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Iwi-Hapū Names List

The Iwi Hapū Names List has been developed as part of the Māori Subject Headings Project jointly sponsored by LIANZA, Te Rōpū Whakahau and National Library of New Zealand.
It has been developed so that cataloguers and descriptive archivists have a reliable and comprehensive resource when they are describing material in, by and about Māori.
It will enable all material that relates to the same iwi or hapū to be catalogued or described in a consistent manner. For example it identifies alternative spellings or variations of forms of names. Where these occur they will be associated with the established form of the name so that people searching on any of these variations will still reach the established form.

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Sat, 2007-09-01
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This list has been developed for the wider library and archives communities and will be used by the National Library of New Zealand to enhance its service to Māori library users. However it should not be seen as authoritative beyond its intended purpose for use in libraries and archives

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National Library of New Zealand
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If you have any queries or comments or want a name to be added to the list please contact Kim Gutchlag: