
    Web site
    E-mail or 
    Telephone 1-866-499-7092 or 781-995-0063 Metalogix at U.S. 1-202-609-9100
    Fax 781-287-3150
    SharePoint Products:
    ·                     Content Matrix
    ·                     StoragePoint

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price $10,000-$12,000 USA annual support $2,000 (taxonomy tool e-mail)
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name Axcelerate Data Management
    Computer and operating system
    Supplier name and address Recommind Inc. (headquarters), 650 California Street San Francisco, CA 94108 (With additional offices in: United Kingdom, Germany and Australia)
    Web site
    Telephone +1 415 394 7899 - SALES + 1 888 415 7899 (US  +1 888 368 5201; UK +44 0800 680 0664; Germany +49 (0)2226 883 9330)
    Axcelerate Data Management utilizes the CORE platform to enable IT organizations to address a wide range of information governance problems including indexing diverse data repositories, accurate - automated categorization, content enrichment, policy management, and information analysis.
    ·                     Mitigate Organizational Risk - by ensuring regulatory data retention and data security requirements are met
    ·                     Reduce Litigation/Regulatory Costs - automatically organizing data into auto-generated, conceptually common categories
    ·                     Protect Company and Client Data - including personally identifiable information (PII) with access controls
    ·                     Implement Enterprise-Wide Information Governance Policies - by automatically categorizing data utilizing next generation technology and proven workflows per regulatory and business requirements
    ·                     Hypergraph is a way to discover patterns and relationships in digital information flows.
    When producing documents for litigation, responding to regulatory requests, or conducting internal investigations, organizations must investigate vast amounts of digital information in a compressed timeframe. Hypergraph delivers a powerful visual exploration and analysis capability into information flows to provide insights into critical relationships, behavioral patterns, and timeliness.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Request a quote.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-2 
    Name Bamboo Suites
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Bamboo Corporate Headquarters, 1893 Metro Center Drive, Suite 105, Reston, VA 20190
    Web site
    Telephone 1-877-226-2662 (toll free) or +1-703-964-2002
    Fax 1-703-481-6319 
    Get full administrator access without any of the risk. Change settings, add data, and
    even build out test sites, all at your leisure. Want to see how two parts work together?
    Add them to your environment and see for yourself. Make a mistake, or simply want a
    fresh start? No problem; we'll simply build you a new environment on the spot.
    No matter what flavor of SharePoint you're running, Bamboo can help you re-create it
    online. Simply select whether you'd like to test products in a 2010 or 2013 test
    environment, and you'll be ready to start testing our enormous library of 2010 or 2013-
    compatible products, pre-installed and available for immediate use from the Web Part
    If you'd like to see Bamboo products in their natural habitat, without having to
    configure anything, try the Toolkit Sandbox environments for Calendaring, Data
    Visualization, Alerting, and SharePoint lists. They're pre-configured and loaded with
    usable test data to enable viewing in minutes.

    - Extracted and edited from the website.

    3 pages of pricing options begins at
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name The Brain 7
    Computer and operating system Windows/Mac/Linux
    Supplier name and address The Brain Headquarters,11522 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90066
    Web site
    Telephone USA:888-652-7529 International: +1-310-751-5000
    This software is “the art of visual inquiry.” Mind mapping tools include:
    The Brain Free
    The Brain Pro
    The Brain Pro Combo
    ·         Get instant access to your group's files, ideas and projects
    ·         Use rich client authoring software (TheBrain) and sync your changes
    ·         Make connections to ideas and see key business strategy
    Get everyone up to speed and on the same page. Put ideas in the cloud. It’s a live organic knowledgebase, always there, accessible from anywhere.  Access your group’s brain from the conference room or any machine without installing any software. All online changes can be synced with your client software or you can simply work online.  Idea generation doesn’t need to stop when you are on the road. TeamBrain lets you work offline on your local computer.  You can still use TheBrain to update and store your data locally. When you’re back online just sync your local version or get the latest updates. When you work together in TeamBrain, your documents and ideas aren’t just sitting in an isolated folder - they’re connected.Synchronize Brains through The Brain's secure cloud services allow you to share thoughts and ideas in minutes.

    - Edited excerpts from the website.

    Certified students and faculty members can receive 20% off our standard prices. To
    qualify for this discount you must call 310-751-5000 or e-mail with
    proof to redeem your discount.
    The Brain Pro - $219.00(one time), The Brain Combo - $299.00 first year, renews at
    $159.00 (license and service), The Brain Pro Service - $15.00 per month billed
    annually at $180.00/yr.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name Clear Forest (Thomson Reuters)
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address 94 Derech Em-Hamoshavot, P.O. Box 3673, Kiryat Aryeh, Oren Building (Building 6) Petach Tikva 49527
    Web site,,
    Telephone +972 (3) 735 0000
    Fax +972 (3) 735 0001
    The Calais initiative seeks to help make all the world's content more accessible,
    interoperable and valuable via the automated generation of rich semantic metadata,
    the incorporation of user-defined metadata, the transportation of those metadata
    resources throughout the content ecosystem, and the extension of its capabilities by
    user-contributed components.
    Our OneCalais solutions use Natural Language Processing (NLP), text analytics and
    data mining technologies to derive meaning from unstructured information, including
    news articles, blog posts, research reports and more.
    How it works:
    OneCalais categorizes each piece of content using both IPTC news codes and
    'social tags.' (For instance, if a story compares the racing performance of Ferraris vs.
    Porsches, it will suggest auto racing, motorsport and sports cars.)
    It then identifies and tags the people, places, companies, facts and events in content,
    and returns those tags in the official W3C Semantic Web specification for metadata,
    Resource Description Framework (RDF).
    It also returns a unique document identifier that makes it easy to share content with
    others, as well as links to related assets in the Linking Open Data (LOD) cloud - a
    rapidly growing ecosystem of open data that includes Wikipedia, The CIA World Fact
    Book, GeoNames, BBC News, The New York Times and more.
    The latter aspect of OneCalais makes Thomson Reuters one of the first media
    companies to publish a set of data assets for public use, providing developers with
    open access to information on publicly traded companies, including company
    descriptions, stock tickers, management teams and more.
 is part of the Calais Initiative from Thomson Reuters.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-25
    Name conceptSearching Suite
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Concept Searching is headquartered in the U.S. with offices in the U.K., South America and Canada.
    Web site
    Telephone +1 703 531 8567
    The Missing Link in Semantic Metadata Generation, Auto-classification, and Taxonomy Management
    Concept Searching’s conceptual metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management tools are still unique in the industry. Using our Smart Content Framework™ converting unstructured content to knowledge assets leverages these assets to achieve business objectives. The technologies encompass the entire portfolio of unstructured information in on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments. Clients are using our intelligent metadata enabled solutions to improve search, records management, information security, migration, collaboration, and text analytics. Although platform agnostic, our Microsoft products are the only solutions that run natively in SharePoint and Office 365.
    Microsoft Integration
    Concept Searching has a strong Microsoft relationship and has achieved the Gold ISV status. Concept Searching is also a participant in the Microsoft Technology Adopter Program (TAP) for SharePoint.
    The Concept Searching Microsoft suite of products are fully integrated with SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Search products including the former FAST products, and Windows Server 2008 R1 FCI. The technologies run natively in all versions of  SharePoint 2010 organizations to take full advantage of the term store and managed metadata properties. The platform is available on-premise, cloud, or in hybrid environments.
    The products provide automatic semantic generation, automatic and manual classification, and the ability to semi-automate the building of new customer/industry taxonomies. Concept Searching after ten years still has innovative technology that hasn’t been replicated. The technologies deliver automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management. Concept Searching technologies are a unique, language independent technology and is the first content retrieval solution to integrate relevance ranking based on the Bayesian Inference Probabilistic Model and concept identification based on Shannon’s Information Theory.
    The technologies are SOA compliant and delivered as Web Parts. Due to the SOA compliance and Web Services architecture we also support applications developed on any platform. The API is based entirely on Web Services and all information is exchanged in XML. The taxonomy formats are based on Web Ontology Language (OWL). Since the server is stateless is also works with all failover and load balancing hardware and software.
    The Concept Searching product suite consists of the following products:
    ·                     conceptSearch
    ·                     conceptClassifier
    ·                     conceptClassifier for FAST for Internet Sites
    ·                     conceptTaxonomyManager
    ·                     conceptTaxonomyWorkflow
    ·                     conceptSQL
    Our clients have deployed the software to address a wide range of business issues including: increased accuracy of search results; records management; compliance; governance; enterprise metadata management; sensitive information identification and protection; and migration.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price From $37,000 USA
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-9
    Name  CorasWorks
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address CorasWorks Corporation Headquarters, 12007 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 285, Reston, VA 20191
    Web site
    Telephone Toll-Free: 1-866-580-3115 or General Corporate Contact Phone: 1-703-797-1881
    Fax Fax: 1-703-935-3217
    Notes CorasWorks is a global leader in business solutions and applications on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.
    v11 – Build and manage applications with point-and-click configuration.
    Project Portfolio Management – Manage the full project lifecycle - from proposal to project completion.
    Idea Management – Manage the full lifecycle of idea management.
    Professional Services – Shoulder-to-shoulder knowledge transfer.
    Training – Classroom and on-site training and distance learning.
    - Extracted and edited from the www site.
    Price Upon request. Go to
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name Coveo
    Computer and operating system
    Supplier name and address Research & Development Office, 3175 des Quatre-Bourgeois, Suite 200, Quebec City, QC, G1W 2K7, Canada
    Web site
    Telephone 1-800-635-5476 (US & Canada) 00 800 2673 7642 (International)
    Notes Advanced Enterprise Search (incorporates Espresso beta)

    Coveo's Advanced Enterprise Search is a revolutionary enterprise search solution that organizes and delivers your company’s information into actionable, on-demand knowledge for every worker and customer. Coveo's powerful unified indexing engine reaches, consolidates, and correlates all your company’s data and information sources, wherever they reside, securely. All the information in your SharePoint, ECM, databases, CRM, e-mail, communities, cloud content, and file servers is instantly accessible from one single hub.

    - Edited from the www site.

    Price Free trials available
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name dtSearch
    Computer and operating system APIs for C++, Java and .NET through current versions
    Native 64-bit and 32-bit Win / Linux APIs; .NET Spider API
    Supplier name and address dtSearch Corp.,  6852 Tulip Hill Terrace,  Bethesda, MD 20816
    Web site
    E-mail or or
    Telephone 1-800-IT-FINDS (1-800-483-4637) or local at 301-263-0731
    Fax 301-263-0781
    • The dtSearch product line can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet or Intranet site.
    • dtSearch products also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching, large document collections to Web sites or portable media.
    • Developers can embed dtSearch’s instant searching and file format support into their own applications.
    dtSearch document filters support a broad range of data
     • Supports MS Office through current versions (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), OpenOffice, ZIP, HTML, XML/XSL, PDF and many other formats
    • Supports Exchange, Outlook, Thunderbird and other popular e-mail types, including nested and ZIP attachments
     • Spider supports public and secure, static and dynamic (ASP.NET, SharePoint, CMS, PHP, etc.) web data
     • APIs for SQL-type data, including BLOB data
     • Highlights hits in all supported data types
    25+ full-text and fielded data search options
     • Federated searching
     • Special forensics search options
     • Advanced data classification objects

     - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-12 
    Name EMC Documentum
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address World Headquarters EMC Corporation, 176 South Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748 United States
    Web site
    E-mail Chat or e-mail at
    866-GET-EMC2 (866-438-3622)

    US Headquarters (508-435-1000)

    EMC2 provides solutions for:
    Solutions for Security, Content Management and Infrastructure Management include: ApplicationXtender (Integrate information and improve reports management with instant document capture and information management); Digital Asset Management (Streamline access and management of digital media such as videos, images, PowerPoint, and Flash); Documentum Connector for Microsoft SharePoint (Integrate enterprise content governance and process management into SharePoint team collaboration); Documentum D2 (Simplify your document lifecycle management and enhance your user experience); Documentum Interactive Delivery Services (IDS) (Automatically export content and metadata from EMC Documentum Content Server to a cached repository and effectively manage the web cache environment); Documentum Mobile (Get mobile access to your enterprise content management to browse rich media, participate in business processes, and collaborate while on the go); Documentum Platform (Organize, control, and access vital enterprise content); My Documentum (Empower information access through familiar applications to leverage enterprise content management services); SDL Tridion (Integrate content and metadata seamlessly with SDL Tridion and EMC Documentum Content Server for efficient web content publishing); Webtop (Gain quick access to information of all types and expose the full range of Documentum services)

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Request a quote.
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name Endeca (SEE Oracle)
    Computer and operating system
    Supplier name and address  
    Web site
    Oracle with Endeca plans to create a comprehensive technology platform to process, store, manage, search and analyze structured and unstructured information together enabling businesses to make stronger and more profitable decisions. The combination of Oracle ATG Commerce with Endeca's InFront web commerce solutions is expected to enhance cross-channel commerce, merchandising, and online customer experiences. Adding Endeca Latitude software to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBI EE) is expected to provide a single unified user interface for analysis of structured and unstructured data.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site

    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-1
    Name FreeMind
    Computer and operating system Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X via the Java Runtime Environment.
    Supplier name and address  
    Web site
    FreeMind is an Open Source Mind-Mapping Software. The user's manual is located at
    Apart from other things, this release of FreeMind features:
    ·                     Fully functional following of HTML links stored in the nodes, be it www links or links to local files.
    ·                     From very early versions, Freemind supports folding which is its essential property.
    ·                     Fast one-click navigation, including folding / unfolding on one click and following links on one click at the same time (you don't have to make choice between fast following of links and fast fold/unfold). You can move the map by dragging the map's background as well as using mouse wheel.
    ·                     Undo
    ·                     Smart Drag'n Drop, including the possibility to copy nodes or copy style of nodes; dragging and dropping of multiple selected nodes; dropping of texts or list of files from outside
    ·                     Smart copying and pasting into, including pasting of links from HTML or structuring the pasted content on the basis of the number of leading spaces in a line; pasting of lists of selected files
    ·                     Smart copying and pasting from, including plain text and RTF (MS Wordpad, MS Word, MS Outlook messages).
    ·                     Export of map to HTML, with folding (see example)
    ·                     Find facility, where found items are shown one by one as you do "find next", and the map is unfolded only for the current item.
    ·                     Possibility to use and edit long multiline nodes; even with newlines
    ·                     Possibility to decorate nodes with built-in icons, colors and different fonts.
    ·                     Low costs of risk of switching away to another mind mapping tool, because FreeMind stores maps in XML format. If you have a lot of maps created by FreeMind and you want to switch to another program, writing a conversion program should be easy, especially if that program features Visual Basic scripting facility. Christoph Rissner describes in his article at IICM site his implementation of data exchange between FreeMind and MindManager.
    ·                     File mode enables you to browse the files on your computer, seeing the folder structure as mind map.
    ·                     See more details in Freemind development tree
    Weak spots include:
    ·                     The support of pictures in nodes is in preliminary stage. When you want to carry a map around with you, you have to take care that you take the image files with you.
    ·                     FreeMind is basically one user application. Although users can in principle work on the same map, there is only preliminary locking mechanism to prevent conflicts, at the time, switched off by default.
    ·                     In rare cases, following of HTML links in the web browser does not work on some computers; the same holds for opening local files.
    ·                     Limited support for fancy graphics.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site and User's Guide.

    Price Open Source and downloadable at or
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site and Freemind User Guide (Version 0.8.0) By Shailaja Kumar; 2013-10-15
    Name Google Site Search 
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
    Web site
    Telephone 855-720-6978 or +1 650 253 0000
    Fax +1 650 253 0001
    Google Site Search enhances your website using the same search index technology that powers, delivering the same blazing fast results.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    $100 - 20,000 search queries /yr; $250 - (Blogs, personal sites)  50,000 search queries /yr; $750 - (Small business)  150,000 search queries /yr; $2,000 - 500,000 search queries /yr

    Get in touch for pricing for 1,000,000+ search queries /yr

    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-9 
    Name HP Autonomy
    Computer and operating system
    Filtering support for all major platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS
    Supplier name and address
    HP Software Headquarters, HP Autonomy, 1140 Enterprise Way, Building G, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1412

    HP Autonomy has offices spanning North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. If you do not see an office close to your location, please contact us via

    Web site
    Telephone See for current telephone listings and offices
    Now includes Interwoven and Verity
    HP Universal Search is described as highly advanced, context-aware search software.  Organizations can search data across the entire enterprise and produce results that are conceptually and contextually relevant. Built on HP’s IDOL platform. Universal Search goes far beyond simple search to provide you with automatic categorization, automatic hyperlinking, faceted navigation, as well as audio and video search.
    Product Features include:
    Automatic classification and categorization: Use a range of categorization tools to suit your unique needs, including the ability to automatically generate taxonomies present within a body of content.
    Automatic content extraction: Identify and extract entities such as names, citations, jurisdictions, and locations directly from the text of a pleading or filing.
    Best practice management: Use our Knowledge Management solution to add personal tags and create individual best-practice document collections.
    Expertise location: Build communities of subject matter or industry experts by automatically clustering content contributors and resources into related groups.
    ·         Search & Retrieval
    ·         Sentiment
    ·         Keyword & Boolean Search
    ·         Conceptual Search
    ·         Directed Navigation
    ·         Automatic Hyperlinking
    ·         Automatic Query Guidance
    ·         Real-Time Predictive Query
    ·         Idea Clustering
    ·         Automatic Categorization
    ·         Personalization
    ·         Eduction
    ·         Other Advanced Capabilities
    •  File filtering and transformation support for over 1,000 file formats, including audio, video, structured and unstructured files
    • Full capture of text, metadata, and other content
    • High-fidelity and non-native viewing, printing, and highlighting capabilities
    • Simultaneous conversion of multiple documents with both in-process and out-of-process
    • Automatic detection of file types without relying on filename extensions
    • Eliminate the need for developers to stay current with native applications’ releases
    • Filtering support for all major platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS
    • Proprietary technology for greater reliability and support
    Access information in virtually any repository:
    ·         Alfresco Connector
    ·         Confluence Connector
    ·         Documentum Connector
    ·         Ektron Connector
    ·         Enterprise Vault Connector
    ·         eRoom Connector
    ·         Exchange Connector
    ·         FileNet P8 Connector
    ·         FileSystem Connector
    ·         FTP Connector
    ·         Hadoop Connector
    ·         IBM Seedlist Connector
    ·         IMAP Connector
    ·         KVS Connector
    ·         LiveLink Connector
    ·         Lync Server Archiving Connector
    ·         Lync Server Group Chat Connector
    ·         Notes Connector
    ·         Objective WebTalk Connector
    ·         OCS Connector
    ·         ODBC Connector
    ·         Oracle Connector
    ·         Oracle UCM Connector
    ·         PLC Connector
    ·         POP3 Connector
    ·         ProjectWise Connector
    ·         RSS Connector
    ·         Salesforce Connector
    ·         SharePoint 2007 Connector
    ·         SharePoint 2010 Connector
    ·         Social Media Feed Connector [Supports Facebook, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Twitter]
    ·         Sybase Connector
    ·         Vignette Connector
    ·         WebDAV Connector

    Weibo Connector

    Price Request a quote.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-19.
    Name IBM
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address IBM Corporation, 1 New Orchard Road, Armonk, New York 10504-1722 United States
    Web site
    Telephone 800-IBM-4YOU (800-426-4968) or Headquarters 914-499-1900  For large enterprise, government and education customers 888-839-9289
    IBMOmniFind, InfoSphere, Cognos, and Intelligent Miner
    OmniFind capabilities are now included with Content Analytics with Enterprise Search. Content Analytics with Enterprise Search has enhanced enterprise search capabilities including integration with InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition for seamless use in Big Data use cases.
    The InfoSphere Platform provides all the foundational building blocks of trusted information, including data integration, data warehousing, master data management, big data and information governance.
    The platform provides an enterprise-class foundation for information-intensive projects, providing the performance, scalability, reliability and acceleration needed to simplify difficult challenges and deliver trusted information faster.
    From business intelligence to financial performance and strategy management to analytics applications, Cognos software can provide what your organization needs to become top-performing and analytics-driven. With products for the individual, workgroup, department, midsize business and large enterprise, Cognos software is designed to help everyone in your organization make the decisions that achieve better business outcomes.
    DB2 Universal Database Version 8 is going out of support as of April 30, 2009. More details are available here:
    DB2(R) Intelligent Miner(TM), Version 8.2 is a set of the following products:
    ·                     Intelligent Miner Modeling
    ·                     Intelligent Miner Scoring
    ·                     Intelligent Miner Visualization
    These products provide rapid enablement of Intelligent Miner analytics that are embedded in Business Intelligence (BI), eCommerce, or traditional Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) application programs.
    You can view the Intelligent Miner library at
    In addition to the set of Intelligent Miner products, you can download for free the following features for Intelligent Miner on AlphaWorks at
    ·                     WebSphere(R) Studio Plug-in for DB2 Intelligent Miner
    ·                     Intelligent Miner Add-in for Microsoft(R) Excel
    DB2 Intelligent Miner Modeling
    Intelligent Miner Modeling provides Intelligent Miner Modeling technology as DB2 extenders. It enables SQL application programs (SQL API) to call Associations discovery, Clustering, Classification, and Transform Regression operations to develop analytic models based on data accessed by DB2 Universal Database(TM) Version 8.2 or Version 8 SQL. Using the SQL API, you can build Associations, Distribution-based Clustering, Tree Classification, and Transform Regression PMML models that are stored in DB2 tables. They can be visualized by Intelligent Miner Visualization or scored byIntelligent Miner Scoring.
    DB2 Intelligent Miner Scoring
    Intelligent Miner Scoring provides scoring technology as DB2 extenders. It enables application programs to apply Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) models to large databases, subsets of databases, or single rows or cases. Application programs use the SQL API, which consists of user-defined functions (UDFs) and user-defined methods (UDMs), to perform the scoring operation. The PMML models might have been created by one of the Intelligent Miner products or by other applications and tools that support PMML models.
    Mining models that are applied by the SQL API of Intelligent Miner Scoring must be contained in database tables.
    Intelligent Miner Scoring includes Intelligent Miner Scoring Java Beans, which enables you to score a single data record in a Java(TM) application given a PMML model. This can be used to integrate scoring in e-business applications, for example, for real-time scoring in customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
    DB2 Intelligent Miner Visualization
    Intelligent Miner Visualization provides the following Java visualizers to present data modeling results for analysis:
    ·                     Associations Visualizer
    ·                     Classification Visualizer
    ·                     Clustering Visualizer
    ·                     Regression Visualizer

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Request a quote.
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name IKAN
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address iKAN Software, 2211 Rayford Road, Suite 111-243, Spring, Texas 77386
    Web site
    Telephone 713-426-4526
    Capture, Process, Route, Link
    The iKAN solution can be adapted to support most any environment. Based on a Capture – Process – Route formula, iKAN offers either an end-to-end capability or select modules to suit customized requirements. In addition, iKAN Link puts the full power of the Virtual Document Center at your fingertips. With Link, you can perform many of the steps in the Capture – Process – Route flow from most any business application currently in use.
    The Process function is where all of the automation functions are performed on a document based on its pre-determined profile. This is done on a server using the iKAN Virtual Document Center server software, either in the Cloud or on your servers. By adhering to standardized rules, corporate governance is enforced and filing errors are minimized. Documents are processed the same way every time, automatically. New processes can also be defined and added to the structure as business requirements evolve.
    The Route function of the iKAN Virtual Document Center is the step whereby documents are moved either to an intermediary or external system for additional steps to be performed, or to a final storage location to be managed. The route logic is built into the iKAN Virtual Document Center, so the process is automatic.
    If no existing document repository exists in the organization, the iKAN Virtual Document Center includes the full capability to store and manage the processed documents. Users only have to log into the Virtual Document Center in order to search or browse for their documents, print or e-mail documents, etc. Documents are available for check out-check in, and the system has full security, audit trail and version control capabilities.
    The iKAN Virtual Document Center also integrates with leading document storage providers, both in the Cloud and to on-premise systems. These solutions include Box, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet, and others.
    iKAN’s Process capabilities are organized around several key functions:
    ·                     Image/Document Quality – Performing cleanup functions on documents to ensure optimal readability and size.
    ·                     Document Identification – Employing techniques such as indexing, processing barcodes or performing lookups to find document properties.
    ·                     Document Lifecycle - Moving documents through their life cycle, from active to archive, and finally to purge in accordance with their defined lifecycle.
    ·                     Third Party Integration Tools – Using complimentary, third party software tools that have been integrate by iKAN into the Virtual Document Center solution. Prominent among these are optical character recognition (OCR) from ABBYY Software and digital signature capability from EcoSign Corporation.
    Index Adapter Provides the interface and technique for indexing a document so it can be retrieved using keywords.
    Source Data Lookup Adapter Looks up a given data value in another system in order to obtain associated metadata to complete an image index.
    ABBYY OCR Adapter Integration of OCR technology for full text index extraction, built around the ABBYY OCR technology.
    Digital Signature Adapter – Ability to apply a digital signature to a document.
    OCR Adapter Ability to convert scanned images into raw text data which can be stored in PDF document format
    Active Directory Sync Adapter Allows users to inherit the same login ID and password as their Active Directory credentials.
    Archive Adapter Allows an administrator to create a separate list of documents, usually by date, for archive purposes.
    Purge Adapter Allows an administrator to create a list of documents that are eligible for purge (complete removal/deletion) from system, usually by date and document type.
    iKAN Link is a tool that gives users a simple, direct means for finding and displaying images in their system from any available application. You can perform basic functions such as scanning a document, looking up a document, or printing a barcode label, all without having to leave the native application in use. This process saves time and simplifies work, all without custom programming or expensive setup.
    The key advantage to Link is that users don’t have to log into the iKAN Virtual Document Center or other application where the image is physically stored. Link acts as a front end, allowing you to interact with the document storage layer. This means you don’t waste time loading and exiting applications whenever you need to search for or scan a document. This makes using the system and finding documents more intuitive for users, and greatly reduces start up and training time.
    The iKAN Virtual Document Center is a processing engine that takes in documents from a capture process, acts upon them based on a set of predetermined rules, and routes them to a specified destination. By handling this task centrally, the organization enforces the process rules and greatly improves efficiency.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Request a quote.
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name Infowise
    Computer and operating system SharePoint 2010 & 2013
    Supplier name and address Infowise, 1920 Yonge Street, Suite 200, Toronto, ON, M4S 3E2, Canada
    Web site
    Telephone 416-572-7755
    Fax 416-572-7501
    Smart List Pro (Tab, column and view permissions for SharePoint lists) (Smart List Lite – free version of Smart List Pro)
    Smart Action Pro (Save on development time by automating advanced business solutions using just your browser)
    Smart Alert Pro (Define precisely what you want to be notified of and when, without flooding your inbox with useless messages)
    Enterprise Capacity Solution (Provides security-trimmed cross-site collection navigation, permission and master page inheritance and transparent site collection creation, so you can let your users browse and manage multiple site collections seamlessly.)
    Associated Tasks Field (Assign related tasks, items and documents and manage their lifecycles, and all that from within the parent item itself. No more clicking through pages to view workflow task status.)
    Connected Field (Create cascading master-detail relationships between lookup columns in SharePoint lists and document libraries.)
    Smart Print Pro (Your SharePoint lists and items can now be printed, converted to PDF or e-mailed with just one click.)
    Smart Import Pro (Set up automatic import of e-mails and database items into any SharePoint list or library to generate or update list items or documents.)
    Smart List Mobile (mobile app)
    Electronic Signatures Field (standards-compliant e-signatures)
    LOB Item Link Field (database lookup in browser)
    Event Calendar Plus (calendar helper)

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Free 30 day trials available on most products.
    Smart List Pro ($1,000 one-time purchase); Smart List Lite – (free version of Smart List Pro); Smart Action Pro ($1,500 one-time purchase);  Smart Alert Pro ($1,000 one-time purchase); Enterprise Capacity Solution ($2,200 one-time purchase); Associated Tasks Field ($700 one-time purchase); Connected Field ($139 one-time purchase); Smart Print Pro ($700 one-time purchase); Smart Import Pro ($850 one-time purchase); Smart List Mobile ($700 one-time purchase); Electronic Signatures Field ($600 one-time purchase); LOB Item Link Field ($300 one-time purchase); Event Calendar Plus ($600 one-time purchase)

    The products are priced by front-end server. You need a separate license key for each front-end server. Application servers, web servers and/or mail servers do not require a license as long as they do not function as font-end web servers as well.

    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name InMagic
    Computer and operating system
    Supplier name and address Inmagic Coporate Headquarters, 600 Unicorn Park Drive,  Woburn, MA 01801 USA
    Web site
    Telephone 1-800-229-8398 or 781-938-4444
    Fax 781-938-4446
    Inmagic’s core development philosophy is based on industry standards that are easily integrated and extensible over time. Our applications are based on Microsoft® SQL™ Server and .NET technology and fully utilize XML and Web services. This enables our applications to complement our customers’ existing repositories and integrate with existing applications or processes.
    Integrating powerful Enterprise 2.0, Inmagic Presto features and capabilities with rich information access and management to create the most comprehensive enterprise-ready SKN applications on the market:
    •360-degree view of and access to internal and external, structured and unstructured information: Improves business user productivity, decision-making, and collaboration
    •Content-centric resource expertise: Enables diverse content to be published, acted upon and socialized, and subject matter experts to be easily identified
    •Flexibility in page layout, information structure and display, user privileges: Increases business user control while IT staff is relieved of the support burden
    •Information can reside in multiple nodes and multiple taxonomies: Enables intuitive information discovery to drive productivity
    •Aggregation from and automatic synchronization with corporate repositories: Breaks down information silos making content more accessible
    •Integrated content rating, tagging, blogs: Provides alternative, community-driven classification systems to speed information discovery and enrich content and insight
    •Search Presto from within SharePoint Team Sites: Leverages SharePoint infrastructure and content
    Inmagic Presto is a knowledge management platform that helps organizations capture, access and distribute information to improve effectiveness. Inmagic Presto’s fully Web-based platform enables clients to:
    1.Consolidate heterogeneous information;
    2.Search both internal as well as external information; and
    3.Proactively publish top-down vetted information while also leveraging the “wisdom of the community” to enhance corporate knowledge via bottom-up social capabilities.
    The result is a powerful platform capable of addressing an organization’s most important knowledge and information management needs. Inmagic Presto can also be integrated with any Lucidea LMS to create Inmagic Presto Social Library, which enables customers to fully maximize knowledge assets, making them available for easy access, discovery and “socialization.”
    Inmagic DB/TextWorks is a Windows product that combines the best of both worlds: a database management system and a text retrieval system. Inmagic DB/Text WebPublisher PRO is an add-on product to Inmagic DB/TextWorks that allows customers to deploy, publish and maintain textbases on the Web quickly and easily.
    Inmagic Genie is a Web-based LMS designed to meet the changing needs of information centers that must manage and provide effective access to both traditional and non-traditional library materials. It is well-suited to both single-site libraries and multi-site libraries needing a single catalog covering multiple collections.
    Inmagic is a brand of Lucidea. The Inmagic product line is a leader in developing and implementing Social Knowledge Networks for enterprise organizations. Inmagic products help business users break down information silos and create true knowledge-based communities to improve productivity and collaboration and support strategic transformation initiatives such as knowledge retention and preservation, innovation, and brand/community development.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Request a quote.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-12
    Name Inxight SAP Data Services
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address  
    Web site
    Telephone +1-877-727-1127, ext. 11001
    Leverage an agile, reliable data foundation to move, govern, improve, and unlock value from your enterprise information.
    ·       Access relevant information regardless of data type, data domain, or data source
    ·       Improve data quality for more effective decision making and business operations
    ·       Save time and money with a single solution for complete and accurate information
    Leverage a single, trusted view of your data by accessing and integrating structured and unstructured data from sources across your enterprise.
    ·       Extract, transform, and load data into a data warehouse to create a complete view
    ·       Access data from Hadoop to combine unstructured and structured data for increased insight
    ·       Unlock meaning from unstructured documents with native text data processing

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Free trials available for many products.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-25
    Name iQuest Analytics
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address iQuest Analytics, Inc. 18 Maple Avenue, Suite #252, Barrington, RI 02806
    Web site
    Telephone 401-787-0819
    Fax 401-421-1143
    iQuest Discovery is a next generation eSRD software solution. iQuest Discovery utilizes a revolutionary technology architecture based on combined proprietary dynamic data structure innovations, NLP, and "parts of speech" to deliver optimized, efficient and relevant search results. This combination enables lightning fast performance and significantly lower cost of ownership.
    iQuest Discovery has the unique and demonstrated ability to analyze unrelated collections of documents to automatically surface patterns and associations by clustering previously unconnected documents, blogs, RSS feeds, e-mail, etc. iQuest enables users to take action and make critical decisions in real-time.

    iQuest’s innovative Discovery solution enables knowledge workers to take advantage of, deeply research, and find intuitive and non- intuitive relationships within a vast amount of internal and external data and information sources.

    By capturing and surfacing term and concept relationships (as opposed to keywords) knowledge workers can, for example, find all the available information relating to a subject and travel pathways of discovery, all without requiring huge indexes, periodic re-indexing, on-going ontology maintenance and cumbersome ranked document list output.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Pricing upon request.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-9
    Name Layer2
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Layer 2 GmbH, Eiffestr. 664 B, D-20537 Hamburg, Germany
    Web site
    Telephone +49 (0) 40 - 28 41 12 30 Please note that the 011 exit code must be dialed first for all international calls made from the USA , Canada and Australia.
    Fax +49 (0) 40 - 28 41 12 16 Please note that the 011 exit code must be dialed first for all international calls made from the USA , Canada and Australia.
    Organizations are slowly waking up to the enormous value that enterprise social knowledge networking can unlock. With the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013 Collaborative Knowledge Management (CKM) becomes an approach to enable organizational intelligence in the enterprise. Taxonomy is the key: Managed Metadata can drive navigation, discovery and search, relation, and re-usability of content. Managed Metadata provides a common vocabulary for corporate language and can connect people to social networks.
    While Microsoft has provided a state of the art API-based backend solution for knowledge management and search with SharePoint, the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint is focused on term set life-cycle management, content classification, knowledge browsing, navigation and search-driven content discovery.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    From $10,300 USA $1,900 per server

    Free shareware version (taxonomy tool e-mail) 

    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name Lexaurus Bank & Lexaurus Editor
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Knowledge Integration Ltd. 35 Paradise Street, Sheffield, S3 8PZ UK
    Web site
    Telephone +44 (0) 114 273 8271
    ·                     Lexaurus: For edit tools and web based vocabulary bank see
    ·                     Lexaurus Bank version 5 was released in December 2011. It is a powerful terminology management system for publishing term or concept based vocabularies, concept schemes, data definitions, taxonomies and thesauri.
    It facilitates the import, export and cross-mapping of terminology structures in a variety of formats currently supporting SKOS, VDEX (token and nested), XVD, ESD Toolkit, Zthes,i2b2 (ontology and concept) and Snomed.
    Lexaurus Bank can also synchronise with one or more Lexaurus Editors to provide collaborative editing of terminology information, including multiple users working on the same structure.
    It is completely multilingual both in terms of the data it contains and the user interface for the application.
    Unlike most terminology systems currently available, Lexaurus Bank maintains a full and complete history of all terms, concepts and terminology structures. This is not simply an audit trail, but provides API level access to every terminology structure at every stage in its development, together with when and who made each change.
    This information is available as both a complete terminology structure for each change, or as a delta which just exposes the differences between any 2 revisions (not just the last changes).
    ·                     Lexaurus Bank has been tested to a level of 10 million terms or concepts.
    ·                     Vocabulary Management Group Ltd
    ·                     Knowledge Integration Ltd (K-Int) and Schemeta Ltd are pleased to announce that K-Int has taken full control of Vocabulary Management Group Ltd (Vocman) after acquiring the shares previously held by Schemeta. The full range of Vocman products and services will be integrated into K-Int's existing structure. Mike Collett of Schemeta will remain closely involved with the Lexaurus product set as an integral part of the K-Int team.
    ·                     Merging the development and support of Lexaurus with K-Int's existing activities provides an excellent opportunity to exploit synergies with K-Int products such as Open Data Aggregator (ODA) and Collections Information Integration Middleware (CIIM).  It will also allow K-Int to leverage R&D funding already secured to accelerate the integration of the products.
    ·                     There are no immediate plans to change Lexaurus licensing and pricing arrangements. Continuity of service for existing customers is guaranteed as all Vocman's support and hosting was already managed by K-Int on a subcontractor basis. All existing Vocman e-mail addresses will continue to function and all managed services will continue to be hosted on the domain. The only difference that customer should notice is that their next invoice (be that for renewal of a managed service, support, software or services) will come from K-Int rather than Vocman.

    Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Both Open Source and Commercial Licensing Available
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name Luxid
    Computer and operating system
    Supplier name and address
    Temis USA, 295 Madison Avenue - 45th Floor, New York, NY 10017, USA

    Offices also in Canada, Italy, Germany, France

    Web site
    Telephone +1 646 392 7710
    Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform
    Based on patented and award-winning natural language processing technology, Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform brings long-awaited answers to the challenge of structuring, managing and exploiting unstructured content. Luxid® is a powerful and scalable solution that recognizes and extracts relevant items of information hidden in plain text. Stored as metadata, these items intimately reveal the nature of your informational assets and help boost the efficiency and scalability of all processes involving the management, distribution, access and analysis of large amounts of textual content.
    Platform Components Include
    Luxid® Annotation Factory
    The flagship natural language processing pipeline that extracts structured information from unstructured documents by recognizing the key topics, entities and relations mentioned in text. Built as a robust and scalable platform, Luxid® Annotation Factory embeds syntactical, statistical, taxonomy-based and machine-learning driven information extraction engines and supports 20 languages, enabling it to power high-throughput information extraction applications across a wide range of use cases and geographies.
    Luxid® Skill Cartridge® Library
    Skill Cartridges® are the specialized modules that focus the information extraction mechanics provided by Luxid® Annotation Factory on domain- or use-case specific entities or relations. Luxid® Skill Cartridge® Library is a range of off-the shelf Skill Cartridges® that address areas of recurring interest such as people names, locations, corporate information and relationships, news categorization, biology, medicine, chemistry, homeland security, and others. Skill Cartridges® can be easily customized and/or developed from scratch with Luxid® Content Enrichment Studio.
    Luxid® Content Enrichment Studio
    Luxid® Content Enrichment Studio is a suite of four development tools that enable Luxid® licensees to create new Skill Cartridges®, to customize and extend existing ones, and to track and optimize quality and performance. The four tools are Knowledge Editor, Skill Cartridge® Builder, Category Workbench and Annotation Workbench.
    Applications in: Publishing
    Are you a content or information provider? Semantically enriching your content is a strategic enabler that will help you to make your editorial workflows more efficient, and to package and deliver relevant and differentiated products to your audience.
    ·         Make your content more compelling
    ·         Develop innovative products
    ·         Boost Editorial productivity
    Applications in: Content Management
    Do you manage Enterprise content? By enriching your ECM with domain-specific metadata, you can minimize manual contribution efforts as well as intelligently archive, manage, share, discover and analyze increasing volumes of information.
    ·         Add structure to your content
    ·         Manage content hypergrowth
    ·         Exploit content and the data it contains

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Request a quote.
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name MarkLogic
    Computer and operating system
    Supplier name and address
    MarkLogic Corporation — Headquarters, 999 Skyway Road, Suite 200,  San Carlos, CA, 94070

    Web site
    Telephone +1 877 992 8885 or +1 650 655 2300
    +1 650 655 2310
    Notes MarkLogic Search:
    Access all your data and content without having to define searches up front.
    Flexibly adapt as data changes and new data is added.
    Search on information in real-time with zero search indexing latency.
    Integrated search features including full language support and geospatial search.
    Remove infrastructure complexity with a single infrastructure for multiple applications.
    Eliminate the complexity of synchronizing search engines to database with search as part of the Enterprise NoSQL database.
    Provide interactive, real-time visualization interfaces.
    Comprehensive Full-text Query
    To ensure even the largest organizations can find exactly what they’re looking for,MarkLogic provides search and retrieval of documents or parts of documents with enterprise-class, full-text query. The capabilities include word and phrase, stemming, Boolean, wildcards, case sensitivity, punctuation sensitivity, diacritic sensitivity, and weighting.
    Results That Are Relevant: Document-level relevance boosting to support “page ranking” ensures the most relevant results. Options for relevance algorithms include term frequency/inverse document frequency, term frequency only, and simple term match. 
Results can be ordered by relevance or content metadata (in string, numerical, or date/time formats). Proximity boosting ensures that terms found close to each other are scored higher than terms found farther apart.
    Highlighted Matches For Ease: Scanning for search terms in document results is no longer necessary because text snippets that match the query are highlighted for ease of discovery. This is typically used for results lists, but also can be used as a search and replace function.
    Global Language Support: Basic language support for more than 200 languages is included in MarkLogic. Advanced language support includes stemming, tokenization, and collation rules for 14 languages to enable more precise, language-specific search.
    Optimized Search Development: Developers can take advantage of the Search API that supports popular functionality such as automatic query text parsing, constrained, faceted navigation, snippeting, and search term completion.
    Lexicon, Custom Dictionary, and Thesaurus: Easily build lexicons for all words in the database, support custom dictionaries that affect stemming behavior, customize a thesaurus to suggest synonyms by user or user group, and search on distinctive terms to ensure you get the best results.
    Range Queries For Speed: Ensure high-speed lookups of values in elements using range indexes. This enables fast range querying and popular search functionality such as faceted navigation and term auto-suggestion.
    Search Security: Search results will return only the records that end-users are authorized to see. If permissions are updated on documents, those updates are reflected automatically and immediately in the indexes and in subsequent searches.
    Location Awareness in Content: In many industries, location data is an important aspect of information search. By combining geographic data and content such as text, imagery, and video, users can more easily analyze, exploit or assimilate information. By narrowing the scope, this combined analysis leads to greater accuracy, new knowledge, and better decisions.
    Geographic Boundaries to Filter Data: Users may need to know which regions are completely within the boundaries of a specified containment region. Polygon intersection and region intersection filters let users identify which geographic areas touch, or intersect another specified area. The containment region is often a polygon specified by a series of vertices, but also can be a circle or a box.
    Be the First to Know With Alerts: In order to ensure the right people are alerted to critical information in real-time, the real-time alerting framework for efficient reverse queries applies a large set of saved queries to incoming documents in an optimized way. Alerting enables capabilities such as instant delivery of newly discovered information and automatic categorization.
    As the only Enterprise NoSQL database with built-in search, MarkLogic enables organizations to create search and discovery applications that access all their data and content – giving users the insight and information they need.
    Price Request a quote.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-12
    Name MetaVis
    Computer and operating system Migration Suite supports Office 365, SharePoint 2013, all previous versions of SharePoint, hosted or on-premises. Available for both Windows and Mac OS X.
    Supplier name and address MetaVis Technologies Corporate Offices, 256 Eagleview Blvd, Suite 258, Exton, PA 19341
    Web site
    +1 (610) 717-0413

    +44 (0) 203 519 1031 (EU/UK)

    Fax (267) 295-1256
    Taxonomy Manager (includes Migrator and Classifier)
    Whether you use SharePoint on premises or in the cloud (Office 365 or otherwise), having the right tools helps you manage it more efficiently. MetaVis has the tools to help.  Our agentless solutions get you up and running in 5 minutes, allowing you to:
    Migrate, classify and recorganize your content, quickly and easily
    Manage SharePoint taxonomies, changes across SharePoint environments, security and backups
    Provide SharePoint end-users with the power to bulk upload, tag, and classify content

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    From $10,300 USA $1,900 per server (taxonomy tool e-mail)
    $18,000 per server per year

    Download free trials

    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name Mindbreeze (Fabasoft) InApp
    Computer and operating system Linux & Windows
    Supplier name and address Mindbreeze GmbH, Honauerstraße 4,  4020 Linz, Austria
    Web site &
    Telephone +43 732 606162-0
    Fax +43 732 606162-609
    (Fabasoft) Mindbreeze InApp saves you from having to develop a highly scalable search for structured and unstructured data. Software manufacturers, integrators and developers can benefit equally from this product know-how.
    Mindbreeze InApp is platform-independent and runs under both Linux and Windows. It can be integrated in applications using any of the programming languages Java, C# or C++. Open interfaces and multiple configuration options leave room for adapting to individual requirements.
    Mindbreeze provides internationally awarded search technology which has been tried and tested by many users and can be simply integrated into any application. The download package includes the proven architecture, the high-performance index, the filter as well as the Mindbreeze web client and the Mindbreeze embedded client along with the SDK and the associated Eclipse project.
    - Extracted and edited from the www site.
    InSite 500
    Pages: Up to 500
    Search queries/year: 25,000
    Price per month: €39.90 *
    InSite 2500
    Pages: Up to 2,500
    Search queries/year: 150,000
    Price per month: €149.90 *
    InSite 10000
    Pages: Up to 10,000
    Search queries/year: 500,000
    Price per month: €399.00 *
    Contact our sales department for your individual offer.

    * Starting at

    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name Mindmanager, Mindjet, MindMap
    Computer and operating system
    MindManager 14 - Microsoft® Windows® 8 32-bit and 64-bit* Microsoft® Windows® 7 32-bit and 64-bit* (includes Service Pack 1 released in Feb, 2011)Microsoft Windows XP SP3 32-bit
    ·                     Mindjet 11 for Windows - Microsoft® Windows® 8 32-bit and 64-bit*
    ·                     Microsoft® Windows® 7 32-bit and 64-bit* (includes Service Pack 1 released in Feb, 2011)
    ·                     Microsoft Windows XP SP3 32-bit
    MindManager 2012 Windows version
    Supported Operating Systems:
    ·                     Microsoft® Windows® 7 32-bit and 64-bit* (includes Service Pack 1 released in Feb, 2011)
    ·                     Microsoft Windows Vista® SP2 32-bit
    ·                     Microsoft Windows XP SP3 32-bit
    Large Scale Deployments:
    Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.5 and above (e.g. 5.0)
    ·                     Citrix XenApp Version 6
    ·                     Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit and later
    ·                     Microsoft Windows Server® 2003 32-bit
    Mindjet Web Requirements
    ·                     Adobe® Flash® Player (10 or above)
    If using Microsoft® Windows® 7 or Windows XP, the following browsers are supported:
    ·                     Google® Chrome™ 16.0 or greater
    ·                     Mozilla® Firefox® 9.0 or greater
    ·                     Microsoft Internet Explorer® 8.0 or greater
    MindManager for SharePoint
    Supported Operating Systems:
    ·                     Microsoft® Windows® 7 32-bit and 64-bit
    ·                     Microsoft Windows Vista® 32-bit
    ·                     Microsoft Windows XP SP3 32-bit
    ·                     Microsoft Windows Server® 2003 32-bit
    ·                     Microsoft Systems Management Server using Windows Server 2003 32-bit

    Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.5

    Supplier name and address Mindjet Worldwide Corporate Headquarters, 1160 Battery Street East, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111 USA (For a complete list of resellers, go to
    Web site
    E-mail (North America)
    Telephone 1 (415) 229-4200
    Mindjet provides tools to graphically represent taxonomy. With Mindjet business software you can visually organize your documents so the team can access assets from anywhere, anytime. Attach documents to tasks, mind maps, and organize them in a visual library. Version control makes sure you are only sharing the right stuff, and easy security settings assure you are only sharing with the right people.
    Mindjet works with your current tools. Import from Microsoft Word and Project. Export to Word, Project, PowerPoint, SWF, PDF, image or web pages. MindManager for Windows also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint (when used with MindManager Server).
    - Extracted and edited from the www site.
    Price Trial subscription available
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name Mondeca ITM T3 (Intelligent Topic Manager)
    Computer and operating system
    ITM is based on the Java technology. It is OS independent and can run on Windows or Linux-based systems.
    ITM has been extensively tested under Linux Debian, and Linux Red Hat. It works on Java JDK 6 or higher and can run both on fully open-source environements (JBoss + PostgreSQL) as well as on enterprise-wide large-scale systems (Websphere + Oracle).
    Application Server: ITM has been certified on the following application servers (please note it can be easily ported on other J2EE compatible servers).

    DB: 9i or 10g or 11g 11gR2 is the preferred solution for large databases and RDF storage. PostgreSQL 8.3 (Linux or Windows) Preferred solution for small databases and development environments

    Supplier name and address Mondeca 3 cité Nollez, 75018 Paris, France
    Web site
    Telephone +33 1 44 92 35 00
    Fax +33 1 44 92 02 59
    Mondeca is a Web 3.0 company that develops market-leading software for taxonomy, ontology, and content annotation management. A taxonomy and ontology management system.
    Smart Content Factory extracts structured knowledge from your unstructured content and enhances your content with semantic formalism. It then delivers the enriched content to publishing and content management systems for superior results. Smart Content Factory does this by managing semantic knowledge bases and reference vocabularies, mining unstructured text, and auto-classifying content.
    Feed your domain knowledge models and vocabularies to search engines, web and content analytics portals, as well as content and multimedia management platforms, thereby teaching these systems the language of your business. 
    Interlink all your structured and unstructured content for unified access and analysis
    Simplify data integration through semantic interoperability standards
    Mondeca’s products help organizations in publishing, healthcare, military, government, and tourism sectors to improve the way they integrate, leverage, and distribute their content.
    Mondeca has over 10 years of successful experience delivering products to major organizations in Europe and North America. As a result, the company has developed a pragmatic implementation methodology and accumulated substantial know-how in the key aspects of semantic technology implementation: ontology modeling, scalable ontology and taxonomy management, terminology alignment, reasoning, text mining, and search engines. This know-how is unique in Europe and one of the richest in the world.
    Mondeca has also built its credibility in the Semantic Web space as a key contributor to widely-used international standards: OWL, RDF, SKOS, ISO 25964, Topic Maps. The company is keeping abreast of the latest Semantic Web research through collaboration with renowned research laboratories in the context of R&D projects funded by the French and EU governments.
    Mondeca is well integrated into a wider enterprise ecosystem. It has built multiple technological partnerships in order to develop integrated semantic solutions that include text-mining tools, search engines, and content management systems. It has also constructed a network of service partnerships that help with commercialization and customization of its products.
    Domain Knowledge Structures:  ITM, ITM Match, ITM Rules
    Extraction and Annotation: CA Manager, Content Classifier
    Use cases
    ·                     Semantic Portals: Powerful and unified search and navigation experience for your readers
    ·                     Linked Open Data: Rich Linked Data publishing workflow making use of multiple ontologies and vocabularies
    ·                     Knowledge Bases: Flexible knowledge management for enrichment, question answering, and analysis
    ·                     Customer Care: Semantic rules to bring the right content at the right time for each customer
    ·                     Digital Asset Management: Efficient management, archiving, and access based on automated content annotation
    ·                     Search Engine Optimization: Higher search engine ranking thanks to optimized content metadata
    Allows users to manage and synchronize knowledge representations in multiple languages
    Web-based application
    ITM user interfaces can be accessed from any major Web browser without any installation. ITM server can be either installed on-site or hosted by Mondeca
    User-friendly knowledge base authoring
    Generates data forms based on the desired ontology models
    Rules engine
    Built-in rules engine for reasoning and inference
    Alignment and merge
    Supports alignment and merge of heterogeneous knowledge representations
    Semantic service provider
    Seamless export of semantic resources to search, text mining, and content management tools via a
    Web service API and triple-store synchronization.
    Top standards support
    Compliance with the widely used semantic standards for better data interoperability: RDF, SKOS, OWL, BS8723, future ISO 25964
    - Edited from product brochures .pdf
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-7
    Name Ontolica
    Computer and operating system
    Ontolica Fusion
    ·         Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008R2, Windows Server 2012
    ·         SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint Foundation 2013, Office 365 – SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010, Office SharePoint Server 2007, WSS 3.0, FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint
    ·         MS SQL 2000, 2005,2008,2012; Oracle 10.x,11.x, 12.x; IBM DB2 9.x – 10.1; SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 9.x – 12.x; Firebird 2.51; MS Access 97,2000,2003,2007,2010,2013; MySQL 5.0 – 5.5; FTP; Lotus Notes;; SAP NetWeaver; Microsoft Dynamics
    Supplier name and address
    SurfRay US Headquarters, 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 320 Santa Clara, CA 95054

    SurfRay EMEA Headquarters,Smedeholm 10, 2730 Herlev, Denmark

    Web site
    Telephone (+1) 800-625-1175; Denmark (+45) 70 250 250
    Fax (+1) 866-906-9747; Denmark (+45) 70 260 480
    OnTolica Fusion
    Key Features
    ·         Bi-directional synchronization
    ·         Windows file shares synchronization
    ·         Visual mapping of external databases
    ·         Consume Web Services
    ·         Scheduled batch execution
    ·         Rule driven in-stream enrichment of metadata
    ·         Master Data Management with data cleansing, normalization and staging
    ·         Excel generation and integration
    ·         Master Data Store for staging and transformation of data
    ·         Transaction level logging, audit trail and active alerts
    ·         Sandbox development and testing of integration jobs
    ·         Adds highly scalable multi-tasking support
    ·         No coding - no farm installation - 100% Web Services
    Ontolica Search
    ·         Platform to build Search Based Applications
    ·         Build composite search driven user interfaces
    ·         Content previewing of over 500 file formats with Ontolica Preview
    ·         Hierarchical deployment management
    ·         Advanced metadata driven multi select refiner
    ·         End-user personalization of search
    ·         Instant multi-view
    ·         Cross-farm advanced content roll-up
    ·         Search result actions
    ·         Search as you type
    ·         Audience targeted auto-suggest
    ·         Configurable quick filters, sorting and grouping
    ·         Integrate legacy CMS and LOB data with Ontolica Fusion
    No-coding cross-farm configuration
    ·         SharePoint Server 2013
    ·         SharePoint Foundation 2013 w/ Search Server Express
    ·         SharePoint Server 2010
    ·         SharePoint Foundation 2010 w/ Search Server Express
    ·         Office SharePoint Server 2007
    ·         WSS 3.0 w/ Search Server Express
    ·         FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint

    - Edited from the www site.

    Price Make a price request.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name Ontopia
    Computer and operating system Product documentation is found at
    Supplier name and address  
    Web site
    Ontopia is an open source suite of tools for building applications based on Topic Maps, providing features like an ontology designer, an instance data editor, a full-featured query language, web service access points, database storage, etc.
    Automatic classification
    The automatic classification module can process textual content in many different formats to extract the keywords which identify what the content is about. This can be used to automatically classify content into a topic map, or to provide suggestions for classification to users so that they can fine-tune the classification.
    The input to the module is a file in some format. The module will extract the textual content from the file and process it to find the appropriate keywords for the content, which can then be used to classify the content. Each extracted keyword has an associated score (a number between 0 and 1), which indicates how relevant the keyword is to the content.
    For example, processing the Metadata? Thesauri? Taxonomies? Topic Maps! paper using the module produces the following output:
    ·                     topic maps, 1.0
    ·                     Dublin Core metadata, 0.98
    ·                     subject-based classification, 0.41
    ·                     faceted classification, 0.34
    ·                     metadata, 0.25
    ·                     controlled vocabulary, 0.21
    This could be used to automatically create topics for each keyword that receives a score higher than, say, 0.15, and automatically associate these topics with the classified content, thus automatically building a topic map.
    The module supports formats like XML, HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word (binary and OOXML), Microsoft Powerpoint (binary and OOXML), and support for more formats can be added easily. It also supports English and Norwegian, but, again, support for more languages can be plugged in easily.
    Current standards
    ISO 13250-2: Topic Maps Data Model (TMDM)
    The standard data model for Topic Maps, which defines the basic concepts of Topic Maps and their structure. This is the key Topic Maps standard.
    ISO 13250-3: XTM 2.0
    The current standard XML syntax for Topic Maps, defined in terms of the TMDM. This syntax is implemented by Ontopia and many other Topic Maps tools.
    A site showing the status of the current work on the different ISO standards related to Topic Maps.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name Oobian
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address MAISIS - Information Systems. Lda. Rua D. Manuel B. Vasconcelos, nº 60 e 64 3810-498 Aveiro – Portugal
    Web site  or
    Telephone +351 234 386 811/2
    Fax +351 234 386 813
    Connect & Share (products)
    The semantic suite for the global market
    A Horizontal Platform that provides better search and navigation through content inside and outside “the wall” - enables organizations to achieve maximum return from mixed and non structured data transforming it into real business knowledge.

    It understands content in non structured data spread inside / outside the organization; it will automatically interpret metadata.

    Key Features:

    + 100% WEB client Rich User interface with drill up & drill down features;
    + Integration with all database types and enterprise systems;
    + Various Connectors & ADD-ONs for Microsoft & Open Source Applications;
    + The WEB service-interface (SOA-Framework) that enables easy integration;
    + Support for all W3C Semantic WEB recommendations like OWL, RDFS;
    + Ontology Concept based for stronger business model adoption.

    Connect: SEMANTIC MODELS APPLIED TO TRADITIONAL ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS Plan, operate and interrelate with customers, suppliers, partners and employees based on novel executable semantic enterprise models.

    Semantic ERP: Semantic CRM : Semantic ECM : Semantic Connectors

    Connect: Alfresco & Sharepoint connector, Office connector, Outlook Connector, ERP connector, CRM connector, DB connector
    The semantic social application parts preparing the web 3.0

    The intelligent technologies for enterprise collaboration 2.5. Enables and enriches concept based rather then language based search and navigation across standard applications that represent the actual web 2.0.

    Semantic Blogs : Semantic Wikis : Semantic Bookmarking


    The document management solution (DMS) for small sized companies.

    In this area, we are focused on building a solution able to provide, in a few days, a correspondence management system with document scanning and automatic integration, ensuring the document lifecycle with e-mail integration, managing the users’ access, and reviewing documents (among others features).

    This solution is suitable for all organizations that have a lack of document management activities (document storage and its lifecycle management, correspondence management, claims management and other typical needs in small sized businesses). Concerning its price and features and the reduced implementation time, this solution fits micro and small sized companies, up to 30 users.

    Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-3
    Name OpenText (nStein)
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address  
    Web site
    Telephone 1-800-499-6544
    OpenText Auto-Classification, Content Analytics and Semantic Navigation Learning Offerings
    Learning Services offers a range of education services for OpenText Content Analytics, Auto-Classification and Semantic Navigation, designed to provide employees with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful. Students attending  training courses benefit from the experience and best practices Nstein has cultivated by doing over 1,300 customer implementations.

    See Livelink Collections Server Webtop Thesaurus Manager (above)

    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name Pentalogic
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address
    Pentalogic Technology Ltd, Montpellier House, Cheltenham GL50 1TY, ENGLAND
    Web site
    UK Tel: +44 845 805 4832

    US Tel: +1 415 376 4127

    FilterPoint web partoffers fast and flexible SharePoint filtering for lists, libraries and Web Parts. Set up in seconds, choose from a range of filter styles and apply multiple filters all from one Web Part to quickly and easily dig into your data and find the information you need fast.
    Pentalogic Pivot Point web part for SharePoint provides fast and flexible analysis of the numerical data in your SharePoint lists, with no need to link to Excel. Pivot Point allows you to summarize and analyze the numerical data in your lists, providing an instant snapshot of your key data and dashboard views where you team can see trends emerging as list items are added and updated.
    Pentalogic Planner web part is for all those times when you need to plan quickly and effectively- without the complexity of a "Project Management" suite. Quick and easy to set up and use Planner offers you attractive and flexible graphical dashboard displays, ideal for all your daily task, resource and simple project planning needs. Planner provides wall chart or gantt chart views of your SharePoint Task and Event list data, which are far more flexible and customizable than SharePoints built in calendar, whilst still being very easy to set up and manage.
    For people used to setting up Outlook Reminders for their tasks and appointments SharePoints built in Alerts - which simply notify users of changes to lists - can seem very limited. Pentalogic Reminder overcomes those limitations by allowing users to set up time/date based Reminders for tasks and events in SharePoint Lists.
    SharePoint Highlighter gives you a whole toolkit to brighten up your SharePoint lists – using color, icons, progress bars countdowns and more to make your lists a whole lot more user friendly – and a whole lot better used! link to the Highlighter home page. Thanks
    SharePoint TeamTime lets you manage your team's timesheets (or timecards) directly in SharePoint: No external databases or plug-ins required - team members log their time using the user-friendly interface, in a ready-to-use SharePoint site.

    Using TeamTime couldn't be easier: Simply run our installer on your server and then create as many sites as you want, with no limits on the number of sites or users.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name Perceptive Software (from Lexmark)
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address
    Perceptive Software, 22701 West 68th Terrace, Shawnee, KS 66226, United States
    Web site
    Telephone +1 913 422 7525  or +1 800 941 7460
    Fax +1 913 422 3820
    Collect, Secure and Organize
    Because in all industries, departments and roles, the amount and complexity of unstructured data — e-mail, electronic files, multimedia, XML and hundreds of other formats in addition to scanned documents — continue to multiply even as technologies like ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems are deployed.
    Through extensive experience and research, Perceptive Software has built innovative document imaging products that remove information obstacles and help customers operate at peak efficiency. So users across an organization can capture, store and index a virtually unlimited amount of content, creating a unified platform that fits seamlessly into an existing IT infrastructure.
    Document imaging products from Perceptive offer highly intuitive features that help users collect all of their valuable information assets:
    ·                     Distributed Capture
    ·                     Capture documents on demand from virtually any input device in any location
    ·                     Empower early information capture so users and processes benefit right away
    ·                     Automatically monitor and import e-mail, files on the network and faxes
    ·                     Convert data and print streams into readable documents to improve usability
    ·                     Apply bar codes, patch codes and OCR/ICR for sophisticated processing
    ·                     Ensure high quality images with advanced cleanup technologies
    ·                     Automated Indexing and Linking
    ·                     Automatically attach perfect metadata for fast, accurate content retrieval
    ·                     Link information automatically to related business applications and transactions
    ·                     Easily index content with unique requirements using unlimited metadata options
    ·                     High Volume and Ad-Hoc
    ·                     Utilize high-volume document scanning devices and process large data files and print streams
    ·                     Capture single documents directly from MFPs, desktop scanners or PCs

    Collect large volumes of information from geographically dispersed locations

    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-9
    Name PfleSaurus
    Computer and operating system DOS 3.0 or higher
    Supplier name and address Dipl. Inform. Josef Willenborg, Technische Universität Berlin, Fachgebiet WBS, Franklinstr. 28 D-10587 Berlin
    Web site
    PfleSaurus is an object-oriented computer system for maintaining terminology databases (Willen - borg 1991a, 1991b Willenborg). PfleSaurus was developed in cooperation between the Institute of Linguistics, psychology, and computer science in the framework of the interdisciplinary research project ATLAS (ATLAS 1990).
    Within PfleSaurus are information units, relations between the units, and mathematical relation types and semantic types of relation types kept directly as objects.
    The upper/lower term relationship, the relationship relation, the synonymous relation, the subject relation, which antonym relation, inventory relation (in space) and other relations (in time) with the associated mathematical and semantic properties are dictated by PfleSaurus and can be facilitated by the user directly.
    The following mathematical properties of relation types are automatically checked: reflexivity, symmetry, left and right uniqueness, acyclicity.
    PfleSaurus was implemented in object-oriented programming language Smalltalk V 286th
    To use PfleSaurus , the following hardware requirements must be met:
    IBM-compatible PC with 4 MB of memory (extended memory); Graphics Card: VGA (CGA, EGA, Hercules possible but not recommended); Mouse (100 % Microsoft compatible) ; Operating system: PC-DOS or MS-DOS version 2.0 or later; Co-processor 80287 or 80387; port to Windows or to Smalltalk Smalltalk V 80 in conjunction with the object-oriented database GemStone is sought.
    References within the document include:
    ATLAS 1990. ATLAS employees. Project ATLAS Group : Method development for an "archive for technology, life world and everyday language " - Report on the first research phase. Research Report No. 90-17, ATLAS project, TU Berlin, 1990.
    Muhlhauser in 1992. Muhlhauser, M. hypermedia approaches for the processing of multimedia information. In :computer science spectrum, 15, pp. 281-290. Springer Verlag, 1992.
    Willenborg 1991a. Willenborg , Joseph. PfleSaurus - a system for the creation and continued development of thesauri. Unpublished. Thesis at the Technical University of Berlin in 1991.

    Willenborg 1991b. Willenborg , Joseph. ATLAS PfleSaurus: An object-oriented system to support the Thesaurus care. In :Norbert Fuhr (ed.). Information retrieval. Computer science technical reports 289 pp. 51-63 , Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, June 1991.

    Sources of information "Terminologiepflege mit Pflesaurus" (in German only): web 2013-10-14
    Name PoolParty
    Computer and operating system PoolParty technologies are mainly based on Java. PoolParty can be run on 64bit Linux (Debian GNU/Linux 6, CentOS/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) or 64bit Windows (Windows Server 2008 R2). On the server side we recommend a minimum of 2 GB RAM dedicated to Apache Tomcat (4 GB are recommended) per service (PPT, PPX, PPS). There are options to cluster PoolParty services. No additional database has to be installed. On client side there is only a browser needed to maintain PoolParty thesauri.
    Supplier name and address Semantic Web Company GmbH Mariahilfer Straße 70 (Neubaugasse 1), 1070 Vienna, Austria
    Web site or
    E-mail or
    Telephone +43-1-4021235
    US: +1 (415) 800-3776
    There are two options: PoolParty can be used as a cloud-based service, but also as an enterprise software service behind the firewall. Customers who subscribe for the cloud service will benefit from a turnkey solution. Publish your data and vocabularies as ‘Linked Open Data’. Make use of PoolParty’s highly available cloud services by integrating them with your web applications on top of the PoolParty API. There are no functional restrictions compared to an enterprise installation. Get a test account of PoolParty’s cloud services for free and ask our team which option is most suitable for you requirements. By default, PoolParty’s cloud services are hosted in Europe’s largest data center.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name Prosoft Systems International (EBAX)
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Prosoft Systems International, 4000 Legato Road, Suite 1100, Fairfax, VA 22033
    Web site
    Telephone 703-261-7040
    Excel-SharePoint Integration
    Since 1992, Prosoft has developed business applications with Microsoft technologies. Today, Prosoft is considered one of the most experienced CRM/XRM companies in the industry. Prosofts’ Microsoft CRM expertise began with version 1.02 (2003). Since Microsoft CRM 3.0, Prosoft has been using CRM as a platform to create Line of Business applications (XRM). Within the XRM marketplace, Prosoft is a pioneer. Prosoft started promoting Microsoft CRM 3.0 as a platform for line of business applications (XRM) since the day it was released.
    - Extracted and edited from the www site.
    Price 5 user license - $900; 10 user license- $1,600; 20 user license - $2,800; 50 user license - $6,000; 100 user license $10,000
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site and data sheet 2013-10-15
    Name Protégé
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research,291 Campus Drive Rm LK3C02 Li Ka Shing Building, 3rd floor Dean's Office, MC 5216 Stanford, CA 94305-5101
    Web site
    E-mail Jennifer Vendetti (
    Telephone (650) 725-3900
    Protégé is a free, open source ontology editor and knowledge-base framework. The Protégé platform supports modeling ontologies via a web client or a desktop client. Protégé ontologies can be developed in a variety of formats including OWL, RDF(S), and XML Schema.Protégé is based on Java, is extensible, and provides a plug-and-play environment that makes it a flexible base for rapid prototyping and application development.
    Protégé is a free, open-source platform that provides a growing user community with a suite of tools to construct domain models and knowledge-based applications with ontologies. At its core, Protégé implements a rich set of knowledge-modeling structures and actions that support the creation, visualization, and manipulation of ontologies in various representation formats. Protégé can be customized to provide domain-friendly support for creating knowledge models and entering data. Further, Protégé can be extended by way of a plug-in architecture and a Java-based Application Programming Interface (API) for building knowledge-based tools and applications.

    An ontology describes the concepts and relationships that are important in a particular domain, providing a vocabulary for that domain as well as a computerized specification of the meaning of terms used in the vocabulary. Ontologies range from taxonomies and classifications, database schemas, to fully axiomatized theories. In recent years, ontologies have been adopted in many business and scientific communities as a way to share, reuse and process domain knowledge. Ontologies are now central to many applications such as scientific knowledge portals, information management and integration systems, electronic commerce, and semantic web services.

    The Protégé platform supports two main ways of modeling ontologies:

    The Protégé-Frames editor enables users to build and populate ontologies that are frame-based, in accordance with the Open Knowledge Base Connectivity protocol (OKBC). In this model, an ontology consists of a set of classes organized in a subsumption hierarchy to represent a domain's salient concepts, a set of slots associated to classes to describe their properties and relationships, and a set of instances of those classes - individual exemplars of the concepts that hold specific values for their properties.
    The Protégé-OWL editor enables users to build ontologies for the Semantic Web, in particular in the W3C's Web Ontology Language (OWL). "An OWL ontology may include descriptions of classes, properties and their instances. Given such an ontology, the OWL formal semantics specifies how to derive its logical consequences, i.e. facts not literally present in the ontology, but entailed by the semantics. These entailments may be based on a single document or multiple distributed documents that have been combined using defined OWL mechanisms" (see the OWL Web Ontology Language Guide).

    - Edited from the www site.

    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-1
    Name Rosette
    Computer and operating system Windows, Linux, Solaris, and MacOS
    Supplier name and address
    Basis Technology (Cambridge Headquarters), One Alewife Center, Cambridge, MA 02140-2323

    Additional offices outside the US: Tokyo and London

    Web site
    Telephone +1-800-697-2062
    The leading provider of software solutions for extracting meaningful intelligence from multilingual text
    Rosette's mission is to improve the process of extracting meaningful intelligence from unstructured multilingual text by developing the industry’s best linguistics software. Since its founding in 1995, Rossette products and services have been used by over two hundred major firms, including, EMC, Endeca/Oracle, Exalead/Dassault, Fujitsu, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Oracle, and governments around the world. Our language analysis software is widely used in the U.S. defense and intelligence industry by firms such as BBN, CACI, Lockheed Martin, MITRE, Northrop Grumman, and SAIC. They are a top provider of Asian linguistic technology to web search engines, including, Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo!.
    Through these relationships, Rossette developed a reputation for deep expertise in computational linguistics, an uncompromising commitment to providing quality software and services, and dedication to serving customers’ needs.
    Rosette linguistics platform uses state of the art natural language processing techniques to improve information retrieval, text mining and other applications. Rosette provides capabilities like identifying the language of incoming text, providing a normalized representation in Unicode, and locating names, places and other key concepts from a body of unstructured text.
    Rosette's reliability, scalability, accuracy, and strict compliance with industry and international standards have been put to the test in high volume transaction environments, such as Google’s multilingual search engine, PeopleSoft’s human capital management software, and’s global e-commerce system.
    Flexible Building Blocks
    By plugging Rosette components into your application, you can:
    ·                     Identify the language(s) in a document so applications can properly analyze, process and store the data—even when there are multiple languages used in a document or e-mail
    ·                     Analyze text, taking into account language and context—making your search engine smarter and saving time for your users
    ·                     Extract important concepts (e.g., names, locations, dates)
    ·                     Translate names from their native writing system into English
    ·                     Match names between lists and documents, including variants in multiple languages and writing systems
    Price Request a quote.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name Semaphore
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Smartlogic US, 560 S. Winchester Blvd, Suite 500, San Jose, California, 95128
    Web site
    Telephone 408-213-9500
    Fax 408-572-5601
    Semaphore is an Enterprise Content Intelligence Platform
    Semaphore is built from four core and inter-connected modules:
    ·         Ontology Manager
    ·         Classification and Text Mining
    ·         Semantic Enhancement Server
    ·         Search Application Framework
    Benefits of Semaphore
    ·         Automatically, accurately and consistently applies metadata and classification
    ·         Improves findability by being ontology-driven
    ·         Provides a better search and navigation experience
    ·         Enables effective data disposition, data loss prevention, records retention and eDiscovery
    Semaphore has been integrated with a number of traditional information management systems like search, content management systems and business workflow engines. Details of these integration packs can be found under Semaphore Solutions.

    - Edited from the www site.

    Price Request a quote. 
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name Sentences Version 4
    Computer and operating system Sentences V4.0 Enterprise Edition is a multi-user, web server based environment, available for Windows and Linux servers and Windows clients. Sentences V4.0 Personal Edition is a single-user edition with most of the functionality of the Enterprise Edition, available for Windows and Mac OS X.
    Supplier name and address  
    Web site
    Sentences Version 4 is a web-enabled, multi-user data discovery, federation and visualization environment for complex databases. Sentences Version 4 has been comprehensively retooled for its new role. Sentences' internal architecture is based on Lazysoft's Associative Model of Data.
    Real-time data discovery, federation and visualization in multiple databases without data warehousing or BI tools
    Data as you've never seen it before:
    Instant 360° view of any data item - customer, product, supplier, account, person, policy, asset, date, price, value, name etc - showing both inward and outward references. Complex structures such as Customer, Product or Employee that comprise multiple tables are re-integrated as single business entities.
    Combine multiple databases using Sentences' unique associative capabilities: supertypes, subsets, equivalence and precedence. Aggregate and view your federated data on-line in real time, or move it off-line to Sentences' own associative data store.
    Powerful associative query capabilities for queries with drag-and-drop editor. Data may be augmented locally to support 'what if' scenarios. Data profiling and cleansing capabilities using its own query language with powerful declarative business rules.
    Sentences infers an associative schema for each database's relational schema using an automated mapping process. Mappings are persistent and are updated as the relational schema changes. Sentences works at a higher level of abstraction than the SQL databases on which it operates, discovering relationships between data items that are not otherwise evident.
    Lazysoft, pioneer of alternative database architecture the Associative Model of Data, today announces the availability of Sentences Version 4.0, a web-enabled, multi-user data discovery, federation and visualisation environment for complex databases.
    Sentences Version 4 has been comprehensively retooled for its new role in data discovery and federation, with an emphasis on its ability to retrieve, correlate and present data from multiple data sources simultaneously.
    Additionally, Sentences 4.0 has gained a fine-grained user authority model, declarative definition and enforcement of business rules, and major performance and ease-of-use enhancements.
    Extracted and edited from the www site.
    Price Pricing upon request.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name SharePoint
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address
    One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399

    Locate Microsoft Offices worldwide at

    Web site
    Telephone +1 (800) 642 7676 or +1 (800) 892-5234 (TTY)
    See the web homepage for screenshots and product pictorials.  
    ·                     Yammer
    ·                     Office 365
    ·                     Exchange
    ·                     Lync
    ·                     Project
    ·                     Visio

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Pricing upon request.
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name SharePoint Aid
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Sharepointaid, P.O. Box 255, Oshtemo, MI 49077
    Web site
    Notes SharePoint Extensions. Image upload column (adds new functional column). See the web homepage for screenshots and product pictorials.
    Price Pricing upon request.
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name Sinequa
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address
    Sinequa Global Headquarters 12, rue d'Athènes 75009 Paris France

    (offices also located in the UK and Germany)

    Web site
    Telephone +33 (0)1 70 08 71 71
    Access any Type of Enterprise Information via an Enterprise-Class Unified Information Access Platform
    Providing Simple and Secure Access to Relevant Business Information from Heterogeneous Sources
    ·         Empower business users to find the right information among billions of documents and database records in hundreds of data sources.
    ·         Offer customizable, real-time access to relevant information while understanding users' questions
    ·         Facilitate the creation of Search-Based Applications (SBA) by industry and by business function
    A Highly Scalable Unified Information Access Platform
    ·         Unique content analytics, based on patented semantic analysis (natural language processing) and on working with structured data from enterprise applications
    ·         Sinequa offers smarter technology, based on 25 years of experience in natural language processing and on expertise in the most recent IT-technologies
    ·         High performance processing, scaling to millions of users and billions of documents
    ·         Secure and seamless integration with more than 120 data sources
    The Big Data Challenge
    A Platform to Extract Sense from Big Data
    ·         Sinequa combines top class content analytics, including natural language processing (NLP), with a high performance IT architecture, offering users simple and secure access to the information most relevant to them. Speed and relevance are essential to enhancing productivity, innovation and collaboration, all resulting in better business performance and customer loyalty.
    ·         Avoid the loss of customer focus and missed competitive advantage that result when employees are drowning in information overload, unable to find the right information at the right time to satisfy customers or take the right decisions.
    A proven History of Innovation and Success
    ·         Over 25 years of research in natural language processing, and still improving it in 18 languages
    ·         Experience from large customer projects in different industries and very different use cases

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name SoutronTHESAURUS
    Computer and operating system Windows Server 2000 / 2003
    Supplier name and address Soutron Global, 1042 N. El Camino Real, Suite B-215, Encinitas, CA 92024
    Web site
    Telephone 760-870-4243
    Fax 760-634-3665
    Social Knowledge Networks (SKNs) offer a novel way of thinking about knowledge management by bringing together users and the “communities” in which they work to address business problems. The Soutron Global Knowledge Management solution provides a stable and flexible foundation on which to grow your SKNs by:
    ·                     Actively managing research and information assets
    ·                     Consolidating information silos
    ·                     Managing disparate internal and external content
    ·                     Providing searchable and browseable directories for information discovery
    ·                     Including Web 2.0 social tagging, blogging and rating features
    Soutron Global can help you increase knowledge retention and enhance business performance by rapidly sharing experience and best practices across your business or membership organization.
    Digital Asset Management
    The capability to manage digital assets is built into the core of all Soutron Global products. With this capability, you will be able to manage all types of content, including the aforementioned digital assets. Material can be manually indexed for access and linked to records while remaining within your corporate file system or content can be digitized, extracted from an electronic source, captured as XML and loaded as a structured record.
    The Soutron Global system offers a variety of workflow configurations and settings to control the request and use of content. Configurable options include security settings, protection for viewing and downloading material, allowing user-generated content and automatic data loading.
    Soutron Global provides an extremely flexible system for storing digital materials. Each type of digital content can be described to the system with a quick and simply defined record structure - without any need for IT support. Fields can be defined and added at any time, allowing meta-data specific to the digital asset to be recorded and assigned as needed.
    Library And Information Management
    Our library management system functionality includes:
    24-hour Library Portal - Provide your users a branded knowledge portal with access to custom links, RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, along with an OPAC that provides access to your resources in text, audio and video formats.
    The Soutron Global Library Portal uniquely provides:
    ·                     Soutron Thesaurus - Simplifies information classification, directing users quickly to the most appropriate information.
    ·                     Reviews & Ratings - Aggregated user-assigned ratings and reviews can appear in the OPAC display, enabling knowledge sharing services.
    ·                     Document Submission - Registered users can submit moderated content directly to the catalog.
    ·                     Security Classification - You control who sees what and who does everything.
    ·                     Inquiry Reference Management - Record and track questions, aggregate repeat requests to create an FAQ to eliminate duplication of work.
    ·                     Advance Bookings - Enable users to reserve resources for an advance date.
    Catalog - This highly flexible and functional repository can manage a wide variety of physical and electronic materials, with sophisticated cross referencing, poly hierarchical thesaurus and full-text electronic document indexing.
    ·                     Custom data templates - Accommodate any non-bibliographic information such as research notes, abstracts, legal briefs, paintings etc.
    ·                     Unique search navigation aids - Help you to access, select and aggregate material from across your library system into content types, helping users to easily find the resources they need.
    ·                     Circulation - Manual or automatic barcode transactions with pre-defined loan periods and automatic overdue e-mail notices.
    ·                     Self Circulation - Registered users of your library can borrow, renew and return items for self check-in/out of materials using barcodes or RFID.
    ·                     Auto cataloging from sources such as Library of Congress, COPAC and Google
    ·                     Copy/bulk copy management
    Library Administration
    ·                     Acquisitions - Manage suppliers and acquisition of all types of materials including books, electronic materials, serials. Place standing or regular orders for receipt to one or multiple sites. Structure budgeting and accounting to reflect your organization to include multi-currency accounting.
    ·                     Serials And Electronic Serials Wizard - Simplifies ordering and accounting of serials to easily record details, apply your own enumeration and change the frequency of serial issues at any time.
    ·                     Reporting - Run or schedule any report, from any location, in pdf, xls, rtf and txt formats.
    ·                     Enhanced Inquiry Reference Management - Incoming e-mail capture, status tracking and automatic administrator alerts and user-responses.
    System / Database Configuration - Your library system administrator can easily design and maintain your database by creating fields, content types and record templates, or we can do it for you.
    Integration Services - Streamline processes and share information integrating your library management system with other aspects of your organization. The application programming interface (API) allows your webmaster to retrieve data and present it in a web site or third party application or to use the repository within a federated search tool. Using this facility, you can create a single sign on (SSO), automatically reflecting changes in a user’s record.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Pricing upon request.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name SRA
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address SRA International, Inc., 4300 Fair Lakes Ct. Fairfax, VA 22033 USA
    Web site
    Telephone 1-800-511-6398
    Accurately performs entity extraction from unstructured texts using advanced computational linguistics and natural language processing.
    Intelligently compares and categorizes documents according to user-defined concepts using advanced machine learning and computational linguistics approaches.
    Empowers users to find, organize, analyze and mine a large volume of unstructured information using the most advanced text analysis technology available.
    Accurately and efficiently identifies name variants from large multicultural and multilingual name databases using advanced machine learning and computational linguistic approaches.
    Accurately and efficiently performs identity resolution from large multicultural and multilingual entity databases using advanced machine learning and computational linguistic approaches.
    - Extracted and edited from the www site.
    Price Pricing upon request.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name Tango
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Semandex Networks, Inc., 57 Hamilton Avenue Suite 303, Hopewell, NJ 08525
    Web site
    Telephone 1-866-7SEMANDEX (1-866-773-6263)
    Fax 609-309-5287
    Semandex Networks, Inc., founded in 2000, is a pioneer in the development of semantic software for information management and a thought leader in the application of semantic technologies for intelligence information analysis and sharing.

    Semandex’s Tango™ software allows computers and people to analyze and manage dynamic information. This capability helps organizations turn existing and new data into connected intelligence that mitigates threats and enhances operational response. Tango uses an industry-leading semantic wiki to enable people and computers to collaborate in linking and organizing information. With Tango, users and computers turn data into Connected Intelligence. Tango helps security professionals collect, organize and maintain current critical data regarding people, places and events, and delivers operational alerts for evolving situations of interest.
    With Tango you can:
    ·                     Link Disparate Data Sources — Tango makes it easy to bring multiple sources of data together and keep track of them as they change. By putting information in a semantic structure, Tango combines diverse data sources into a common semantic graph.
    ·                     Analyze Data — Tango works by using semantics, a set of concepts that allow both computers and people to easily understand what information means, where it fits, and how it connects. Tango incorporates a range of powerful functions tailored to meet the needs of analysts and investigators.
    ·                     Deliver Relevant and Timely Operational Results — With an intuitive web interface and customizable dashboards of widgets, Tango saves training time and improves efficiency to access, produce and share connected intelligence.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Request a quote.
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name Taxonomy Strategies
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Taxonomy Strategies, 5253 Nebraska Ave NW,  Washington, DC 20015
    Web site
    E-mail or
    Telephone +1 (415) 377 7912 (mobile)
    Fax +1 (202) 450-2737
    Taxonomy Strategies guides global companies, government agencies, international organizations and not-for-profits such as Nike, Oracle, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the International Monetary Fund and Harvard Business Publishing in developing metadata frameworks and taxonomy strategies. We provide a very high level of expertise to our clients.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Request a quote. 
    Sources of information Web site - Accessed 2013-10-24
    Name ThesMain
    Computer and operating system WfW3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0 and OS/2
    Supplier name and address Dr. K. L. Zirn  oder Ing. R. Legat, Wortgutredaktion, Umweltbundesamt, Spittelauer Lände 5, A-1090 Wien
    Web site

    Publications about THESmain:

    Notes English abstract at with the remainder in German
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-14
    Name TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (TopBraid EVN)
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address  
    Web site
    E-mail or
    Telephone 1 (703) 299-9330
    TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (TopBraid EVN) is a web-based solution for simplified development and management of interconnected controlled vocabularies. It supports business stakeholders who need to collaborate on defining and linking enterprise vocabularies, taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies used for information integration, customization and search.
    Key Features of TopBraid EVN
    ·         Flexible Data Model Ability to define and use any number of custom attributes and relationships
    ·         Vocabulary Editing Cloning, merging, repositioning and re-numbering of concepts; global edit operations for selected groups of concepts
    ·         Search Simple lookups and advanced search, tree and list views, visual graph exploration and query
    ·         SKOS Built-in support for all standard SKOS attributes and hierarchical, associative and equivalency relationships
    ·         Automatic processing Ability to create custom validation rules and automated script processing via SPARQL Rules and SPARQLMotion; SKOS and OWL rules and constraints ready to use out of the box
    ·         Import/Export Import/Export from RDBMs, RSS feeds, spreadsheets, XML, SPARQL endpoints, RDF and OWL
    ·         Audit Trails Every change is logged and time stamped, change history can be searched, changes can be rolled back if desired
    ·         Unlimited Work-in-Progress Copies Virtual work-in-progress copies of vocabularies allow parallel development of versions and enable controlled publishing, review and approval workflow
    ·         Impact Analysis Ability to query and create longitudinal analysis on any aspect of the vocabularies
    ·         Role-based Access Control Ability to define view-only, edit and manage roles for each vocabulary and for the individual working versions of a vocabulary
    ·         Reporting Built-in reports for hierarchy exports, spell checking, constraint violations and graph statistics Advanced query-building tools and reporting through graphical interfaces.
    ·         Merging RDF standard universal identifiers provide easy “hooks” for merging vocabularies
    ·         Systems Integration Integrate with existing enterprise or vocabulary management systems via Web Services interfaces and APIs
    ·         Rich Web Interface Types (classes), properties and instances can be defined in an intuitive web-based system that supports drag and drop, autocompletion and rich text editing
    ·         Customizability On-the-fly creation of customized user interfaces that can meet the needs of each user group
    ·         Open Architecture and Standards External data need not be transformed into a proprietary schema. TopBraid EVN offers native support for RDF, OWL and SPARQL
    ·         Enterprise-ready Scalable and robust architecture with DBMS deployment (choice of relational and RDF databases) with LDAP integration for access control
    Benefits of Semantic Web Technology Capabilities for Vocabulary Management
    Enterprise Vocabulary Management has emerged as an essential facet in effective business information management. While creating centralized reference vocabulary and taxonomy repositories is one common approach, often the governance model is complex and unsustainable. To support the business needs of complex, distributed enterprises, Enterprise Vocabulary Management practices and enabling technology/tools are evolving from Reference-only (text, models) to Interoperable (standards based) to Executable (federated, model-based, semantic-enabled). Semantic web technology makes it easier to aggregate and analyze vocabularies through its capabilities for expressing, querying and federating information.
    The Semantic Web standards Resource Description Format (RDF) and RDF Schema provide the infrastructure for creating a web of information, whether on the public internet or within enterprise intranets. Like the familiar World Wide Web, the Semantic Web is easily extensible, breaking out of information silos once and for all, as vocabularies are available as resources on the web for anyone to reference and use. Each vocabulary element has a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) which uniquely identifies it as a web resource.
    The Semantic Web standard Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) provides an extensible language for describing structured terminology systems like taxonomies and thesauri. Based on RDF, it inherits the power of flexibility and distribution. SKOS extends RDF with specific notions of linkage between structured vocabularies, making it particularly useful for enterprise vocabulary management.
    The Semantic Web standard query language SPARQL provides much more than a query facility. In the context of SPARQLMotion and SPIN, it provides a powerful mechanism for modeling complex relationships between terminology. Connections that previously had to be accomplished with custom software can now be described in a standard, declarative way.
    TopBraid Composer is the world’s most powerful modeling environment and an IDE for building semantic applications. Fully compliant with W3C standards, Composer offers complete support for developing, managing and testing configurations of ontologies and linked data. As part of TopBraid Suite, Composer provides a comprehensive IDE for developing semantic solutions that can integrate disparate applications and data sources.
    Implemented as an Eclipse plug-in, Composer serves as a development environment for all the applications delivered using TopBraid Live™. Composer is used to develop ontology models, configure data source integration, and create semantic web services and user interfaces.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    You can try out TopBraid EVN by using the free evaluation copy of TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition. To run TopBraid EVN out-of-the-box within TBC-ME, send your web browser to http://localhost:8083/evn.
    TopBraid Composer – Standard Edition, License with 1 year TSM $1,850.00
    The cost of renewal of TSM for TBC is $310.
    TopBraid Composer - Maestro Edition, License with 1 year TSM $3,450.00
    The cost of renewal of TSM for TBC-ME is $575
    Upgrade from TopBraid Composer – Standard Edition to Maestro Edition, License with 1 year TSM* $1,600.00 [*Only available to customers who have current licenses of TopBraid Composer Standard Edition with 1 or 2 years of TSM that is still in effect. This upgrade is not available from TopBraid Composer Free Edition.]

    TopBraid Composer – Standard Edition, Academic License* $595

    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-25
    Name Vertical Search Works
    Computer and operating system
    Supplier name and address Vertical Search Works New York Corporate Headquarters, 336 W 37th Street, Suite 100, New York, NY 10018
    Web site
    Telephone 877-861-2230, 212-967-9502
    Fax 212-967-9562
    Leading Provider of Semantic Ad Matching Technology
    ·       Millions of expressions covering 80+ vertical topics (Ontology + Dictionary = VSW Knowledge Resources) are used to understand, organize and relate pages from Websites, Content Creators and Advertisers
    ·       Extensive Semantic Knowledge Resources – VSW leverages a semantic network covering 500,000+ concepts and 2.5+ MM expressions
    ·       Automatically discovers relationships and understands similarities between ad content and publishers’ web pages, then displays ads next to relevant content which optimizes response rates
    ·       Eliminates the need for advertisers to select and manage keywords
    The VSW proprietary semantic indexing and ad matching technology scans publishers’ web content to understand concepts and context of information more like humans.

    For example, our technology can accurately distinguish the semantics of a word: does “java” refer to a computer programming language, a coffee drink or an island in the Pacific? Therefore, based on the context of the page and the content that is displayed, our system will serve up a specific and precise result.

    Our stand-alone vertical search engine, VSW Search™, has been built to complement our vertical content network providing a more advanced semantic web search for users, advertisers and publishers.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price Demo Available
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-25
    Name Virto Social Aggregator
    Computer and operating system Premium Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 & 2010 & 2013
    Supplier name and address
    Web site
    E-mail or
    Telephone +1-323-319-5111
    SharePoint Collaboration Tools.
    Virtosoftware offers the following volume discounts:
    3–4 Licenses — 10% 
    5–9 Licenses — 15%
    Discount can be applied only for identical products into single order. If you need more than 9 licenses, kindly contact us at
    Academic and Non-Profit Pricing
    Special 15% Discount for any our Product or Service. Kindly contact our sales team to get your special discount voucher.
    See the full product and price list at:
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name VisiMap Professional 4.2
    Computer and operating system
    The system requirements for VisiMap Professional 4.2 are as follows:
    ·                     An 80486 processor (a Pentium 300MHz or better processor is recommended).
    ·                     Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
    ·                     On Windows 98, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later must be installed with its integrated desktop option.
    ·                     800x600 or better display resolution, with 256 or more colors.
    ·                     Mouse or other pointing device.
    ·                     Approximately 20Mb of free disk space (plus approx. 20Mb for the installation kit).
    For VisiMap Professional 4.2’s HTML support, you will also need to have a 32-bit edition of Microsoft Word 2000 or later installed together with Word's HTML export filter if you wish to include branch notes in the generated HTML. For VisiMap Professional 4.2's HTML archive support (MIME HTML, or MHTML), you will additionally need to be running Windows 2000 or later.
    Supplier name and address CoCo Systems Ltd 6 Pine View, Muxton, Telford, Shropshire TF2 8QX, U.K.
    Web site
    Telephone International: +44 7971 321586
    Fax International: +44 1952 603703
    VisiMap Professional 4.2 is the visual mapping product from CoCo Systems' VisiMap product line. It allows you to quickly and efficiently enter, visualise, restructure, and print, transfer, present, communicate and reuse information using a simple, yet powerful, graphical metaphor that's referred to as a 'visual map'. A visual map is an essentially hierarchical two-dimensional graphical representation that is similar to other common representations variously called idea maps or brain maps.
    VisiMap Professional 4.2 is an easy-to-use application for all sorts of planning and management tasks. These range from training and learning, brainstorming, problem-solving, document planning, project planning and management, web-site planning and generation, note-taking, meeting facilitation, personal development and many other day-to-day tasks.The software is designed to structure and present the results of creative thinking, without inhibiting or constraining the creative process.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Price VisiMap Pro 4.2 licence $55.66 (non-profits $30.65)
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name Vyapin
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address Vyapin Software Systems Private Limited 2A, "K.G.Sunshine" New No. 48, 12th Avenue, Ashok Nagar Chennai – 600083 India
    Web site
    Telephone + 91-44-2471 7142
    Fax + 91-44-2471 7095
    DocKIT for SharePoint is a powerful application for migrating documents, NTFS permissions, data and their associated metadata properties from network file shares, file servers and local hard drives to Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Office 365 (SharePoint Online), SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007.
    XPlica for SharePoint enables SharePoint site migration across your SharePoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 farms. XPlica supports migration of site collections, sites, libraries, lists, folders, documents, document metadata properties, list items and associated metadata (including file attachments) from one SharePoint server to another. You can perform migration of site contents from SharePoint 2003 / 2007 farms to SharePoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 farms and SharePoint Online sites.
    SPListX for SharePoint is a powerful application to export document / picture library contents and associated metadata and list items, including associated file attachments to the Windows File System. Export SharePoint libraries, folders, documents, list items, version histories, metadata and permissions to the desired destination location in the Windows File System. SPListX supports all versions of SharePoint (2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003) in a single product.
    SharePoint Farm Reporter(formerly known as ARK for SharePoint 2010 / 2007) provides you a comprehensive SharePoint reporting solution, covering all aspects of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 & Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 collaboration platform. SharePoint Farm Reporter presents insights into events and activities that take place in SharePoint farms on a day-to-day basis and collates them as useful information for SharePoint Administrators, Site Administrators and Site Content Owners to take action.
    SharePoint Information Organizer is a centralized SharePoint content management, classification and re-organization solution. Its powerful features allow content owners and Site owners to organize and manage in bulk - metadata, Lists, Libraries and Users. It brings together multiple SharePoint content management tasks in a single window, significantly reducing time and effort spent in organizing SharePoint, thereby improving efficiency.
    DocKIT for SharePoint 2003is a powerful, easy-to-use tool to import documents from multiple file systems & sources into Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (SQL Store). Our latest release supports SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Document & Picture Libraries in SQL store.
    ARK for SharePoint 2003is a powerful configuration and usage reporting tool for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services. ARKSP collects configuration information about Windows SharePoint Services, Portal Sites, Site Collection, Web and Areas, List Configuration and List Details etc. and reports them in a format for use by SharePoint Administrators.
    XPlica for SharePoint 2003is a powerful tool to export document / picture library with its contents to a another document / picture library or file system. XPlica exports SharePoint libraries, folders, documents, version histories and metadata to the desired destination. XPlica supports both, SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services v2.0 environment.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name WAND
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address WAND, Inc. 820 16th St, Suite 605, Denver, CO 80202
    Web site
    Telephone (303) 623-1200
    Fax (303) 573-0337
    WAND Taxonomy
    WAND specializes in developing precise and best in class taxonomies covering a wide variety of domains. WAND Taxonomies are available for licensing for use in applications that have a need to better organize data and content.
    Our methodologies include leveraging taxonomy development experts with domain research and customer feedback to develop vocabularies that offer a clear knowledge representation for any given domain. We analyze user behavior whenever possible to augment vocabularies with new concepts or terminology that should be included. Finally, we leverage proprietary software and computational linguistic techniques to assist our human editors in creating the best taxonomies possible.
    Services Include: Content Tagging, Spend Classification, Taxonomy Mapping, Product Data Enrichment, Business Database Enrichment


    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name WordStat (Provalis Research)
    Computer and operating system
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7 and 8; Memory: From 256 MB (XP) to 1GB (Vista, Windows 7 and 8); Disk Space: 40 MB of disk space.
    WordStat, along QDA Miner, will run on a Mac OS using virtual machine solution or Boot Camp, and on Linux computers using CrossOver or Wine.
    Click here for more information on ways to run WordStat on a Mac OS computer.

    See more at:

    Supplier name and address
    Provalis Research1255 University StSuite #1202Montreal, QC. H3B 3W9Canada - See more at:
    Web site
    Telephone (514)-899-1672
    Fax (514)-899-1750
    WordStat is able to quickly extract and analyze information from large amounts of documents. The content analysis and text mining software may be used for:
    • Content analysis of open-ended responses, interview or focus group transcripts
    • Business intelligence and competitive web sites analysis
    • Information extraction and knowledge discovery from incident reports, customer complaints
    • Content analysis of news coverage or scientific literature
    • Automatic tagging and classification of documents
    • Fraud detection, authorship attribution, patent analysis
    • Taxonomy development and validation
    Key and Unique features:
    Content analysis and text mining software for handling large amounts of unstructured information. Process up to 20 million words per minute and identify all references to user-defined concepts using categorization dictionaries.
    Integrated exploratory text mining and visualization tools such as clustering, multidimensional scaling, proximity plots, and more, to quickly extract themes and automatically identify patterns.
    Relates unstructured text with structured data such as dates, numbers or categorical data for identifying temporal trends or differences between subgroups or for assessing relationship with ratings or other kinds of categorical or numerical data.
    Use existing or create your own hierarchical content analysis dictionaries or taxonomies composed of words, word patterns, phrases as well as proximity rules (such as NEAR, AFTER, BEFORE) for achieving precise measurement of concepts.
    Truly unique computer assistance for dictionary building with tools for extracting common phrases and technical terms and for quickly identifying in your text collection, misspellings, synonyms, antonyms and related words.
    One click access to keyword-in-context and keyword retrieval tools for easy identification and coding of relevant text segments, validation of content analysis dictionaries, word-sense disambiguation or for drilling down to the source documents.
    Seamless integration with a state of the art qualitative coding tool (QDA Miner), allows more precise exploration of data or more in-depth analysis of specific documents or extracted text segments when needed.
    Machine Learning for automatic document classification using Naive Bayes and K-Nearest Neighbors algorithms with automatic features selection and validation tools. Classification models may then be saved on disk and reapplied on new data.
    Easy importation of databases, spreadsheets and documents (including PDF and HTML) as well as exportation of text analysis results to common industry file formats (Excel, SPSS, ASCII, HTML, XML, MS Word) and graphs (PNG, BMP and JPEG). - See more at:
    - Extracted and edited from the www site.
    Price WordStat 6 – Commericial $2,995; Governmental and NGO $1,775; Academic $590
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-10-2
    Name X1 Product Suite
    Computer and operating system
    Applications are supported with X1 Search 8: Outlook 2007,  Outlook 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit), Outlook 2013 (32-bit and 64-bit), SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, IMAP based e-mail accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and more
    The difference between the X1 Professional Client and X1 Search 8: New to X1 Search 8 - Outlook 64-bit support, SharePoint support, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! Mail and other IMAP based e-mail accounts, Completely new, sleek interface, Separate indexes for each data source. Applications supported by the Professional Client no longer supported in X1 Search 8 - Lotus Notes,  Eudora, Thunderbird
    Minimum hardware requirements for X1 Search 8: OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit) CPU: 1 GHz minimum, 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) Memory: 1 GB RAM for 32-bit or 2GB RAM for 64-bit* Disk: 1 GB free hard disk space recommended* Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended version or higher (*Actual memory and disk space varies depending on the amount of content indexed.)
    While our product team is well aware of the desire and an X1 Pro Mac version is certainly part of our product development plans, no release is imminent at this time.

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    Supplier name and address X1 Discovery, Inc. 130 W. Union Street Pasadena, CA 91103
    Web site
    X1 Search 8
    Fastest E-mail Search
    Deep Outlook integration empowers professionals to sift through tens of thousands of e-mails and attachments with just a few keystrokes, quickly locating and scrolling to highlighted search terms in the body of the e-mail, metadata, or the attachment.
    SharePoint Search
    Seamlessly integrate SharePoint into your workflow with native preview of document libraries and lists as well as SharePoint specific post-search actions such as check-in and check-out.
    Federated Search
    X1 unifies search results, enabling you to preview and act upon information whether stored in an Outlook e-mail, a PDF saved to the network, or a SharePoint site.
    User-Centric Interface
    Fast-as-you-type search, 50+ Refine Columns, full fidelity preview, and a catalog of post-search actions retrieve results in the way a business professional recollects information.
    Boolean Search Commands
    Detailed search specifications — including Boolean, proximity, and keyword — drill down to relevant results in record speed.
    X1 Search 8 - 100s of Gigabytes*
    X1 Rapid Discovery - Up to Terabytes
    X1 Social Discovery - Unlimited social media items
    *This is a recommended limit of searchable data based on an average user’s machine processing power or available disk space
    - Extracted and edited from the www site.
    Price X1 Search 8 is available for $49.95 per license, with an annual support fee of $19.95. Free trials are available.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name XMind
    Computer and operating system
    ·         Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
    ·         Microsoft Word/PowerPoint installed for "Export to Word/Powerpoint".
    ·         Linux (64-bit and 32-bit) GTK LAME installed for the feature of "Audio Notes". JVM. (Only Sun JRE/OpenJDK/IBM JRE/BEA JRockit are supported. Don't use an unsupported JVM.)
    ·         Mac OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard and later, with a 64-bit processor (how to check?). Java for Mac OS X, the latest version. (Using "Software Update" in the system menu to update.)
    Supplier name and address XMind Ltd is a Hong Kong registered business
    Web site
    Telephone 1-415-501-0682
    Xmind is an Open Source “ontology style” Mind Mapping tool.
    It's an all-in-one package with all features of XMind, XMind Pro, and XMind Plus. You can use Pro/Plus features after purchasing XMind Pro/Plus and enter your license key.
    The package contains 11 language packs: English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Russian, Slovenian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. It chooses language to fit your operating system automatically.
    How will colleagues access your mind map if they don't have XMind? With some simple operations, export our mind map into about 10 universal formats by the export functionality. In this way, your team can collaborate seamlessly. Xmind supports exporting to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, Text, RTF, HTML, PNG, JEPG, GIF, BMP, Freemind, Mindjet MindManager. (Also support importing from Freemind and Mindjet MindManager.)
    We opened the source of XMind (except some professional features). That means you can integrate XMind into your product, store data into XMind files, or even build your own mind mapping software based-on XMind.
    The latest release is 2012 SE (v3.3.1).

    - Extracted and edited from the www site.

    XMind 2012 – Free; XMind Plus 2012 - $79.00; XMind Pro 2012 - $99.00; XMind Pro Subscription - $79.00 year
    100% 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed! 5 User, 10 User, 20 User Licensing Available

    Academic Pricing - XMind Plus 2012, $39.00; XMind Pro 2012, $49.00 (30% OFF! If you are members of government or work for non profit organization, you can apply for 30% OFF per order.)

    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29
    Name ZSL
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address US Head Quarters ZSL Inc. 85, Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ - 08820
    Web site
    E-mail or
    Telephone 732-549-9770
    Fax 732-767-6644
    Automated migration platformwith SharePoint Capabilities.
    IT Outsourcing Services, Application Services, Replacement Technology, Mobile Computing Services, Enterprise Intelligence Services, Managed Services, Virtualization Services, MS Dynamics Services, Enterprise Computing, QA & Testing Services 
    - Extracted and edited from the www site.
    Price Use the Enquiry Form
    Sources of information Suppliers' web site 2013-10-15
    Name ZyLab IM platform
    Computer and operating system  
    Supplier name and address ZyLab IM platform, 7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 230, McLean, VA 22102
    Web site
    Telephone US +1-866-995-2262
    Information Management software Features & Functions
    ·         The ZyLAB Information Management Platform leverages the latest information management and eDiscovery tools and utilizes open, secure, long-term XML-based records archiving that provides users with maximum scalability and flexibility.
    ·         ZyLAB IM software platform easily expands to any specific ZyLAB deployment with a company’s own proprietary products for RMA, DMS, Workflow or eDiscovery. An open XML-based platform that allows for easy integration with many other ERP, BPM, HRM, database, legal or financial systems.
    ·         Highly sophisticated search and retrieval of all file types (700 out-of-the-box)
    ·         Support for content in more than 400 foreign languages
    ·         Integrations with hardware, scanners and digital copiers
    ·         SharePoint integration
    ·         Google, MSN and Yahoo Web Search Engine integration
    - Extracted and edited from the www site.
    Price Pricing upon request.
    Sources of information Web site accessed 2013-09-29