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Controlled Health Thesaurus

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has developed a Controlled Health Thesaurus with an
ultimate aim of using the concepts on web content to provide better access and
navigation to the information. The CDC Web site at averages over 8
million visits each month and reaches citizens, public health providers, partners,
congressional staff, news agencies, researchers, and clinicians. In public health
emergencies, the site is a chief source of credible information as evidenced by the spike
of visits to 14 million during SARS. The Thesaurus is part of a larger framework to
facilitate the intuitive finding and accessing of information on the site.

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Thu, 2010-09-02
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Excel workbook
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Scope and Usage

The ability to identify and describe information is key to enabling pertinent data to be
easily searched, browsed, accessed, and shared in a given domain. A controlled network
of concepts, called a thesaurus, with unambiguous definitions, well-defined synonyms,
and clear relationships to other terms within that network provides that necessary
accurate and consistent language for public health information exchange. Whether used
to metatag pieces of content on a website, classify expertise of SMEs within a public
health directory, or define valid responses to a surveillance question, these concepts
provide a common understanding of the identified information.

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