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NMR Event Types Thesaurus

A development of the ALGAO [Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers UK] events wordlist. The thesaurus is an indexing tool to be used for recording archaeological and architectural investigative, data collection exercises; from intrusive interventions into the resource to non damaging survey events.

General information
Vocabulary alternative name or acronym: 

Event TYpe (EH)

Vocabulary type: 
Author or Editor: 
National Monuments Record Centre
Current version date: 
Wed, 2013-07-17
Available formats: 
SKOS (RDF); alphabetical (PDF); hierarchical (PDF)
Was vocabulary created as a course project: 
Scope and Usage
Major subjects covered: 

Archaeological fieldwork; Architectural fieldwork


According to, page 6, “This thesaurus represents the Data Standards Unit’s response to numerous requests from individuals and organizations within the heritage sector for a standardized terminology that can be applied to archaeological and architectural fieldwork types and techniques and our response to a ‘terminology gap’ that was recently identified by the MIDAS Heritage, Historic Environment Record (HER) Compliance Profile. It is hoped that the thesaurus will be of use to anyone involved in the recording of events, be that at local or national level.”

Vocabulary characteristics
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Description of overall structure: 

“Please note that these thesauri [at] group terms by class rather than the broadest noun term (Top Term). ... These thesauri do not have Top Terms as the classes are not part of the hierarchy.”

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Terms and Conditions
Available under the terms of the Creative Commons license, Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0).
Import/download instructions : 

Download links for SKOS (RDF), alphabetical (PDF), and hierarchical (PDF) files are at Download links for individual RDF files in N-Triples, Turtle, JSON, and XML syntaxes are available at and

Vocabulary provider name: 
English Heritage (officially known as the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England)
Provider contact details: 

English Heritage contact: Philip Carlisle, Comments and candidate term suggestions can be made at Required information for candidate term suggestions includes "Source of term" and "Scope Note"; there is also an optional field for published references.