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SCIS Subject Headings

SCIS Subject Headings [subscription required] is a comprehensive controlled vocabulary developed specifically to provide subject access in library catalogues in Australian and New Zealand schools. Both SCIS Subject Headings and Schools Online Thesaurus terms are used by SCIS Cataloguing Agencies when selecting or devising appropriate subject access for resources added to the SCIS database.

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SCIS Subject Headings may be used by library staff in schools to assist in conforming to SCIS standards when assigning subject headings to local resources. It can also be used by other organisations or services that require a controlled vocabulary specifically designed for the subject analysis of educational and curriculum materials.

Terms and Conditions
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SCIS Subject Headings customers pay an annual subscription fee of $44 inc GST ($40 international schools). The subscription is based on a calendar year and expires in December.
Before subscribing read the ICON - PDF  Licence Agreement  and the ICON - PDF  Terms and conditions of sale.

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Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)