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Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) Controlled Subject Vocabulary

The CRA's Controlled Subject Vocabulary (CRA CSV) has been developed to help Content managers, Librarians and Metadata developers in the Agency to select controlled subject terms for metadata requirements under TBITS 39.1 & 2. The CRACSV is to be used as a source of standardized terminology for the indexing and retrieval of CRA information resources in various formats, once it has been approved by Library and Archives Canada. Its main function to standardize the external form and meaning of index terms, thus ensuring that a particular concept or subject will always be represented in the same way in CRA Web site metadata resources.

General information
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Scope and Usage

The CRACSV was created to be a bilingual thesaurus that meets the subject classification needs of all content on the external CRA Web site.

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The intended audience for use of the CRACSV consists primarily of those who have the responsibility for building, enhancing or revising Web pages within the CRA Web site. This includes Web developers, librarians, content providers, indexers, Web technologists and communications personnel. It is anticipated that indexers will use this Web site as an authoritative source of controlled vocabulary.

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Canada Revenue Agency