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UNICRI Thesaurus

A Thesaurus is a complex network of vertical and horizontal links, providing a mechanism for comprehensive and specific indexing and retrieval. It reflects an organisation of knowledge within a hierarchical structure. The UNICRI Thesaurus lists the keywords used by UNICRI Documentation Service to index its Library Collection documents and by users to retrieve catalogue information.

The Thesaurus has been designed to cover all subjects related to crime prevention and criminal justice in the widest sense. For this reason, it includes proper terms from many disciplines and areas of activity, some of which refer to fields where crime prevention is only a component, and not necessarily the primary one. Therefore, some terms which have a broader meaning relate here only to their crime prevention and criminal justice-related components. For example, terms regarding "health" refer to documents on drug demand reduction, the relationship between mental illness and crime, treatment in correctional institutions etc. This is reflected both by the choice of descriptors and by their degree of specificity (e.g. specific diseases are hardly ever listed as descriptors. They come under the broad term "diseases" in as far as they are consequences of at-risk behaviour).
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United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI)
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