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USGS Thesaurus

Science Topics, a component of the USGS home page, is a browsable index of web resources intended for the public. It augments traditional search and site-specific browse interfaces in concert with the USGS by State and About USGS sites, and is specifically intended to work alongside those facilities. 

Underpinning this interface are several controlled vocabularies structured as formal thesauri and authority lists, a catalog of web resources appropriate for the intended audience, and software used to create, review, and modify both the controlled vocabularies and the catalog records. The system serves as an example of the reapplication of classic library methodologies in the web setting.
General information
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Scope and Usage

This infrastructure is specifically intended to help people outside USGS find information on USGS web sites without specific knowledge of the organizational structure and operations of the USGS. The interface design is based on the idea that finding information cannot be separated from understanding, so in the process of browsing or searching a user is assisted by seeing relationships among scientific concepts, and learns while searching.

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United States Geological Survey (USGS)
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