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Antarctic Thesaurus

Audiovisual thesaurus. A language of gestures and lines was developed to combine scientific and artistic knowledge of Antarctica. This visual language was developed through doctoral work undertaken through the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Australia, 2007-2010.

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Lisa Roberts
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Scope and Usage

“Antarctica is a continent of extremes, and notoriously indescribable. … Art and science offer different ways for us to connect with Antarctica and to what it is telling us about significant changes that are happening in our environment. … This thesaurus offers images, sounds, animations and words that reveal some different ways people are thinking and feeling about Antarctica today.” 

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"Animations are published under a Creative Commons Share Alike license and can be viewed at Antarctic Animation and Creature Cast, Dunn Lab, Brown Univerity, Providence, Rhode Island USA. Animations in the Antarctic Animation INDEX are freely available for use in non-commercial exhibitions and education conferences and projects. Contact me about your preferred file formats."
Lisa Roberts

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Lisa Roberts
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"How do you know Antarctica? Email us if you would like to contribute material to the Antarctic Thesaurus." Email link is on main thesaurus webpage.

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About Lisa Roberts:
"My practice is based on drawing and human movement. Formal studies include dance, visual arts, animation, Indigenous perspectives and Antarctic perceptions. My PhD research (2007-2010) led to the development of a lexicon of primal gestural forms that are circling, spiralling and crossing. The forms are used in animation and other media to describe and expand perceptions of environmental forces. They are keys to combining scientific data with aesthetic expressions of connection to the world. "