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DH-Data Thesaurus

This thesaurus, used and developed by the United Kingdom Department of Health, covers the core areas of health and social welfare and the subjects of health services, health administration and equipment, human biology, preventive and clinical medicine, drugs and the safety of medicines, medical supplies, pathology, nursing practice and administration, social services and social work. It also includes in less depth terms on subjects such as economics, management, political science, law, psychology, education, sociology, communication, technology, social security, construction and pollution. 

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Specifiers - where two or more keywords are needed to express a concept (eg student nurses) this is known as a specifier. The thesaurus will cross reference a specifier to a combination of preferred terms to be used to represent it. Again they appear in the thesaurus in italics but also followed by a plus sign.
Indicators - are also similar to non-preferred terms but point the user to a selection of possible preferred terms. This is because there is no exact match between the concept and a single preferred term. Indicators also appear in italics.

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Department of Health (UK)
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