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IPTC Subject Codes

“The Subject Codes is a three level system for describing content by a well defined set of terms. Topics of level Subject provide a description of the editorial content of a News at a high level, a SubjectMatter provides a description at a more precise level and finally a SubjectDetail at a rather specific level. Currently about 1400 terms are available - and several of them could be assigned to a single news object enabling a very narrow description of the content.”

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Scope and Usage

“For the news industry - but also far beyond - it is a strict requirement being able to assert something about the content of a news item, to apply so called metadata. This could be achieved either by free-text human language (e.g. by a headline or a caption) or by codes, NewsCodes. Codes have the advantage that they can be easily shared among users and as each code requires an explicit and comprehensive definition not only the codes but also their semantics can be shared among users.”

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Three levels
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International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC)
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