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“The smart Gellish English Dictionary is an electronic normal English dictionary that is extended with additional knowledge. All definitions and knowledge in the dictionary is expressed as computer interpretable relationships between the concepts in the dictionary. Most of the relations are specialization relations that specify that the concepts are subtypes of their supertype concepts. This results in a subtype-supertype hierarchy, so that the concepts are arranged in a taxonomy. The other additional relations between concepts provide additional knowledge about the defined concepts and thus make it an ontology. Because the relations are computer interpretable, the Gellish dictionary becomes a ‘smart dictionary’.”

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Scope and Usage

“Gellish English does not define its own vocabulary, but uses the English vocabulary that is defined in the electronic Gellish English Dictionary or in user defined Domain Dictionaries. Thus the Gellish English Dictionary provides standardised terminology that can be used as a 'common language' in application systems. Typically it can be used to enhance conventional databases by standardising their content and thus simplifying data integration and data exchange between systems. For example, the standard terminology and concept definitions can be used for standardising the content of multiple implementations of systems, such as ERP, PLM and EDMS systems, that need to share or exchange data.”

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“The part of the Gellish Dictionary that contains the collection of upper ontological facts (TOPini) contains the definition of the standard relation types of Gellish. They currently have 'names' and 'Gellish phrases' in English and in Dutch (Nederlands). That part also contains definitions of the kinds of the roles that are played by objects in relations of those types and it contains definitions of the types of things that can play such roles. The definitions of relation types also satisfy the rules for proper definitions of concepts in Gellish English and thus form a consistent subtype-supertype hierarchy of relation types.”

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