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Thesauri and Vocabulary Control - Thesaurus Comparison Table


Name of package              
Terms and their attributes
Maximum term length              
Length of scope notes              
Classification codes              
Notes on term history              
Notes on term usage              
Origin/authority for terms              
Term status (e.g. candidate)              
Other predefined attributes              
User-defined attributes              
Case preserved              
Case significant              
Symbols and spaces allowed in terms              
Name of package              
Term relationships  
BT/NT, RT/RT, USE/UF              
USE X AND Y (semantic factoring)              
USE X OR Y (alternative terms)              
Multiple BT links per term (polyhierarchy)              
No. of hierarchical levels              
User-defined relationships              
Top term indicator              
Orphan term indicator              
Multilingual thesauri              
Name of package              
Input and editing
Import from file              
Input from keyboard              
Editing of terms individually              
Consistency checks              
Loops detected              
Terms multiply linked detected              
Name of package              
Output to screen
Selection criteria for display of sub-set              
Hierarchical display              
Alphabetical display              
Facet indicators              
Sibling terms sorted in hierarchical display              
Classified (systematic) display              
KWIC or KWOC display              
Scrolling and browsing              
Hypertext navigation (jumps between terms)              
Editing of terms while displayed as list              
Name of package              
Output to printer or file
Selection criteria for printing              
Hierarchical printout              
Alphabetical printout              
Facet indicators in printout              
Sibling terms sorted in hierarchical printout              
Classified (systematic) printout              
KWIC or KWOC printout              
Export to file in a data exchange format              
Name of package              
Ease of installation              
User interface              
Simultaneous creation of terms and relationships              
Drag and drop relationships              
Printed documentation coverage              
Printed documentation quality              
On-line help              
Name of package              
General factors  
No. of terms              
Related database available