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Pocket Catholic Thesaurus

Over a decade's, diligent research was devoted to a professional search for an existing thesaurus - - to facilitate the classification, and processing, of all essential information on Roman Catholicism.
Personal visits were made to Catholic Universities; many librarians and scholars were interviewed; extensive correspondence was exchanged with religious orders; specialized institutes were contacted; all applicable library science, and data-processing literature was analyzed.
Two consistent responses emerged from the preponderance of respondents. First, "There is no existing, broad-scope, professional-quality, Catholic-information, classification system!" Second, "We sure need a practical, classification system to:
     * promptly and efficiently process the overwhelming flood of incoming information
     * facilitate its entrance into the electronic era!"
This author has designed this Thesaurus to satisfy the existing necessity of finding a method to reliably process information on Catholicism.

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Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association
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