To make available a space for sharing controlled vocabularies and discussions about their use

Welcome to the TaxoBank Terminology Registry

The TaxoBank contains information about controlled vocabularies of all types and complexities. We invite you to both browse and contribute. Enjoy term lists for special purpose use, get ideas for building your own vocabulary, perhaps find one that can give you a quicker start.
The information collected about each vocabulary follows a study (TRSS) conducted by JISC, the Joint Information Systems Committee of the Higher and Further Education Funding Councils. All of the recommended fields included in the study's final report are included; some of those the study identified as Optional are not. See more about the Terminology Registry Scoping Study (TRSS) at their site. In addition, input from other information experts was elicited in planning the site.
This is an interactive web site. To add information about a vocabulary, click on Create Content in the left navigation pane (you'll need to register as a user first; we just need your name and email). There are only eight required fields, but your listing will be more useful if you complete all the applicable fields about your vocabulary.
Add a comment to almost any page - how you've used the vocabulary, what you'd add to it, how you'd use it if expanded to an ontology, and so forth. Comments are welcome on Event and Blog pages as well. Click on Add Comment, and enter your thoughts. Even anonymous visitors (not signed in) can add comments, but those comments will be reviewed by a site administrator before they're made visible.
You may also update the Events section of the site. Taxonomy, Knowledge Systems, Information Architecture or Management, Metadata are all appropriate event themes. Click on Create Content and then on Events to add a new one (you'll need to be a registered user).
Contact us through the Contact page, with suggestions, corrections, or to discuss displaying your vocabulary on this site (particularly important if it was created on a college server and faces erasure at the end of the academic year), or if you have questions.
Thank you for visiting (and participating)!