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British Education Thesaurus

Note: In August 2013, the University of Leeds sold the British Education Thesaurus to EBSCO Information Services.
The British Education Thesaurus is an organised list of subject terms that cover the ideas and themes to be found in the education and training literature. BET terms are arranged in families of broader, narrower and related terms so you can start with your own familiar word and follow Thesaurus links to the precise terms that have been used to classify documents in the British Education Index database and, therefore, in the Education-line collection.
Using the Thesaurus to search the full BEI database is the most reliable way of finding a set of records that have already been classified as containing the subject matter that you are likely to be interested in. It will also suggest the broader, narrower or related terms that might be helpful to your search. When using the Thesaurus to search the Education-line collection it is important to remember that searches are being applied against a relatively small number of records so many valid Thesaurus terms will not feature in records in the Education-line collection.

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