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CERL Thesaurus

“The CERL Thesaurus File is a unique facility developed to address the particularly European issue that place name and personal names in Europe varied from country to country in the period of hand press printing (1450 - c. 1830). As such, it is an essential research tool for scholars and researchers of the period. … The CERL Thesaurus contains names of persons, corporate bodies, places and printers/publishers recorded in books or other material printed during the hand-press era (1450 - ca. 1830).” Includes a virtual keyboard for entering nonstandard characters, and an annotation function.

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“The file has been created as a reference tool for bibliographers and scholars of the history of the book. The CERL Thesaurus supports internal linking between imprint places and imprint names, so that the user can see which printers are recorded in the CERL Thesaurus as having worked in a specific printing place, thus giving valuable new insights into book production in Europe in the hand-press era.”

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Consortium of European Research Libraries
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